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KW 22 | 2013
31.05.2013 Cardiant Verge
Power Metal
31.05.2013 Sey Hollo Kombinat
31.05.2013 Jenny Hooker Hooker Rock
Stoner Metal
31.05.2013 Behind Closed Doors Behind Closed Doors
Instrumental Metal, Progressive
31.05.2013 Guitar Wolf Beast Vibrator
31.05.2013 Chthonic Bú-Tik
Symphonic Orient Metal
31.05.2013 Paper Arms The Smoke Will Clear
Punk / Hardcore
31.05.2013 Heretic Angelcunts & Devilcocks
Soulseller Records
31.05.2013 Fjoergyn Monument Ende
Avantgarde Metal
31.05.2013 Bolus Triangulate
Progressive Rock
31.05.2013 David Barrett Trio David Barrett Trio
Progressive Rock
31.05.2013 Voodoo Six Songs To Invade Countries To
Modern Hard Rock
31.05.2013 Koritni Alive And Kicking
Hard Rock
31.05.2013 Filter The Sun Comes Out Tonight
31.05.2013 Megadeth Super Collider
31.05.2013 Overtures Entering the Maze
Heavy Power Metal
31.05.2013 Cold Colours Cold Colours
31.05.2013 Destroyers Of All Into the Fire
Thrash/Death Metal
31.05.2013 Sofy Major Idolize
Noise Rock
31.05.2013 Seven Nails Factory of Dreams
Female Fronted Melodic Metal
30.05.2013 Märchenbilder Flickering Truth
29.05.2013 Vedonist A Clockwork Chaos
28.05.2013 ASG Blood Drive
28.05.2013 Cerná Restoring Life
28.05.2013 Antigama Meteor
28.05.2013 Aborym Dirty
28.05.2013 Svartsyn Black Testament
Black Metal
28.05.2013 Joel Grind The Yellowgoat Sessions
27.05.2013 Hate Meditation Scars
Black Metal / Death Metal
27.05.2013 King Parrot Bite Your Head Off
27.05.2013 Lux Interna there is light in the body, there is blood in the sun
27.05.2013 Dark Tranquillity Construct
Melodic Death Metal
27.05.2013 Tesseract Altered State
27.05.2013 Skeletal Spectre Voodoo Dawn
Death / Doom Metal
27.05.2013 Cadaveria Horror Metal - Undead Edition
27.05.2013 Burzum Sol Austan, Mani Vestan
27.05.2013 Ash Borer Cold of Ages
27.05.2013 Exence Tabula Rasa
Progressive Death Metal / Thrash Metal
27.05.2013 Lunarsea Hundred Light Years
Melodic Death Metal Core
27.05.2013 Anvil Hope in Hell
KW 21 | 2013
25.05.2013 Crest of Darkness In The Presence Of Death
Evil Black Metal
24.05.2013 Open Air Stereo Primates
24.05.2013 Temple Of Thieves Passing Through The ZerOs
24.05.2013 Ivanhoe Systematrix
Massacre Records
24.05.2013 Circle Of Silence The Rise Of Resistance
Power Metal
24.05.2013 Gloryful The Warriors Code
Epic Heavy Metal
24.05.2013 Schwarzer Engel Schwarze Sonne
Dark / Gothic Metal
24.05.2013 Wilde Jungs Hasspirin
24.05.2013 Powerworld Cybersteria
24.05.2013 A Canorous Quintet The Quintessence
Melodic Death Metal
24.05.2013 Lacrimas Profundere Antiadore
Gothic Metal
24.05.2013 U.D.O. Steelhammer
Heavy Metal
24.05.2013 Kylesa Ultraviolet
24.05.2013 Black Star Riders All Hell Breaks Loose
Hard Rock
24.05.2013 SLIDHR Deluge
24.05.2013 Fair Warning Sundancer
24.05.2013 Artlantica Across The Seven Seas
24.05.2013 Black Star Riders All Hell Breaks Loose
Hard Rock
24.05.2013 Iron Tongue The Dogs Have Barked, The Birts Have Flown
Southern Rock
24.05.2013 Giuntini Project IV
Hard Rock
24.05.2013 Ignis Fatuu Wenn alle Worte schweigen
Mittelalter Rock
24.05.2013 A Pale Horse Named Death Lay My Soul To Waste
24.05.2013 BHF Shoplifting At Stock Markets
24.05.2013 Alice In Chains The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
24.05.2013 Skid Row United World Rebellion – Chapter One
24.05.2013 Burial Vault Incendium
Melodic Death Metal
24.05.2013 Betonengel Hart wie Beton
Thrash Metal
24.05.2013 b.o.s.c.h. apparat
24.05.2013 Unhoped Nuclear Death
Thrash Metal / Death Metal
22.05.2013 Malformation Of Reality Denn nun weint der Himmel
Post Black Metal
21.05.2013 Extrema The Seed Of Foolishness
Thrash Metal
20.05.2013 Decaying The Last Days of War
20.05.2013 PTSD A Sense Of Decay
Alternative Metal
20.05.2013 Disfigured Dead Relentless
Death Metal
20.05.2013 Mary Fay Just Pretend
Emo Rock
KW 20 | 2013
17.05.2013 Masteroid MMXIII
17.05.2013 VHK (Galloping Coroners) Bite the Stars!
17.05.2013 Circle Six Day Run
17.05.2013 Burning Rain Epic Obsession
Hard Rock
17.05.2013 My Dying Bride The Manuscript
17.05.2013 Hebosagil Lähtö
17.05.2013 No Sound Afterthoughts
17.05.2013 Leprous Coal
17.05.2013 The Dillinger Escape Plan One Of Us Is The Killer
17.05.2013 Bloodattack Alphakiller
17.05.2013 Paria Surrealist Satanist
17.05.2013 Sacrilegious Impalement III-Lux Infera
17.05.2013 Battle Beast Battle Beast
Heavy Metal
17.05.2013 The Sun Aesthetic Adeline
17.05.2013 Unzucht Kleine geile Nonne
17.05.2013 Evangelist Doominicanes
Doom Metal
17.05.2013 Gothminister Utopia
Industrial/Dark Metal
17.05.2013 Sevendust Black Out The Sun
17.05.2013 dEMOTIONAL State: In Denial
17.05.2013 Payload Odyssey Dawn
17.05.2013 Ruindom In The Eyes of Death
Death Metal
17.05.2013 Celeb Car Crash Ambush!
Hard Rock
17.05.2013 Burn of Black Danger
Modern Metal
17.05.2013 Carnal Ghoul The Grotesque Vault
Old School Swedish Death Metal
17.05.2013 Ritual Steel Immortal
Heavy Metal

Sauerland endlich wieder metalisiert

Erfolgreicher Retro-Dienstagabend im Lükaz

Schallende Ohrfeige für den Underground-Support

Den Metal mit der Muttermilch aufgenommen

Erste Headlinershow in der Landeshauptstadt

Klein, aber fein - mit guter Stimmung, guten Bands und guten Leuten

Old School for the Old School from the Old School