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Simple Football Prediction Formula, Embrace Big Rewards

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Verfasst am: 09. 05. 2023 [03:41]
Dabei seit: 09.05.2023
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Formula for Calculating Score Ratio
Each football team needs to earn a full 3 points in each round to secure a high position in the rankings. However, these points alone cannot evaluate the relative strength of each team against each other.
In addition to these issues, we also understand that no team can win away from home in a long consecutive series of matches. Playing at home or away greatly influences the outcome. Therefore, this is the time to use this ratio calculation method to choose a good bet for yourself.
Formula for Calculating Score Ratio: (A - B) x 100
A: The number of points the home team earns at the opponent's home ground divided by the corresponding number of away matches.
B: The number of points the away team earns at the opponent's home ground divided by the corresponding number of matches.
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Formulating Form Score
The formula for calculating the score ratio above may be somewhat accurate for matches with significant differences. However, it is rare for a team to maintain the best performance throughout the tournament. There will be times when a top team falls into a crisis and loses unexpectedly, like Arsenal or Manchester United currently.
So we will use a simple formula for predicting football matches to calculate the form score to overcome these difficulties. The information we should look into is the results of the last 4-6 matches. Why is that?
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Because if the number of matches is odd, the home and away matches will not be evenly distributed. Choosing the two most recent matches is not accurate because they are too close, and the possibility of a change in form has not yet appeared. When choosing 8 matches, the older matches are too far and not accurate.
Formula for Calculating Form Score
HW: Home win - 3 points
AW: Away win - 5 points
HD: Home draw - 1 point
AD: Away draw - 2 points
HL: Home loss - 0 points
AL: Away loss - 0 points
Formula for Calculating Form Weight
We have identified the fluctuations of each team during different stages using the above formula. However, how can we know their current form? If we apply the formula to the two teams West Ham and Aston Villa (assuming Milan won their first 2 matches and lost their last 2 matches, while Inter lost their first 2 matches and won their last 2 matches), we would have the same number of points. However, looking at the present, Aston Villa's form is much better.
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Formula for Calculating Form Score: First, consider the results as usual. Then multiply the score of the most recent match by 4. Successively, multiply the scores of the remaining matches by 3, 2, and 1 (applying to the 4 previous matches). Finally, sum them all up to obtain the desired form score.
Example: Aston Villa - West Ham match
The four most recent matches of Aston Villa are: HW, AW, HL, AL => The accumulated score is: 3 + 5×2 + 0 + 0=13 points.
The four most recent matches of West Ham are: HL, AW, AL, HW => The accumulated score is: 0 + 5×2 + 0 + 3×4=22 points.
Formula for Calculating Goal Difference Score
In the recent rounds, the team that concedes fewer goals and scores more goals will have a very high chance of winning. Expert bettors in football prediction understand this. The formula for calculating goal difference score is straightforward and applied as follows:
Home goal difference minus away goal difference. If the result is greater than 0, the home team is favored, and vice versa. If the difference is 0

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