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KW 18 | 2014
02.05.2014 Xandria Sacrificum
01.05.2014 Herod There Were None
Post Metaller
01.05.2014 Neorize We The 99
Alternative / Crossover
01.05.2014 Order To Ruin The Loss of Distress
Melodic Death Metal
30.04.2014 Albinö Rhino same
30.04.2014 Chevelle La Gargola
Alternative Rock
30.04.2014 Rain Diary The Lights Are Violent Here
29.04.2014 Uke-Hunt The Prettiest Star
29.04.2014 So Hideous Last Poem/ First Light
29.04.2014 Cokegoat Vessel
29.04.2014 Manilla Road Mystification
29.04.2014 Revelation Salvation's Answer
Doom Metal
29.04.2014 Twitch Of The Death Nerve A New Code Of Morality
29.04.2014 Centurian Choronzonic Chaos Gods
29.04.2014 Centurian Of Purest Fire
29.04.2014 Death Leprosy
Death Metal
28.04.2014 Deathrage Down In The Depth Of Sickness (Reissue)
28.04.2014 Vanhelga Längtan
28.04.2014 Eyes Of Verona Ex-Voto
Alternative Rock
28.04.2014 Insomnium Shadows Of The Dying Sun
28.04.2014 Aborted The Necrotic Manifesto
28.04.2014 Mechanical Organic This Global Hive Part Two
Progressive Metal
28.04.2014 Schammasch Contradiction
28.04.2014 Mekong Delta In A Mirror Darkly
28.04.2014 Chronographs The Hunter
28.04.2014 Neptune Prelude To Nothing
28.04.2014 Pray For Locust in The Shadow Of The Colossus
Metal/ Hardcore
28.04.2014 Coldwar Pantheist
28.04.2014 Holy Moses Redefined Mayhem
Thrash Metal
28.04.2014 Hidden Intent Walking Through Hell
28.04.2014 Mars Red Sky Stranded In Arcadia
28.04.2014 Loudblast Burial Ground
28.04.2014 Eyes Of Verona ????
Alternative Rock
KW 17 | 2014
25.04.2014 Curimus Artificial Revolution
25.04.2014 Helstar This Wicked Nest
25.04.2014 Cradle Of Haze Camera Silens
25.04.2014 Infestus The Reflecting Void
Depressive Dark Metal/ Black Metal
25.04.2014 Moon Zero Tombs + Loss
25.04.2014 Life Crime Ordinary Madness Excess
25.04.2014 Stoneman Goldmarie
Gothic/ Metal
25.04.2014 Prong Ruining Lives
25.04.2014 Puteraeon The Crawling Chaos
Old School Death Metal
25.04.2014 Gloryful Ocean Blade
Power Metal
25.04.2014 Brutally Deceased Black Infernal Vortex
25.04.2014 Devil You Know The Beauty Of Destruction
Modern Metal
25.04.2014 Anti-Mortem New Southern
Heavy Metal
25.04.2014 Mayhem Psywar (Single)
25.04.2014 Eisregen Flötenfreunde
Death/ Extreme Metal
25.04.2014 Silence After Carnage Occult Paranormal Horror
Death Metal
25.04.2014 Floor Oblation
25.04.2014 Unlight The Katalyst Of The Katharsis
Black Metal
25.04.2014 Joachim Witt Neumond
25.04.2014 Onward Reawaken
Power Metal
25.04.2014 All Hallows Eve The Dreaming
Dark Wave Rock
25.04.2014 Edgedown Statues Fall
25.04.2014 The Chikitas Distoris Clitortion
25.04.2014 Driving Mrs Satan Popscotch
Alternative / Pop / Folk
25.04.2014 XBomb Factory NO
25.04.2014 Shezoo Change
Heavy Metal
25.04.2014 Drone Drone
25.04.2014 Thunder Lord Heavy Metal Rage
True Heavy Metal
25.04.2014 Fake Idols same
Heavy Metal
25.04.2014 Oath Of Damnation The Descent
Blackened Death Metal
25.04.2014 Valonkantajat Pimentola
25.04.2014 Deathdestruction II
25.04.2014 Deep Machine Rise Of The Machine
25.04.2014 Ancient Bards A New Dawn Ending
Symphonic Epic Metal
25.04.2014 High Spirits You Are Here
25.04.2014 Kaunis Kuolematon Kylmä Kaunis Maailma
Melodic Death Metal
23.04.2014 Herbst In Peking The Tyger & The Fly
22.04.2014 Wrong Pessimistic Outcomes
22.04.2014 A Hill To Die Upon Holy Despair
Black/Death Metal
22.04.2014 Rustless Guardian Angel
22.04.2014 Any Face Perpetual Motion Of Deceit
22.04.2014 Chaos Conspiracy Who The Fuck Is Elvis?
Post Rock/Metal
21.04.2014 Woman Is The Earth This Place That Contains My Spirit
21.04.2014 Harakiri For The Sky Aokigahara
Black Metal/ Post-Rock
21.04.2014 Velnias Sovereign Nocturnal
Blackened Doom Folk
21.04.2014 Stuka Party Schmeiser Smasher
21.04.2014 Coltsblood Into The Unfathomable Abyss
21.04.2014 Skelethal Deathmanicvs Revelation
21.04.2014 Sigiriya Darkness Died Today
21.04.2014 Aurvandil Thrones
KW 16 | 2014
20.04.2014 Satan's Satyrs
19.04.2014 Gunpowder Gray same
19.04.2014 Manu und die drei Akkorde Intellektül
19.04.2014 Heaven's Scum It All Ends In Pain
18.04.2014 Andromeda Shock
18.04.2014 Kyng Burn The Serum
Heavy Rock / Hard Rock
18.04.2014 Petrels The Silver Chimney Club/ Wat Tyler
18.04.2014 Animals As Leaders The Joy Of Motion
18.04.2014 Stream Of Passion A War Of Our Own
Gothic Metal / Progressive Metal
18.04.2014 Vanilla Muffins The Triumph Of Sugar Oi!
18.04.2014 Sebastian Bach Give 'Em Hell
18.04.2014 Winger Better Days Comin'
18.04.2014 Three Lions same
18.04.2014 Diamond Gloss Nomawkish
ambient / modern classical
18.04.2014 Stoneburner Life Drawing
18.04.2014 Mundtot Schatten
Dark Alternative Indie Rock
18.04.2014 One Hour Hell Interfectus