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KW 14 | 2014
04.04.2014 Brainstorm Firesoul
Power Metal
03.04.2014 My Own Army Too Many Faces
02.04.2014 Erebus Enthroned Temple Under Hell
Black Metal
01.04.2014 Kneipenterroristen Politisch inkorrekt EP
01.04.2014 Steel Panther All You Can Eat
Glam Rock/ Glam Metal
01.04.2014 Mass Infection For I Am Genocide
Death Metal
01.04.2014 Gravehill Death Curce
Death/ Black/ Thrash
01.04.2014 Gravehill Death Curse
01.04.2014 Red Tape Parade same 7"
Punk/ Hardcore
01.04.2014 Voltraid Enter The World
Hard Rock
31.03.2014 W.E.B.:For Bidens
Dark/Black/Death/Goth Metal
31.03.2014 Ceremonial (Chile):Ars Magicka 7" EP
31.03.2014 Cemetary Fog Shadows From The Cemetery
Doom Death
31.03.2014 W..E.B. For Bidens
Dark/Black/Death/Goth Metal
31.03.2014 Slaveatgod The Skyline Fission
Djent / Progressive / Metalcore
31.03.2014 Osian Rhizome EP
31.03.2014 Direwolves Aegri Somnia
Hardcore/ Crust/ Screamo
31.03.2014 Woslom Time To Rise (Reissue)
Thrash Metal
31.03.2014 In This Temple Display
31.03.2014 Daggers It's Not Jazz, It's Blues
31.03.2014 Plebeian Grandstand Lowgazers
31.03.2014 Evilnight Stormhymns of Filth
Heavy Metal
31.03.2014 Sargeist Feeding The Crawling Shadows
31.03.2014 Plebeian/ Grandstand Lowgazers
Hardcore, Black Metal, Grind
31.03.2014 Harlott Origin
Thrash Metal
31.03.2014 Bane Of Bedlam Monument Of Horror
31.03.2014 Quiet Confidence Confessions
31.03.2014 Ceremonial Ars Magicka 7"
Black Thrash
31.03.2014 Heresiarch Wælwulf 7" EP
Black Death
31.03.2014 Ambassador21 Riot Generation
31.03.2014 John Wesley Disconnect
KW 13 | 2014
30.03.2014 Ainulindalë Nevrast
Dark Folk
30.03.2014 Thou Shell Of Death Sepulchral Silence
Black Metal
29.03.2014 Me In A Million Still In The Balance
Post Hardcore
29.03.2014 Atlas & Axis Confrontation
Heavy Metal
29.03.2014 Arising Fear Beyond Betrayal
Modern Thrash Metal
28.03.2014 Lyronian Crisis
Gothic, Wave, Synthie-Pop
28.03.2014 Forteresse/ Chasse-Galerie/ Monarque/ Csejthe Légendes Doppel-7"
Black Metal
28.03.2014 Beast Within Adversity/Servitude 7"
28.03.2014 D'accorD D'accorD III
28.03.2014 Scared To Death Fatal Destroyer
Thrash Metal
28.03.2014 Michael Schenker & Friends Blood Of The Sun
28.03.2014 Thundra Angstens Salt
Nordic Metal
28.03.2014 Árstíðir Lífsins Þættir úr sögu norðrs (EP)
28.03.2014 Grace.Will.Fall No Rush
28.03.2014 Gamma Ray Empire Of The Undead
28.03.2014 Seahaven Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only
28.03.2014 Sonata Arctica Pariah's Child
Power Metal
28.03.2014 Forteresse/ Chasse-Galerie/ Monarque/ Csejthe Légendes Double Gatefold 7 inch
Black Metal
28.03.2014 Hate Tyler Vidia
Thrash Metal
28.03.2014 Ray Shames Alleskönner
28.03.2014 Lavatch Mental Deterioration
28.03.2014 Crystal Tears Hellmade
Melodic/ Power Metal
28.03.2014 Circle Of Chaos Crossing The Line
Melodic Death Metal
28.03.2014 Sinbreed Shadows
Power/ Speed Metal
28.03.2014 Lacuna Coil Broken Crown Halo
28.03.2014 Amoral Falle Leaves & Dead Sparrows
28.03.2014 Darkplain Moon
28.03.2014 Zeno Morf Kingdom Of Ice
Heavy Metal
28.03.2014 Messenger Illusory Blues
Folk/ Progressive Psychedelia
28.03.2014 Aurora Borealis World Shapers
Death/ Black Metal
28.03.2014 Sabbath Assembly Quaternity
28.03.2014 Triumphant Herald The Unsung
Black/ Thrash Metal
28.03.2014 Brimstone Mannsverk
28.03.2014 Onward Evermoving
Power Metal
28.03.2014 Nova-Spes Black Sheep On White Fields
Electro / Alternative
28.03.2014 Khroma Collapse
28.03.2014 Cyrcus Coulrophobia
28.03.2014 Mos Generator Electric Mountain Majesty
28.03.2014 Märvel Hadal Zone Express
High Energy Rock’n’Roll
28.03.2014 Winter Of Sin Violence Reigns Supreme
Melodic Black/Death Metal
28.03.2014 Triumphant Heralt The Unsung
28.03.2014 Paganizer Cadaver Casket (On A Gurney To Hell) 12"-EP
Old School Death Metal
28.03.2014 The Graviators Motherload
28.03.2014 Jackson Firebird Cock Rockin'
28.03.2014 Pyrrhon The Mother Of Virtues
28.03.2014 Nux Vomica same
28.03.2014 Valley Of The Sun Electric Talons Of The Thunderhawk
Hard Rock/ Stoner Rock
28.03.2014 The Hourglass Through Darkness And Light
Symphonic/ Electro Metal
27.03.2014 Chronographs Losing Light
26.03.2014 The Milton Incident Innocence Lost
Dark Alternative Metal
25.03.2014 Sadhak same
Melancholic Doom
24.03.2014 Acid Witch/ Nunslaughter Split 7"
24.03.2014 Magnum Escape From The Shadow Garden
24.03.2014 Shores Of Null Quiescence
24.03.2014 Sunnata Climbing The Colossus
Doom/ Sludge/ Stoner
KW 12 | 2014
22.03.2014 The Sorcerer A Graveyard of Fallen Dreams
22.03.2014 Fightcast Siamesian
21.03.2014 Krokus Long Stick Goes Boom
21.03.2014 Linda & The Punch Obsession
Hard Rock
21.03.2014 Dario Mars And The Guillotines Black Soul
Rockabilly, 60er Surfsounds, Filmmusik, Country und Western
21.03.2014 Hiidenhauta Noitia on Minun Sukuni
Black Metal
21.03.2014 15 Reasons The Art Of Commitment
Hard Rock
21.03.2014 Dread Sovereign All Hell's Martyrs
21.03.2014 Massacre Back From Beyond
Death Metal
21.03.2014 Negative Voices Infinite Dissonance
21.03.2014 Ordog Trail For The Broken
21.03.2014 Jesus Chrüsler Supercar Full Blown Hell 7" EP
21.03.2014 Loath Total Peace
Crust/ Grind/ Doom
21.03.2014 Pretty Maids Louder Than Ever