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Maahlas: Nightmare Years

Genre: Progressive Melodic Death/ Black Metal
Release: 14.07.2014
Plattenfirma: Independent

01. Sun of the Summerian (4:31)<br />
02. A False World (5:10)<br />
03. Morning Light (4:11)<br />
04. An Ancestral Memory (5:01)<br />
05. At the Edge of Life (4:30)<br />
06. Gliese 667 / Æra (1:44)<br />
07. Nightmare Years (4:03)<br />
08. The Great Divide (3:41)<br />
09. Birth of Sentience (4:39)<br />
10. Of Hypocrisy, Hate and Fall (7:08)<br />
11. Simulacrum of Reality (4:23)

Guitars: Cuneyt Caglayan<br />
Vocals: Levent Ultanur<br />
The names of the other band members will be made available as they prove their might and dedication.

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