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Awake The Machines 7:

Genre: Electro/EBM
Release: 15.07.2011
Spielzeit: 221:55
Plattenfirma: Out of Line

CD 1:
1. Alpha Point “Things I Do”
2. Javelynn “Wannabe”
3. Blutengel “Death Is Calling (exclusive ATM Remix)”
4. Marsheaux “Can You Stop Me?”
5. And One “Shining Star”
6. Dance Or Die “4 3 2?
7. God Module “Devil’s Night”
8. Aesthetic Perfection “The Devils In The Details”
9. Hocico “Escape The Spell”
10. Signal Aout 42 “I Have A Dream (Trash Disco Mix)”
11. The Juggernauts “Phoenix”
12. Spectra Paris “Size Zero (Re-mix by Blank / feat. Dope Stars Inc.)”
13. Client “Your Love Is Like Petrol”
14. Seventh Harmonic “Aoide (Khaidian Remix)”
15. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio / Spiritual Front “Your Sex Is The Scar”
16. Silenzium “Paranya”
17. Terminal Choice “Kommerz”

CD 2:
1. Auto Auto “Our New Machine”
2. Accessory “Shout It Out (Take Your Ass On The Floor Mix)”
3. Suicide Commando “Time (2011 re:wind)”
4. Formalin “The Room (Laboratory Mix)”
5. Agonoize “Vollrauschfetischist”
6. Homotron “Electronic Popo Pody Music”
7. FOD “Jung & Stolz (RMX)”
8. Solitary Experiments ”Rise And Fall (p24 Remix)”
9. Ashbury Heights “Dancer’s Nocturne”
10. Cephalgy “Rette Mich”
11. Jäger 90 “Ein Neuer Tanz”
12. Rummelsnuff “Winterlied (Leaether Strip Remix)”
13. Kirlian Camera “After Winter 2011?
14. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio “Are We That Afraid To Die?”
15. DIN [A] Tod “Flames On Calvary”
16. Scream Silence “Flood”
17. Staubkind “Abschied”

CD 3:
1. The Birthday Massacre “Control (Tweaker Mix)”
2. Rabia Sorda “Radio Paranoia (Re-transmitted)”
3. Combichrist “Slave To Machine”
4. Ostfront “Fleisch”
5. Lord Of The Lost “Death Doesn’t Kill You But I Do”
6. Mina Harker “Macht”
7. Kriminal Minds “Fuerza Interior”
8. Miss Construction “Disco Schlampen”
9. Angels & Agony “Ruins”
10. CHROM “Let It Go”
11. Vomito Negro “Time-Traveller2
12. Die Form “Nocturnal Emotions”
13. Forgotten Sunrise “Samewonder”
14. Amduscia “Solo Maquina (Antihuman Remix)”
15. KiEw “Unter dem Grund (Undeerground Version)”
16. WORT-TON “Neuland”
17. Sombre Printemps “Schizophonia”

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