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KW 22 | 2014
26.05.2014 Black Anvil Hail Death
26.05.2014 Orange Goblin Healing Through Fire
26.05.2014 GrooVenoM Viper
26.05.2014 Ajenda Otherside
26.05.2014 Arkan Sofia
26.05.2014 Blood Red Fog On Death's Wings
26.05.2014 Hellspirit Dawn Under Curse
KW 21 | 2014
24.05.2014 SpeedBottles Jurassic Love
24.05.2014 Miles To Perdition Blasphemous Rhapsody
Melodic Death Metal
23.05.2014 21Octayne Into The Open
Rock/Hard Rock
23.05.2014 Frontal Death Eaters
23.05.2014 The August Lizard King
23.05.2014 Unisonic For The Kingdom EP
23.05.2014 God's Army A.D. same
23.05.2014 Veni Domine Light
Epic Metal
23.05.2014 Sinister The Post-Apocalyptic Servant
Death Metal
23.05.2014 We Are The Damned Doomvirate
Domm/ Grind
23.05.2014 Powerman 5000 Builders Of The Future
23.05.2014 Insense De:Evolution
23.05.2014 Tri State Corner Home
23.05.2014 Collapse Under The Empire Sacrifice & Isolation
Post Rock, Electronica, Instrumental
23.05.2014 Souldrainer Architect
23.05.2014 Nightmare The Aftermath
Heavy Metal
23.05.2014 Vainaja Kadotetut
23.05.2014 Bombs Of Hades Atomic Temples
23.05.2014 U.D.O. Live From Moscow
Heavy Metal
23.05.2014 Dynamite Blackout Station
23.05.2014 Ambush Firestorm
23.05.2014 Serpentine Path Emanations
23.05.2014 The Winery Dogs Unleashed In Japan
23.05.2014 Shot Done Won In Front Of Shots EP
Deathcore/ Beatdown
23.05.2014 Protafield Nemesis
23.05.2014 Epitaph The Acoustic Sessions
23.05.2014 Infernal Angels Pestilentia
Black Metal
23.05.2014 V.A. One And All, Together, For Home
23.05.2014 Misery Index The Killing Gods
23.05.2014 Marty Friedman Inferno
23.05.2014 Entrapment Lamentations Of The Flesh
Death Metal
23.05.2014 Kismet Shades Of Clarity
23.05.2014 Diaries Of A Hero Diaries Of A Hero
23.05.2014 Vehemenz same
22.05.2014 Brutal Blues same
22.05.2014 Macky Messer Where Do You Live EP
Independent/ Rock
21.05.2014 Unearthly Flagellum Dei
Black Death
21.05.2014 Liminal Digs Dragon Fly EP
20.05.2014 Nemost As The Ocean Burns
19.05.2014 Dråpsnatt Hymner till undergången
19.05.2014 Oruga Blackened Souls
19.05.2014 Rog & Pip Our Revolution
Proto-Metal, Boogie, Psychedelic, Hard Glam und ruppigem Rock´n´Roll
19.05.2014 Embrace Of Disharmony Humananke
Progressive Avantgarde Metal
19.05.2014 Verberis Vastitas
KW 20 | 2014
16.05.2014 Cinderella Stripped
16.05.2014 Montage same
Progressive Hard Rock
16.05.2014 Infernal Curse The End Upon Us MLP
Black/ Death
16.05.2014 Rob Zombie The Zombie Horror Picture Show
16.05.2014 HateDotCom Dissociative
Thrash Metal
16.05.2014 Narbeleth A Hatred Manifesto
Black Metal
16.05.2014 Hades Archer/ Slaughtbbath Circus of Abominations / Antichristos Thanatos - split LP
16.05.2014 Gankino Circus Franconian Boogaloo
16.05.2014 Deathrow The Eerie Sound Of The Slow Awakening
16.05.2014 IQ The Road Of Bones
16.05.2014 Agalloch The Serpent & The Sphere
16.05.2014 Neal Schon So U
16.05.2014 California Breed same
16.05.2014 Timo Tolkki's Avalon Angels Of The Apocalypse
16.05.2014 Landskap I
16.05.2014 Henric Blomqvist & Friends All Of Your Illusions
16.05.2014 Venatic:Catalyst
Alternative Metal
16.05.2014 Castle Under Siege
Heavy Metal
16.05.2014 Crown Of Glory King For A Day
16.05.2014 Heavy Honey Crushing Symphony
16.05.2014 Trail Of Dead Live At Rockpalast 2009
16.05.2014 Only Crime Pursuance
15.05.2014 Red Mourning Where Stone And Water Meet
15.05.2014 Krueger Return To Death
DEath Metal
15.05.2014 Incarnated Try Before Die
15.05.2014 Tusmorke Riset Bak Speilet
15.05.2014 Noctooa Adaptation
15.05.2014 Hell Trilogy
15.05.2014 Blood And Sun White Storms Fall
15.05.2014 Engelsblut Feuer
13.05.2014 Strafk Phaseshifting
13.05.2014 Somnambulist Red Birth Throes, Shadows And Serpentine Curves
13.05.2014 Hour Of Penance Regicide
Death Metal
13.05.2014 Holy Shire Midgard
13.05.2014 Retribution Corpus Antichristi Y3K
Symphonic Black Metal
13.05.2014 King 810 Proem
13.05.2014 Horrid Sacrilegious Fornication
Death Metal
12.05.2014 Vallenfyre Splinters
12.05.2014 Avatar Hail The Apocalypse
12.05.2014 Necrodeath The 7 Deadly Sins
12.05.2014 Nocturnal Damnation/ Nihil Domination Baphometic Goat of Thermonuclear War (Split 7")
12.05.2014 5th Avenue It’s Been A Long Way…
KW 19 | 2014
11.05.2014 Karnivore In The Halls Of The Wicked
Death / Thrash Metal
10.05.2014 Hyperborean Mythos Of The Great Pestilence
Black Metal
09.05.2014 Boysetsfire/ Funeral For A Friend Split
09.05.2014 Being As An Ocean How We Both Wondrously Perish
Screamo/ Post Hardcore/ Metalcore
09.05.2014 Process Pain Outcast of Society
09.05.2014 Nightsatan Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom
09.05.2014 Apologies, I Have None Black Everything

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