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KW 20 | 2014
16.05.2014 Only Crime Pursuance
15.05.2014 Red Mourning Where Stone And Water Meet
15.05.2014 Krueger Return To Death
DEath Metal
15.05.2014 Incarnated Try Before Die
15.05.2014 Tusmorke Riset Bak Speilet
15.05.2014 Noctooa Adaptation
15.05.2014 Hell Trilogy
15.05.2014 Blood And Sun White Storms Fall
15.05.2014 Engelsblut Feuer
13.05.2014 Strafk Phaseshifting
13.05.2014 Somnambulist Red Birth Throes, Shadows And Serpentine Curves
13.05.2014 Hour Of Penance Regicide
Death Metal
13.05.2014 Holy Shire Midgard
13.05.2014 Retribution Corpus Antichristi Y3K
Symphonic Black Metal
13.05.2014 King 810 Proem
13.05.2014 Horrid Sacrilegious Fornication
Death Metal
12.05.2014 Vallenfyre Splinters
12.05.2014 Avatar Hail The Apocalypse
12.05.2014 Necrodeath The 7 Deadly Sins
12.05.2014 Nocturnal Damnation/ Nihil Domination Baphometic Goat of Thermonuclear War (Split 7")
12.05.2014 5th Avenue It’s Been A Long Way…
KW 19 | 2014
11.05.2014 Karnivore In The Halls Of The Wicked
Death / Thrash Metal
10.05.2014 Hyperborean Mythos Of The Great Pestilence
Black Metal
09.05.2014 Boysetsfire/ Funeral For A Friend Split
09.05.2014 Being As An Ocean How We Both Wondrously Perish
Screamo/ Post Hardcore/ Metalcore
09.05.2014 Process Pain Outcast of Society
09.05.2014 Nightsatan Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom
09.05.2014 Apologies, I Have None Black Everything
09.05.2014 Decembre Noir A Discouraged Believer
Death/ Doom Metal
09.05.2014 Andrew Jackson Jihad Christmas Island
09.05.2014 Mr. Sideburn And The Barons Highballing The Jack
09.05.2014 Alexanred Rest After Result
09.05.2014 Picastro You
09.05.2014 Her Name Is Calla Navigator
09.05.2014 daVOS My Pleasure Garden EP
09.05.2014 The Golden Grass same
American Rock
09.05.2014 Ibridoma Goodbye Nation
Heavy Metal
09.05.2014 Outcast Of Society same
Death Metal
09.05.2014 Bane Don't Wait Up
09.05.2014 The Blue Angel Lounge A Sea Of Trees
09.05.2014 Harmonic Generator When The Sun Goes Down
Heavy Metal
09.05.2014 V8Wixxer
09.05.2014 Elvenking The Pagan Manifesto
Folk Power Metal
06.05.2014 Mach22 Sweet Talk Intervention
Hard Rock
06.05.2014 Power From Hell The True Metal
05.05.2014 Gladenfold From Dusk To Eternity
Melodic Death / Power
05.05.2014 Electric Hellride Come Darkness, Come Light EP
Groove Metal
KW 18 | 2014
03.05.2014 The Lustmord Trapped In Purgatory
03.05.2014 Morlas Memoria Follow The Wind
Symphonic Metal / Gothic Metal
02.05.2014 Syndemic For Those In Desperation
Death Metal
02.05.2014 Dornenreich Freiheit
02.05.2014 Lantlôs Melting Sun
Post (Black) Metal
02.05.2014 Silene Unseen Memories
Gothic Metal
02.05.2014 Vestal Claret The Cult Of Vestal Claret
Occult Heavy Metal
02.05.2014 Battleroar Blood Of Legends
Heavy Metal
02.05.2014 Cobra To Hell
02.05.2014 Radio Haze Momentum
02.05.2014 Doro Powerful Passionate Favorites
02.05.2014 E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr Spiralo
02.05.2014 Thine The Dead City Blueprint
Dark Rock/Prog
02.05.2014 Black Stone Cherry Magic Mountain
02.05.2014 Zanthropya Ex Hure Meiner Sinne
Death Thrash Metal
02.05.2014 Malhkebre Revelation
Black Metal
02.05.2014 Spectral Lore III
02.05.2014 DeWolff Grand Southern Electric
02.05.2014 GumoManiacs Out Of Disorder
Thrash Metal
02.05.2014 no:carrier Wisdom & Failure
Electro Noire Pop
02.05.2014 Brother Firetribe Diamond In The Firepit
02.05.2014 Amon Sethis Part II: The Final Struggle
02.05.2014 Septekh Plan For World Domination
Death/ Thrash Metal
02.05.2014 Panteon Rococo Ni Carne Ni Pescado
02.05.2014 Xandria Sacrificum
01.05.2014 Herod There Were None
Post Metaller
01.05.2014 Neorize We The 99
Alternative / Crossover
01.05.2014 Order To Ruin The Loss of Distress
Melodic Death Metal
30.04.2014 Albinö Rhino same
30.04.2014 Chevelle La Gargola
Alternative Rock
30.04.2014 Rain Diary The Lights Are Violent Here
29.04.2014 Uke-Hunt The Prettiest Star
29.04.2014 So Hideous Last Poem/ First Light
29.04.2014 Cokegoat Vessel
29.04.2014 Manilla Road Mystification
29.04.2014 Revelation Salvation's Answer
Doom Metal
29.04.2014 Twitch Of The Death Nerve A New Code Of Morality
29.04.2014 Centurian Choronzonic Chaos Gods
29.04.2014 Centurian Of Purest Fire
29.04.2014 Death Leprosy
Death Metal
28.04.2014 Deathrage Down In The Depth Of Sickness (Reissue)
28.04.2014 Vanhelga Längtan
28.04.2014 Eyes Of Verona Ex-Voto
Alternative Rock
28.04.2014 Insomnium Shadows Of The Dying Sun
28.04.2014 Aborted The Necrotic Manifesto
28.04.2014 Mechanical Organic This Global Hive Part Two
Progressive Metal
28.04.2014 Schammasch Contradiction
28.04.2014 Mekong Delta In A Mirror Darkly
28.04.2014 Chronographs The Hunter
28.04.2014 Neptune Prelude To Nothing
28.04.2014 Pray For Locust in The Shadow Of The Colossus
Metal/ Hardcore
28.04.2014 Coldwar Pantheist
28.04.2014 Holy Moses Redefined Mayhem
Thrash Metal

Dieses Jahr gleich fünf Bands am Start

Oster-Schlachtfest zur Vordisco-Zeit

Zwischenstopp zur ultimativen „The Ultimate Incantation“-Show

Mit „Adrenalin“ zur Hochtour aufgelaufen

„Ist halt so - Rock'n'Roll und fertig“

„Aber man weiß schon, wenn man Architects Of Chaoz hört, wo die Reise hingeht“