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The Grotesquery: Curse Of The Skinless Bride

Genre: Horror Death Metal
Release: 10.04.2015
Plattenfirma: Cyclone Empire

1. Intro/Unholy Reprisal - Resurrection Of The Coffin Born<br />
2. The Missing And The Detective´s Hunch<br />
3. Return To The House Of Grotesque<br />
4. Of Death And Unspeakable Things<br />
5. Her Exquisite Corpse - The Skinless Bride<br />
6. Frightful Sight Of The Skinless Corpse And The Worm<br />
7. Downfall - It´s All Gone To Hell<br />
8. Rise - The Advent Of The Crooked Man<br />
9. The Creature And The Elder Sign<br />
10. Magnum Innominandum - He Of The Yellow Sign<br />
11. Thy Kingdom Infernal - A Promise Of Hell<br />
12. Hasturs Homecoming - All Hell Awaits<br />
13. This Is The End<br />
14. The Betrayer And The Man Child

Berglund, Johan - 4 string subsonic invocations<br />
Johansson, Rogga - 6 string violent vibrations and cryptic compositions<br />
Helgetun, Brynjar - Conversations with spirits by means of ritualistic percussions<br />
Lee, Kam - Occultic readings, poetry blasphemies, and evil lyrical evokings

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