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Devathorn: Vritra

Release: 27.02.2015
Plattenfirma: W.T.C.Productions

I. Veritas Universalis<br />
II. Doctrina Fide<br />
III. Cathedral of Set<br />
IV. Ars Diaboli<br />
V. Cantibus Ad Messorem, Sanctus Mors<br />
VI. Principes of Chaos<br />
VII. Sapphires of Vritra<br />
VIII. Verba Inermis<br />
IX. The Venomous Advent<br />
X. Promethean Descent<br />
XI. Draco Adligat Mundi

Additional participants on this manifestation of Coiling Serpents are:<br />
<br />
Acherontas V.Priest of Acherontas on serpental chants and summerian astral mantras,<br />
Ambduscias of Temple of Baal on lead guitar evocations,<br />
Chiva of Serpent Noir and Monk Adramelekh on Draconian invocating chants,<br />
Temple of Algolagnia on vibrating ambient tracks,<br />
Denwar of Chthonian Alchemy on Promethean choir,<br />
and K.K. of Mother of Millions on lucid acoustic pulses.<br />
<br />
Mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studios.<br />
Recorded and mixed at Incorporated M. Studios.<br />
<br />
Cover Artwork and layout envisioned by D.R. and Holy Poison Design.

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