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KW 52 | 2016
30.12.2016 Soothsayer At This Great Depth
30.12.2016 Lone Gunmen Dawn
Groove, Thrash
30.12.2016 Haloroid Repeat Repeat Repeat
30.12.2016 Dutch Futurismo Festival of Misfits
27.12.2016 Disaster K.F.W. Pieces
Death Metal
KW 51 | 2016
25.12.2016 Teleport Ascendance EP
Sci-fi Death/Black Metal
25.12.2016 Paria Knochenkamp
24.12.2016 Goatblood Veneration of Armageddon
23.12.2016 Aethyr Uncanny Valley
Ambient Black Metal
23.12.2016 Nachtzeit Sagor I Natten
23.12.2016 Dawnbringer XX
23.12.2016 Motelli Skronkle Juna
22.12.2016 Echelon The Brimstone Aggrandizement
Death Metal
22.12.2016 Sadokist Thy Saviour's Halo, Held by Horns
19.12.2016 Angela Martyr The November Harvest
19.12.2016 Panzerfaust The Lucifer Principle
19.12.2016 Putrified The Flesh. The Scythe. The Tomb
KW 50 | 2016
18.12.2016 Chained Dark Dreams
17.12.2016 Rudra Enemy of Duality
16.12.2016 Maligner Demon
16.12.2016 Ghoulgotha/ Ruin (US) Churning in Vertebraes / Becoming Disease - split 7"EP
16.12.2016 Inquiring Blood Morbid Creation
Death Metal
16.12.2016 Do Skonu Hell
16.12.2016 Naked Star Ancient Rites
16.12.2016 Sallow I: The Great Work
16.12.2016 Black Cilice Nocturnal Mysticism 7" EP
16.12.2016 Vesen Rorschach
16.12.2016 Bloody Tyrant Aristocracy Of Twilight
16.12.2016 Kypck Zero
16.12.2016 Murg Gudatall
16.12.2016 Vanik Vanik
16.12.2016 Old Pagan Ogdrun Jarhar
Black Metal
16.12.2016 Varaha Varaha EP
16.12.2016 Grafvitnir Obeisance to a Witch Moon
16.12.2016 Gravebreaker Sacrifice
16.12.2016 Blacksmoker Rupture
16.12.2016 Wulkanaz Paralys
16.12.2016 Rivette In Vertigo
16.12.2016 Blood Tyrant Aristocracy Of Twilight
16.12.2016 Omnizide NekroRegime
Black/Death Metal
15.12.2016 Sepulchral Curse At the Onset of Extinction
15.12.2016 Manivia Dawn
Modern Metal
14.12.2016 I Promised Once The Awakening
New Metal / Alternative
14.12.2016 Guruzsmás Üst A Gríz Felett
Alternative psychedelic experimental progressive industrial shaman post-folk rock
14.12.2016 Realms Of Odoric Second Age
12.12.2016 Heavens Decay The Great Void of Mystery
12.12.2016 Beneath A Godless Sky Beneath A Godless Sky
KW 49 | 2016
09.12.2016 HMS Keelhaul Anchord
09.12.2016 Terra Mors Secunda
09.12.2016 Luciferian Light Orchestra Black
09.12.2016 Sentient Horror Ungodly Forms
09.12.2016 Força Macabra 25 Anos
09.12.2016 Sacrificio Guerra Eterna
09.12.2016 Eddy Malm Band Northern Lights
09.12.2016 Incantation Tribute to the Goat
09.12.2016 We Saw Worlds Collide Apeiron
09.12.2016 The Workhorse II Closer to Relevance
09.12.2016 Invertia The Biddings of Tyrants
09.12.2016 OvO Creatura
09.12.2016 Démonos From Sacred to Profane
09.12.2016 Projekt Mensch Herzblut
09.12.2016 Spazz Sweatin' II: Deported Live Gorilla
09.12.2016 The Mighty N Retribution
09.12.2016 Shape Of Despair Alone in the Mist
Doom Metal
09.12.2016 Exercise Two Everything's Wrong
09.12.2016 Dreamshade Vibrant
09.12.2016 Sibiir Sibiir
09.12.2016 Hacktivist Over - Throne EP
09.12.2016 Iron Bastard Fast & Dangerous
09.12.2016 Noise From Nowhere This World So Sick
09.12.2016 The Prisoner Life Of The Mind
Black Metal
09.12.2016 The Workhorse III Closer to Relevance
09.12.2016 Venefixion Armorican Deathrites
08.12.2016 Adrian Weiss Criminal Record
Instrumental Melodic Rock / Metal
06.12.2016 Crimson Moon Oneironaut
06.12.2016 Fimbulvinter Ancient Spell's Inscribed Cuts
Black Metal
KW 48 | 2016
04.12.2016 Lascar Absence
03.12.2016 Zombieslut Massive Lethal Flesh Recovery
Death Metal
02.12.2016 Nick Noro Vietnamm
02.12.2016 Ruach Raah / Wømb Perpetual Commitment to Death
02.12.2016 Grapell Love Chambers
02.12.2016 The Loom Of Time NihilReich
02.12.2016 Crest Of Darkness Welcome The Dead
02.12.2016 Irae/Moribund Our Worship To Epidemic Suicide And Death Of The World
02.12.2016 SYK I-Optikon
02.12.2016 Kypck 3epo
02.12.2016 Cojones Resonate
02.12.2016 Revel In Flesh Emissary Of All Plagues
02.12.2016 Feral From The Mortuary EP
02.12.2016 Aphyxion Aftermath
Melodic Death Metal
02.12.2016 trivium Ember To Inferno: Ab Initio
02.12.2016 Coco Star And Tor Marrok A Christmas Night
02.12.2016 Niterain Vendetta
Hard Rock
02.12.2016 No More Fear Malamente
02.12.2016 SpiteFuel Sleeping With Wolves
01.12.2016 Golden Rusk What Will Become Of Us?
01.12.2016 Tarnkappe Winterwaker
Black Metal
01.12.2016 Stone Ship The Eye
30.11.2016 Stench Price Stench Price
30.11.2016 Negative Symbols Without Voices