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KW 20 | 2013
13.05.2013 Mortal Form The Reckoning
Death Thrash Metal
13.05.2013 Adoran Adoran
KW 19 | 2013
10.05.2013 Don Broco Priorities
Heavy Rock
10.05.2013 Chaostar Anomima
10.05.2013 Scarred Gaia - Medea
10.05.2013 Septekh Apollonian Eyes
Death Metal
10.05.2013 Immolation Kingdom Of Conspiracy
Death Metal
10.05.2013 A Canorous Quintet The Quintessence (Re-Release)
Melodic Death Metal
10.05.2013 Subscale The Last Submission
Math Metal, Groove Metal
10.05.2013 Johnny Flesh & The Redneck Zombies Back For Brains
Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Horror Punk, Metal
10.05.2013 Whitesnake:Little Box 'O' Snakes
Hard Rock
10.05.2013 Artizan Ancestral Energy
US Melodic / Progressive Power Metal
10.05.2013 Immolation Kingdom Of Conspiracy
Death Metal
10.05.2013 Live From Hell Shock Therapy
Electro Rock
10.05.2013 FaithXtractor The Great Shadow Infiltrator
10.05.2013 Träumen von Aurora Rekonvaleszenz
Post Black Metal
10.05.2013 Escape The Fate Ungrateful
Metalcore, Postcore
10.05.2013 Hexvessel Iron Marsh
10.05.2013 Freedoms Reign Freedoms Reign
10.05.2013 Magister Templi Lucifer Leviathan Logos
09.05.2013 Thinning The Hero Freedom From The Known
07.05.2013 Grime Deteriorate
07.05.2013 Once I Saw A Ghost Architects Demise
07.05.2013 The Senseless The Floating World
Death Metal
07.05.2013 Sidious Ascension to the Throne ov Self
Deathcore, Symphonic Black Metal, Death Metal
06.05.2013 New Device Here We Stand
KW 18 | 2013
04.05.2013 Atomic Aggressor / Death Yell Split 7"
03.05.2013 Death Trip Pain is Pain - The Complete Death Trip 1988-1994
03.05.2013 Killfloor Mechanic Estimated Time Of Death
Melodic Death Metal
03.05.2013 Dead Awaken Where Hope Turns Dripping Red
03.05.2013 A Shelter In The Desert Maze Of Memories
03.05.2013 An Cafe Ancafesta '12 Summer Dive
03.05.2013 Fear Theories So It Begins
03.05.2013 Colossus Wake
Stoner, Doom, Sludge
03.05.2013 Claymords Scum Of The Earth
Death Metal
03.05.2013 Difused The Silence
Metal, Hardrock
03.05.2013 Delain Interlude
Symphonic Metal
03.05.2013 Moribund Oblivion Manevi
02.05.2013 Wasted Puppies Beg for More
Classic Rock
01.05.2013 Reproacher Nothing to Save
01.05.2013 Wall Of The Eyeless Wimfolsfestta
Progressive Doom/Death Metal
01.05.2013 Agnes Vein Soulship
Black Metal
01.05.2013 GraViL Thoughts Of A Rising Sun
Melodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Hardcore
01.05.2013 Trials In the Shadow of Swords
30.04.2013 Hagl In The Heart
Pagan Metal
30.04.2013 Howl Bloodlines
30.04.2013 Mechanical Swan Black Dawn Romance
30.04.2013 Soul Of Steel Journey To Infinity
Melodic Power Metal / Progressive Rock
30.04.2013 Abbey ov Thelema Liber DCLXVI
30.04.2013 Streetlight Manifesto The Hands That Thieve
30.04.2013 Monarque Lys Noir
Black Metal
29.04.2013 Lychgate Lychgate
Black Metal
29.04.2013 Altar of Plagues Teethed Glory And Injury
29.04.2013 Freedom Call Ages Of Light
29.04.2013 V8 Wankers Got Beer?
29.04.2013 Nonexistence Antartica
Cosmic Doom Black Metal
KW 17 | 2013
28.04.2013 Black Daffodils Broken Flower
Female Fronted Metal/Rock
27.04.2013 Watertank Sleepwalk
27.04.2013 Groteskh Unconsciousness
Black Metal
26.04.2013 Cardillac Complex Forgotten Reasons
Dark Glam Rock
26.04.2013 Battle Dagorath Cursed Storm of the Ages
26.04.2013 Moonreich Terribilis Est Locus Iste
26.04.2013 Simulacro Fall Of The Last Idol
Black Metal
26.04.2013 Shakhtyor Shakhtyor
26.04.2013 Ex Machina No one
Darkwave, Elektropop, Electronica
26.04.2013 Gloomball The Distance
26.04.2013 Ophis Effigies Of Desolation
Funeral Doom/Death Metal
26.04.2013 Orchid The Mouths Of Madness
26.04.2013 Nergard Memorial For A Wish
Melodic Metal
26.04.2013 Bodyguerra Freddy... Nothing As It Seems
Classic Rock, Hardrock
26.04.2013 Mirrored In Secrecy Black Halo
Gothic Metal
26.04.2013 Sacrilegious Impalement III - Lux Infera
Black Metal
26.04.2013 F.K.Ü. 4: The Rise Of The Mosh Mongers
Thrash Metal
26.04.2013 Atrocity Okkult
Dark Metal
26.04.2013 Gingerpig Hidden From View
26.04.2013 Tears Of Martyr Tales
26.04.2013 Kingdom Come Outlier
26.04.2013 Breed77 The Evil Inside
26.04.2013 Voodoo Highway Showdown
26.04.2013 Dudley Taft Deep Deep Blue
26.04.2013 Bodyguerra Freddy... Nothin' As It Seems
25.04.2013 Suidakra Eternal Defiance
Celtic Metal
23.04.2013 Laurasia Awaits Us Apathy Remains
22.04.2013 Steak Number Eight The Hutch
22.04.2013 Elvis Deluxe The Story So Far
Stoner Rock
22.04.2013 Svart Crown Profane
Death Metal
22.04.2013 Gates of Hell Critical Obsession
KW 16 | 2013
19.04.2013 Lux Divina Possessed By Telluric Feelings
Pagan Black Metal
19.04.2013 Duncan Evans Bird Of Prey
19.04.2013 One Inch Giant The Great White Beyond
19.04.2013 Cult Of The Fox Angelsbane
Heavy Metal
19.04.2013 Amorphis Circle
Progressive Metal
19.04.2013 Electric Light Orchestra Zoom
19.04.2013 Jeff Lynne Armchair Theatre
19.04.2013 Electric Light Orchestra Live
19.04.2013 Whitesnake Made in Japan
19.04.2013 A Cosmic Trail II:Mistral
Progressive Metal
19.04.2013 The Moth Gatherer A Bright Celestial Light
Experimental, Progressive
19.04.2013 Aosoth:IV:An Arrow In Heart
Black Metal
19.04.2013 Overkill The Electric Age -Tour Edition
Thrash Metal

Dieses Jahr gleich fünf Bands am Start

Oster-Schlachtfest zur Vordisco-Zeit

Zwischenstopp zur ultimativen „The Ultimate Incantation“-Show

Mit „Adrenalin“ zur Hochtour aufgelaufen

„Ist halt so - Rock'n'Roll und fertig“

„Aber man weiß schon, wenn man Architects Of Chaoz hört, wo die Reise hingeht“