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The Destiny Program - Subversive Blueprint

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Verfasst am: 05. 09. 2007 [17:25]
Dabei seit: 22.10.2006
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[b]The Destiny Program - Subversive Blueprint[/b:e0262b1f3b]


It’s been more than three years now. March 30th 2004 was the date when "The Tracy Chapter", the last album has been released.
After that there were two amazing years ... touring Europe, Brazil, Hong Kong and Japan, playing the With Full Force Festival in Germany, the Spirit X-Mas Tour together with Caliban, Fear My Thoughts, Neaera and others. It was more than the band ever expected.
2006 was a difficult year for the band. Lineup trouble was followed by trouble with copyrights. Unfortunately they had to change the band’s name to "The Destiny Program"

In the end of 2006 the band was part of the Persistence Tour with Madball and Sick Of It All. After coming back home they got signed with Nuclear Blast Records.
In the beginning of 2007 the four-piece went to Uppsala, Sweden to start recording their upcoming album together with Anders Fridén and Daniel Bergstrand.
Producing the record was very intense and took a lot of time. Jacob Hansen from Ribe, Denmark was included and did some additional recordings.
In May the band started mixing with Tue Madsen at the Antfarm in Aarhus, Denmark. The cooperation between these four incredible people resulted in the band’s best work so far, a 12-Point Program: "Subversive Blueprint".


"The Destiny Program - Project Hoax" Video

The Destiny Program Homepage

The Destiny Program Myspace
Verfasst am: 13. 03. 2008 [11:38]
Dabei seit: 13.03.2008
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und auch eine super platte nur der alte name war besser, aber aus rechtsgründen musste der ja geändert werden oder?!

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