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KW 05 | 2014
27.01.2014 Nechbeyth Coerce Creed MLP
Black Metal
27.01.2014 Transatlantic Kaleidoscope
Progressive Rock
27.01.2014 Basement Torture Killings A Night Of Brutal Torture
Old School Death Metal
27.01.2014 Bombs Of Hades Through The Dark Past
Death Crust
27.01.2014 Anomalie Between The Light
Post Black Metal
27.01.2014 Vornth same
Heavy Metal
27.01.2014 Hammercult Steelcrusher
27.01.2014 Nebiros/ Nekromanteion In Command Tenebrae - split 7"
Black Metal
KW 04 | 2014
25.01.2014 Northern Plague Manifesto
Daeth Metal
25.01.2014 Necrosphere Viral Ressurection
Death Metal
24.01.2014 Moonlight Circus Madness In Mask
Epic Progressive Power Metal
24.01.2014 Indica Shine
24.01.2014 Aisles 4:45 AM
Progressive Rock
24.01.2014 Supersuckers Get The Hell
24.01.2014 Lurk Kaldera
24.01.2014 Torment Of Souls Zombie Barbecue
Metal / Death Metal / Progressive Metal
24.01.2014 Bergman Maximum Delirium Overdrive
Metal / Death Metal / Progressive Metal
24.01.2014 Schandmaul Unendlich
24.01.2014 Echelon Vivito! Creato! Moritor!
Death/ Black Metal
24.01.2014 Primal Fear Delivering The Black
24.01.2014 Oceans 5 Return To Mingulay
Progressive Rock
24.01.2014 Ring Of Fire Battle Of Leningrad
24.01.2014 Khaoz I, Creator of Damnation
24.01.2014 Thyrien Hymns Of The Mortals - Songs From The North
23.01.2014 Teufelskreis Eifersucht
Heavy Rock / Metal
22.01.2014 Hannes Grossmann The Radial Covenant
Progressive Technical Death Metal
22.01.2014 Storm Cry Beginning Of Darkness
Melodic Death Metal
21.01.2014 Rogash Supremacy Undone
Death Metal
21.01.2014 Reverend Horton Heat REV
21.01.2014 Hell/ Amarok Split
Doom/ Drone
20.01.2014 Tetrarchate Symposium of the Tetrarchs EP
Thrash Metal
20.01.2014 The Haunted Eye Of The Storm (Single)
Melodic Death/ Thrash
20.01.2014 Ethersens Your Wandering Ghost
Avantgarde Metal
20.01.2014 Graveborne Through The Window Of The Night
Black Metal
20.01.2014 Al-Namrood Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq
Oriental Black Metal
20.01.2014 Kult Of Taurus Divination Labyrinths
Black Metal
20.01.2014 Esoterica Aseity
Black Metal
20.01.2014 Incursus Adaestuo MLP
Black Death
KW 03 | 2014
19.01.2014 Alpha Tiger iDentity
18.01.2014 SNA-FU Knives & Bells
Modern Hardcore
18.01.2014 Stuntman Incorporate The Excess
Metallic Hardcore
18.01.2014 Sna-fu Grand Désordre Orchestre Knives & Bells
Punk/ Hardcore
17.01.2014 Chrome Division Infernal Rock Eternal
Heavy Metal
17.01.2014 Ad Extirpenda Cathartic
Symphonic Black Metal
17.01.2014 Murmur same
17.01.2014 Deshody Collapsing Colors
Thrash Metal
17.01.2014 Nashville Pussy Up The Dosage
17.01.2014 Axel Rudi Pell Into The Storm
Rock/ Metal
17.01.2014 Eloy Reincarnation On Stage
17.01.2014 Methane Scars And Bars EP
Thrash Metal
15.01.2014 Shredhammer Beyond Your Reach
Thrash/ Groove Metal
15.01.2014 The Witch Black Flower Field
Progressive Stoner Metal
15.01.2014 Fear From The Hate Silverwalker
Metal/ Hard Rock
14.01.2014 Diablerie Transition 2.0
Industrial Death Metal
14.01.2014 Menace Impact Velocity
13.01.2014 Decade Good Luck
13.01.2014 Iskald Nedom Og Nord
KW 02 | 2014
12.01.2014 Beardfish +4626-COMFORTZONE
10.01.2014 The Vintage Caravan Voyage
Hard Rock
10.01.2014 Daniele Liverani Fantasia
Heavy Metal
10.01.2014 Whatever What Do You Expect
Melodic Skate Punk
10.01.2014 The Isolation Process same
09.01.2014 Dope Out Bad Seeds
Heavy Rock
KW 01 | 2014
05.01.2014 Loudrage Uglier Than Thou
03.01.2014 Iced Earth Plagues Of Babylon
03.01.2014 Frozen Ocean The Dyson Swarm
Atmospheric Black Metal/Ambient
03.01.2014 The Gaslight Anthem Live In London
03.01.2014 Legion Of The Damned Ravenous Plague
Thrash Metal
01.01.2014 Domains Sinister Ceremonies
Death Metal
01.01.2014 Reapers Riddle Game Over EP
KW 52 | 2013
27.12.2013 Kneipenterroristen Prost EP
27.12.2013 Shadow Host Apocalyptic Symphony
26.12.2013 Macabre Dahmer (Reissue)
24.12.2013 Sheol Sepulchral Ruins Below The Temple 12" MLP
Death Metal
23.12.2013 Dilligaf Drunken Mirror
Progressive Sleazerock
KW 51 | 2013
21.12.2013 TodesEngel Flug der Krähe
20.12.2013 Darkside Inferno
KW 50 | 2013
15.12.2013 Verhext Dogma
Black Metal
15.12.2013 Atomwinter Death Doomination
Death Metal
13.12.2013 Theatre Of The Absurd The Myth Of Sisyphus
13.12.2013 Placenta Missgunst & Neid
13.12.2013 Alghazanth The Three-Faced Pilgrim
Black Metal
13.12.2013 Goodbye Emma! Coming Home
KW 49 | 2013
06.12.2013 Slaughterday Nightmare Vortex
Death Metal
06.12.2013 Derogatory Above All Else
Death Metal
06.12.2013 Mooncry A Mirror's Diary
Dark Metal
06.12.2013 Guerra Total El Armageddon Continua
Black / Speed Metal
02.12.2013 Dragonhammer The X Experiment
Progressive Power Metal
02.12.2013 Iron Dogs Free And Wild
True Heavy Metal
KW 48 | 2013
01.12.2013 Panychida Grief For An Idol
01.12.2013 Aeverium The Harvest EP
Gothic Metal
01.12.2013 Dim Aura The Negation Of Existence
Black Metal
01.12.2013 Empire Of The Scourged Transcend Into Oblivion
Avantgarde Industrial Death Metal
30.11.2013 Within The Tides Homeward Through Hardship
29.11.2013 Nightwish Showtime, Storytime
Symphonic Metal
29.11.2013 Angelica Thrive
29.11.2013 Benedictum Obey
29.11.2013 Bloodspot By The Horns
Thrash Metal, Death Metal
29.11.2013 Netherbird The Ferocious Tides Of Fate
29.11.2013 Amok Somewhere In The West
Thrash Metal