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KW 10 | 2014
03.03.2014 Bigelf Into The Maelstrom
KW 09 | 2014
02.03.2014 Crown Of Asteria Cycles
Atmospheric/Folk Black Metal/Instrumental
01.03.2014 Need2Destroy Genoma
Metal, Thrash, Alternative
01.03.2014 Thyruz SVIK
Black Metal
01.03.2014 Exxperior Killing Entertainment
Thrash Metal
01.03.2014 Mortal Agony Bomb Solution
Death Metal / Hardcore
01.03.2014 Methods of Massacre Retaliation
28.02.2014 The Committee Poewr Through Unity
Black/Doom Metal
28.02.2014 Colossus Lobotocracy
Modern Death Metal
28.02.2014 GodSkill History Of Blessed Killings
Death Metal
28.02.2014 Junior Self Fulfilling Prophets
28.02.2014 Heavy Tiger Saigon Kiss
28.02.2014 Orcultus same 7"EP
Black Metal
28.02.2014 We Never Learned To Live Selt-titled
PostRock, Hardcore, Screamo
28.02.2014 Airborn Dark Future Rising
Heavy/Power Metal
28.02.2014 Scars Divide same
Progressive Metal
28.02.2014 The Pussybats PUSSYPUSSYBANGBANG
28.02.2014 Nothing Guilty of Everything
28.02.2014 Fäulnis Snuff // Hiroshima
Black Metal
28.02.2014 My Doppelgänger God Is A Lie
28.02.2014 Sprague Dawley Redefine Me
Grunge/ Rock
28.02.2014 Words Of Farewell The Black Wild Yonder
Melodic/Progressive Death Metal
28.02.2014 The Strigas A Poisoned Kiss To Reality
Gothic Rock/ Heavy Metal
28.02.2014 Miserable Failure Hope
28.02.2014 Scomic Triciclo
28.02.2014 Iron Savior Rise Of The Hero
Heavy Metal
28.02.2014 Chuck Ragan Non Typical 7"
Folk Rock
28.02.2014 Kuolemanlaakso Tulijoutsen
Death/ Doom
28.02.2014 Orcultus same 7"
Black Metal
28.02.2014 Conan Blood Eagle
Doom Drone Metal
28.02.2014 Elegy Of Madness Brave Dreams
Symphonic Metal
28.02.2014 Nervosa Victim Of Yourself
Thrash Metal
28.02.2014 Raging Age Regions Of Sorrow
Death Metal
28.02.2014 No Dawn Dark Aura
Death Metal
28.02.2014 Blitzkrieg Baby Kids' World EP
28.02.2014 Anal Blasphemy/ Forbidden Eye The Perverse Worship Of Satanic Sins Split
Black Metal
28.02.2014 Dynazty Renatus
28.02.2014 Alfahanne Alfapokalyps
Black Metal, Punk, Classic Rock, New Wave
28.02.2014 Blitzkrieg Baby Kid's World EP
26.02.2014 Mur Mur
25.02.2014 Ka-tet Herbstwind
Dark Black Metal
24.02.2014 Shadowdance Future Negative Fantasy
Power Metal
24.02.2014 Muck Your Joyous Future
24.02.2014 Crematory Antiserum
24.02.2014 Hirax Immortal Legacy
Thrash Metal
24.02.2014 Stamina Perseverance
Melodic Progressive Metal
24.02.2014 Battleaxe Heavy Metal Sanctuary
Heavy Metal
24.02.2014 Morbus Chron Sweven
Death Metal
24.02.2014 Adrenaline Mob Men Of Honor
Hard Rock/Groove Metal
24.02.2014 Cancerous Womb Born Of A Cancerous Womb
Death Metal
24.02.2014 Cultfinder Hell's Teeth
Blackened Thrash Metal
24.02.2014 Lenore S. Fingers Inner Tales
Decadent Gothic Dark
24.02.2014 Lenore S Fingers
Decadent Melancholic Art
24.02.2014 Incura same
Hard Rock
24.02.2014 Dinner Music For The Gods Beautiful and Treacherous
Metal/ Jazz/ World Music
24.02.2014 Black Mare Field Of The Host
KW 08 | 2014
22.02.2014 Purgamentum Aschewelt
Black Metal
21.02.2014 Black V ul Destruktor/ Et Verbi Sathanas Apocalypse Towards Apocalypse - split double-7"
21.02.2014 Black Vul Destruktor/ Verbi Sathanas Apocalypse Towards Apocalypse 7"
21.02.2014 Ævangelist De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulis
Dark Death Metal
21.02.2014 Freedom Call Beyond
Melodic Metal
21.02.2014 Inbound Lord Of Deception
Heavy Metal
21.02.2014 Dead Man Rising The Risen
21.02.2014 BRDigung In goldenen Ketten
Punkrock/ Metal
21.02.2014 Alkbottle Lager Export
Deutsch Rock
21.02.2014 Vanishing Point Distant Is The Sun
Melodic Metal
21.02.2014 Metal Inquisitor Ultima Ratio Regis
True Heavy Metal
21.02.2014 Hatriot Dawn Of The New Centurion
Thrash Metal
21.02.2014 Macbeth Neo-Gothic Propaganda
21.02.2014 Morfin Inoculation
Death Metal
21.02.2014 Ready, Set, Fall Memento
Modern Metal/ Metalcore
21.02.2014 Fallen Order The Age Of Kings
Heavy Metal
21.02.2014 Vanden Plas Chronicles of the Immortals - Netherworld
21.02.2014 Wishbone Ash Blue Horizon
21.02.2014 Home Bound To Gravity
Sludge / Post-Hardcore
21.02.2014 Santiano Mit den Gezeiten
21.02.2014 Throwdown Intolerance
21.02.2014 Monsters Of The Ordinary Mirror
21.02.2014 Kamchatka The Search Goes On
21.02.2014 Cardiac Deformation
Progressive Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Jazz
21.02.2014 Satanika Nightmare
Black Thrash Metal
21.02.2014 Dead By April Let The World Know
21.02.2014 The Treatment Running With The Dogs
18.02.2014 Junius Days Of The Fallen Sun (EP)
18.02.2014 Pale Divine Cemetary Earth
Doom Metal
18.02.2014 More Than A Thousand Volume 5: Lost At Home
18.02.2014 Helmsplitter Enraptured By Suffering
Black Metal, Sludge, Death Metal, Crust Punk, Thrash, Doom Metal
17.02.2014 One Machine The Distortion Of Lies And The Overdriven Truth
17.02.2014 Eldritch Tasting The Tears
Prog Metal
17.02.2014 Def-Con-One II
17.02.2014 Dirty Shirt Freak Show
Rock/ Metal rumänischer Folk
17.02.2014 Butcher Babies Goliath
17.02.2014 Supercharger Broken Hearts And Fallaparts
Rock'n'Roll/ Metal
17.02.2014 Fuoco Fatuo The Viper Slithers In The Ashes of What Remains
KW 07 | 2014
15.02.2014 Thoughts Factory Lost
Progressive Metal
14.02.2014 Twilight III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb
Experimental Black Metal
14.02.2014 Enthrallment The Voice of Human Perversity
Death Metal
14.02.2014 Loinen same
Sludge Metal
14.02.2014 Rising Anger Mindfinger
14.02.2014 Pripjat Sons Of Tschernobyl
Thrash Metal