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KW 08 | 2014
17.02.2014 Supercharger Broken Hearts And Fallaparts
Rock'n'Roll/ Metal
17.02.2014 Fuoco Fatuo The Viper Slithers In The Ashes of What Remains
KW 07 | 2014
15.02.2014 Thoughts Factory Lost
Progressive Metal
14.02.2014 Twilight III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb
Experimental Black Metal
14.02.2014 Enthrallment The Voice of Human Perversity
Death Metal
14.02.2014 Loinen same
Sludge Metal
14.02.2014 Rising Anger Mindfinger
14.02.2014 Pripjat Sons Of Tschernobyl
Thrash Metal
14.02.2014 StereoDrama The Game
14.02.2014 Razzmattazz Rock 'n Roll Hero
14.02.2014 Cynic Kindly Bent to Free Us
Progressive Rock
14.02.2014 Blues Pills Live At Rockpalast EP
Blues Rock
14.02.2014 Cripple Bastards Nero In Metastasi
14.02.2014 Versus You Move On
14.02.2014 Spewtilator Goathrpower
Death Thrash
12.02.2014 [Promos #1344] sdfs
12.02.2014 Shroud Of Despondency TiedTo A Dying Animal
Extreme Metal
12.02.2014 Lucifer's Hammer Night Sacrifice (Demo MMXII)
Heavy Metal
11.02.2014 Drawers same
11.02.2014 Paranorm The Edge Of Existence
Thrash Metal
11.02.2014 Exhumation Hymn To Your God
Death Metal
10.02.2014 EvilSpell Necrology
Black/Thrash Metal
10.02.2014 Solstice Death's Crown Is Victory
Epic Doom Metal
10.02.2014 Chapel Satan's Rock n Roll
10.02.2014 Chain Of Dogs Burning Bridges In A World Od Death - De EP's En Nog Get Miee
Thrash/ Folk Metal
10.02.2014 Barbarian Faith Extinguisher
Cargo Records
10.02.2014 Hooded Menace Labyrinth Of Carrion Breeze 12"
KW 06 | 2014
09.02.2014 Pryapisme Futurologie
Avantgarde Metal/Electronic/Classical
09.02.2014 Uneducation Suffering
08.02.2014 Thy Flesh Thymiama Mannan
Black Metal
08.02.2014 Vanity BLVD Wicked Temptation
Hard Rock
08.02.2014 Glasgow Coma Scale Apophenia EP
07.02.2014 Fear Of Domination Distorted Delusions
Industrial Death Metal
07.02.2014 Five Dollar Crackbitch Dehumanization
Technical Death Metal
07.02.2014 Mantar Death By Burning
07.02.2014 The Cloudycators Land Of The Cloudycators
07.02.2014 Ingrimm Henkt ihn!
Mittelalter Metal
07.02.2014 Edenkaiser Doomsday Juggernaut EP
Black Metal
07.02.2014 Delayhead Vol 80%
Groove Metal/ Heavy Metal
07.02.2014 Van Canto Dawn Of The Brave
A Cappella Metal
04.02.2014 Jenx Drift
04.02.2014 Exmortus Slave To The Sword
Death Thrash
04.02.2014 Seven Deadly Obliviation (Single)
03.02.2014 Acid Lake same EP
03.02.2014 Sammath Godless Arrogance
Black Metal
03.02.2014 Behemoth The Satanist
Black/Death Metal
KW 05 | 2014
02.02.2014 Phaze I Uprising
Progressive Black/Thrash Metal
02.02.2014 Selfmachine Broadcast Your Identity
Modern Metal
02.02.2014 Alessandro Vagnoni Bushi
Rock/ Progressive/ Psychedelic
01.02.2014 Fatso Jetson Live At Maximum Festival
Stoner Rock
01.02.2014 OJM Heavy
Stoner Rock
01.02.2014 Killface Feeding The Dead
Old School Thrash/Death
01.02.2014 Colorstone Steam
Heavy Rock
01.02.2014 Crimson Chrysalis Crimson Passion Cry
Symphonic Metal
01.02.2014 Death Of A Dryad Death Of A Dryad
31.01.2014 Ektomorf Retribution
31.01.2014 KMPFPSPRT Jugend Mutiert
31.01.2014 Grand Magus Triumph And Power
Heavy Metal
31.01.2014 MaYan Antagonise
Melodic Death Metal
31.01.2014 Kampfar Djevelmakt
31.01.2014 Via Fondo Fast
Screamo/Emo- Violence
31.01.2014 Amalthea In The Woods
Post-Metal, Ambient, PostHardcore
31.01.2014 Romeo G. The Way I Speak The Truth
Pop International
31.01.2014 13 Fernweh
31.01.2014 Mesetiah Tesis EP
Death Metal
31.01.2014 KMPFSPRT Jugend mutiert Single
31.01.2014 All The Luck In The World All The Luck In The World
Rock/ Folk
31.01.2014 Synaesthesia same
Progressive Rock
31.01.2014 Dream The Electric Sleep Heretics
Progressive, Rock, Indie
31.01.2014 Agent Kingdom Of Fear
Modern Progressice Rock
31.01.2014 Echo Visions
m2 Music
31.01.2014 KrawallBrüder Schmerzfrei
31.01.2014 Blackfinger Blackfinger
31.01.2014 Omnizide Death Metal Holocaust
Black Death
31.01.2014 Abyssal Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius
Death Metal
31.01.2014 Angra Angels Cry - 20th Anniversary Show
31.01.2014 The Unguided Fragile Immortality
Melodic Death Metal
31.01.2014 KMPFSPRT Jugend Mutiert
31.01.2014 Chuck Ragan Live At Skaters Palace
27.01.2014 False Prophet The Second Death
27.01.2014 Periphery Clear
27.01.2014 Däng Tartarus: The Darkest Realm
Progressive Metal, Doom
27.01.2014 Nechbeyth Coerce Creed MLP
Black Metal
27.01.2014 Transatlantic Kaleidoscope
Progressive Rock
27.01.2014 Basement Torture Killings A Night Of Brutal Torture
Old School Death Metal
27.01.2014 Bombs Of Hades Through The Dark Past
Death Crust
27.01.2014 Anomalie Between The Light
Post Black Metal
27.01.2014 Vornth same
Heavy Metal
27.01.2014 Hammercult Steelcrusher
27.01.2014 Nebiros/ Nekromanteion In Command Tenebrae - split 7"
Black Metal
KW 04 | 2014
25.01.2014 Northern Plague Manifesto
Daeth Metal
25.01.2014 Necrosphere Viral Ressurection
Death Metal
24.01.2014 Moonlight Circus Madness In Mask
Epic Progressive Power Metal
24.01.2014 Indica Shine
24.01.2014 Aisles 4:45 AM
Progressive Rock
24.01.2014 Supersuckers Get The Hell
24.01.2014 Lurk Kaldera
24.01.2014 Torment Of Souls Zombie Barbecue
Metal / Death Metal / Progressive Metal
24.01.2014 Bergman Maximum Delirium Overdrive
Metal / Death Metal / Progressive Metal
24.01.2014 Schandmaul Unendlich

Souveräner Headliner und eine Support-Band, die es werden will

Show für lau im Irish Pup Corner Inn