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KW 25 | 2013
21.06.2013 Nosdrama Gravity
Progressive Heavy Metal
21.06.2013 Skillet Rise
21.06.2013 WEH Folkloren
Tribute to Norwegian Folklore
21.06.2013 Mactätus Blot (Re-Release)
Norwegian Black Metal
21.06.2013 Scorpion Child Scorpion Child
21.06.2013 Oliva Raise The Curtain
21.06.2013 Edenbridge The Bonding
21.06.2013 Lappländer Cinemascope
Ambient / Electronica
21.06.2013 Extol Extol
21.06.2013 Rebellious Spirit Gamble Shot
21.06.2013 42 Decibel Hard Rock N'Roll
21.06.2013 Victorius The Awakening
21.06.2013 Graveyard of Souls Shadows Of Life
Death Metal
21.06.2013 Hate Force One Wave Of Destruction
Death Metal
21.06.2013 Sadako Panic Transistor
Industrial Metal, Visual Kei
21.06.2013 Seagall Hidden Ego
Instrumental Rock/Metal
18.06.2013 Pest The Crowning Horror
18.06.2013 Potential Threat SF Civilization Under Threat
Bay Area Thrash Metal
18.06.2013 Dark Moor Ars Musica
Symphonic Power Metal
18.06.2013 Angels Of Babylon Thundergod
17.06.2013 Kyte Love to be Lost
17.06.2013 Motherload Black And Blue
17.06.2013 September Murder He Who Invokes Decadence
Extreme Metal
17.06.2013 Amberian Dawn Re-Evolution
Symphonic Metal
17.06.2013 Abnormal Thought Patterns Manipulation Under Anesthesia
Progressive Metal, Instrumental
17.06.2013 Inexorable Morte Sola
Death Metal
KW 24 | 2013
15.06.2013 Black Oath OV Qlipoth And Darkness
Doom Metal
15.06.2013 Jex Thoth Blood Moon Rise
Psychedelic Rock, Doom Metal
15.06.2013 Bukowski Family Unpleasantries Abundant
Death Metal
15.06.2013 Demogorgon Where Is He...?
Death Metal
14.06.2013 Death Dealer War Master
Heavy Metal
14.06.2013 Science Of Sleep Exhaust
14.06.2013 December Peals Come Hell Or High Water
14.06.2013 Mean Streak Trial By Fire
Heavy Metal
14.06.2013 Light Your Anchor Hopesick
Melodic Hardcore
14.06.2013 Brutus Behind the Mountains
14.06.2013 Masterplan Novum Initium
Melodic Metal
14.06.2013 Sharptongue Thirteen
Alternative Hardcore
14.06.2013 Aratic To The Early Grave
Old School Thrash Metal
14.06.2013 Kalmah Seventh Swamphony
Melodic Death Metal
14.06.2013 Fractured Spine Songs of Slumber
Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal
14.06.2013 Cynthesis ReEvolution
Prog Metal
14.06.2013 Black Bull Rock All Night
Hard Rock
14.06.2013 Valient Thorr Our Own Masters
Metal / Punk
14.06.2013 Nox Ultima From Delirium to Catharsis
Black Metal
14.06.2013 Jorn Traveller
Melodic Metal
14.06.2013 Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall
Melodic Metal
14.06.2013 Cäthe Verschollenes Tier
14.06.2013 Chasing Violets Jade Hearts
Melodic Rock
14.06.2013 Blackmore's Night Dancer and the Moon
14.06.2013 The Burning Crows Behind The Veil
Hard Rock
14.06.2013 Scale The Summit The Migration
14.06.2013 Dagoba Post Mortem Nihil Est
14.06.2013 New Years Day Victim to Villain
14.06.2013 Djevel Besatt av Maane og Natt
Traditional Norwegian Black Metal
11.06.2013 Civil War The Killer Angels
11.06.2013 Cardinals Folly Strange Conflicts of the Past
11.06.2013 Mumakil Flies Will Starve
10.06.2013 Sacrificial Blood Unholy Fucking Hatred
10.06.2013 The Elijah I Loved I Hated I Destroyed I Created
Post Rock / Post Hardcore
KW 23 | 2013
08.06.2013 Moonloop Deeply from the Earth
07.06.2013 Checkmate Immanence
07.06.2013 Zarthas Spit/Ignite
07.06.2013 Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies Mens Animus Corpus
Psychedelic Rock
07.06.2013 Summoning Old Mornings Dawn
07.06.2013 Children Of Bodom Halo Of Blood
Melodic Death Metal
07.06.2013 These Monsters Heroic Dose
07.06.2013 MALM Hüllenlos
Noise-Rock, Metal
07.06.2013 Diamond Drive Temporality
07.06.2013 Leafblade The Kiss of Spirit and Flesh
07.06.2013 Children Of Bodom Halo Of Blood
Melodic Death Metal
07.06.2013 Wisdom Of Crowds Wisdom Of Crowds
07.06.2013 TXL Angst
07.06.2013 Roxin' Palace Artesonika
Sleaze, Rock, Metal
07.06.2013 Vicky Cryer The Synthetic Love Of Emotional Engineering
07.06.2013 Orne The Conjuration by the Fire (Reissue)
07.06.2013 Papa Roach Tour Edition
07.06.2013 Jimmy Eat World Damage
07.06.2013 Seth The Howling Spirit
07.06.2013 Necronomicon Rise of the Elder Ones
Death Metal
07.06.2013 Septicflesh Esoptron
Death Metal
07.06.2013 audioLegend We Are Infinity
07.06.2013 Famous Underground Famous Underground
07.06.2013 Behexen Rituale Satanum
Debemur Morti Productions
07.06.2013 Outshine Prelude To Descent
Heavy Metal
06.06.2013 Sadgiqacea False Prism
06.06.2013 Owl You Are The Moon, I Am The Night
Death Metal
04.06.2013 Shining One One One
04.06.2013 Darkall Slaves Abysses of Seclusion
03.06.2013 Dwail The Human Concern - Part One
03.06.2013 Demon Lung The Hundredth Name
Doom Metal
03.06.2013 Tank Breath of the Pit
Heavy Metal
KW 22 | 2013
01.06.2013 Hallig 13 Keys To Lunacy
Melodic Black Metal
01.06.2013 Beyond Dawn The Righteous Underground
01.06.2013 In Silent Potępienie
Death Metal
01.06.2013 Túrin Turambar Rzeczpospolita Czartowska
Avant Metal
01.06.2013 Welter In Thy Blood Todestrieb
Black Funeral Doom
01.06.2013 Teloch Vovin I
01.06.2013 Eneera Personal Perception
01.06.2013 Ashes Of A Lifetime Green