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KW 31 | 2013
30.07.2013 Twins Crew The Northern Crusade
30.07.2013 Death Mechanism Twenty-First Century
29.07.2013 Maschine Rubidium
29.07.2013 James Labrie Impermanent Resonance
KW 30 | 2013
26.07.2013 Wound Inhale the Void
26.07.2013 Dehuman Reign Destructive Intent
26.07.2013 Ereb Altor Fire Meets Ice
Viking Metal
26.07.2013 Wolfs Moon Curse The Cult Of Chaos
Power/Thrash Metal
26.07.2013 Hibria Silent Revenge
Power Metal
26.07.2013 Schwarzer Engel In Brennenden Himmeln
Dark / Gothic Metal
26.07.2013 Duskmachine Duskmachine
Thrash Metal
26.07.2013 Thrudvangar Tiwaz
Viking Metal
26.07.2013 We Came As Romans Tracing Back Roots
26.07.2013 Tenside Nova
26.07.2013 My Cold Embrace Earth Exhausted
26.07.2013 Fiddler's Green Winners & Boozers
Folk Rock
26.07.2013 Diabolos Dust Inferno
26.07.2013 Autumnblaze Every Sun Is Fragile
26.07.2013 Deadlock The Arsonist
25.07.2013 Deiphago/Ritual Combat Accept the Mark
25.07.2013 Waves Like Walls Brain As A Weapon
23.07.2013 Lord Dying Summon the Faithless
23.07.2013 Nunslaughter The Devils Congeries Vol. 1
23.07.2013 Mammoth Grinder Underworlds
23.07.2013 Mad Architect Journey To Madness
23.07.2013 Anagnorisis Beyond All Light
22.07.2013 Night Verses Lift Your Existence
22.07.2013 Pantheon Of Blood Tetrasomia
KW 29 | 2013
19.07.2013 Primal Attack Humans
19.07.2013 Lawless Rock Savage
Hard Rock
19.07.2013 Frostland Darkness Ad Moriendum Dei Gratia
Black Metal
19.07.2013 Hemesath Rot, so rot
19.07.2013 Sign Of The Jackal Mark of the Beast
19.07.2013 Axxion Wild Racer
19.07.2013 Powerwolf Preachers Of The Night
19.07.2013 Philip H. Anselmo And The Illegals Walk Through Exits Only
18.07.2013 Revolution Harmony We Are
18.07.2013 Arkhamin Kirjasto Undead Priest of Holy Trinity of Death
Hard Rock & Death Metal
18.07.2013 Hopeajärvi Hopeajärvi
18.07.2013 Hexenhaus Jumalan kosto (1983-1987)
16.07.2013 Cvinger Monastery Of Fallen
Black Metal
15.07.2013 Beyond Fatal Power Of Death
15.07.2013 Ancient Crypts Devoured by Serpents
15.07.2013 Unaussprechlichen Kulten/Godless Split 7"
15.07.2013 Tyla J. Pallas Devils Supper (Electric Sitting)
Hard Rock
15.07.2013 Witches Mark Witching Metal Ritual
15.07.2013 Ghastly Serpentine Union
Death Metal
15.07.2013 Human Pyramids Planet Shhh!
KW 28 | 2013
12.07.2013 Absent/Minded Earthtone
Sludge/Post Metal
12.07.2013 Saltatio Mortis Wachstum über alles
12.07.2013 Arenaline 101 Demons In The Closet
Hard Rock
12.07.2013 Helrunar / Árstídir Lífsins Fragments - A Mythological Excavation
Black Metal
09.07.2013 Unkind Pelon Juuret
09.07.2013 Coffins The Fleshland
09.07.2013 Gris À l'Âme Enflammée, l'Äme Constellée...
09.07.2013 Sombres Forêts La Mort du Soleil
09.07.2013 Bangladeafy The Briefcase
09.07.2013 Humiliation Turbulence from the Deep
09.07.2013 Besieged Victims Beyond All Help
09.07.2013 I Killed Everyone Necrospire
09.07.2013 We The Machine Dissenter
09.07.2013 Earthen Grave Earthen Grave
09.07.2013 Void Meditation Cult Sulfurous Prayers Of Blight And Darkness
09.07.2013 Witch Cross Axe To Grind
09.07.2013 The Heights Drag Race On The Moon
Rock / Pop / Alternative
09.07.2013 Lycus Tempest
08.07.2013 Majalis Cathodic Black
08.07.2013 Grandexit The Dead Justifies The Means
08.07.2013 Tritton Face Of Madness
08.07.2013 Sannhet Known Flood
KW 27 | 2013
05.07.2013 King Kobra II
05.07.2013 James Christian Lay It All On Me
05.07.2013 Whitesnake Made in Britain / The World Record
05.07.2013 Pat Travers Can Do
05.07.2013 Rising Storm Tempest
Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Prog Metal
05.07.2013 Beach Day:Trip Trap Attack
05.07.2013 Excelsis vo Chrieger u Drache
Helvetic Folk Metal
05.07.2013 Spheron Ecstasy of God
05.07.2013 Devariem Planet Earth: Ground Zero
Thrash Metal
05.07.2013 2Black Mind Infect
Thrash Metal
05.07.2013 Goatess Goatess
05.07.2013 Infinight The Vision
Power Metal
05.07.2013 F.O.B. Reap What You Sow
Modern Metal
05.07.2013 Venomous Maximus Beg Upon The Light
Dark Occult Metal
05.07.2013 Lonewolf The Fourth And Final Horseman
02.07.2013 The Lumberjack Feedback Hand of Glory
01.07.2013 Azurica Warriors Don't Die
01.07.2013 Zerstörenfried Scheisse vor die Säue
01.07.2013 Order To Ruin I Am Death
01.07.2013 La Colpa Mutuo Perpetuo
01.07.2013 Indicative Indicative
Post Math Rock
01.07.2013 High On Fire Spitting Fire Live Vol. 1
KW 26 | 2013
29.06.2013 Giver Choking on Pride
28.06.2013 Wolves Like Us Get Gone
28.06.2013 The New Roses Without A Trace
28.06.2013 Stone Magnum From Time...To Eternity
Doom Metal
28.06.2013 Osukaru Triumphant
28.06.2013 Sirenia Perils Of The Deep Blue
Symphonic Metal
28.06.2013 Gibonni 20th Century Man
Rock, Pop
28.06.2013 Chris Farlowe Waiting In The Wings
Blues Rock

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