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KW 23 | 2014
04.06.2014 Demian Heuke Treumal
Progressive Rock / Metal
03.06.2014 Blackwülf Mind Traveller
03.06.2014 Deep In Hate Chronicles of Oblivion
03.06.2014 On Top Top To Bottom
02.06.2014 Cold Colours MMXIV
Depressive Doom
02.06.2014 Deus Ignotus Procession of an Old Religion MCD
02.06.2014 Demonic Rage Venomous Wine From Putrid Bodies
02.06.2014 Sacrocurse Unholier Master
02.06.2014 Peter Pan Speedrock Buckle Up And Shove It!
02.06.2014 The Great Sabatini Dog Years
Noise Metal
KW 22 | 2014
01.06.2014 The Morphean Mechanical
01.06.2014 Seven Steps Of Denial From Ashes
Thrash / Heavy Metal
31.05.2014 Morbid Slaughter Wicca
Black Thrash
31.05.2014 Chronographs Porcelain
31.05.2014 Hellgoat End Of Man
31.05.2014 Massacra Enjoy The Violence
31.05.2014 Massacra Signs Of Decline
30.05.2014 Vangelgd Relics Of Sulphur Salvation
Death Metal
30.05.2014 Sleazy RoXxX Dangerous Obsession
Sleaze N'Glam Rock
30.05.2014 Bury Tomorrow Runes
30.05.2014 Swarþ Omines Pestilentiae
30.05.2014 Temtris Shallow Grave
30.05.2014 Erlen Meyer same
30.05.2014 1000Mods Vultures
30.05.2014 Nivlhel same
Black Metal
30.05.2014 Witheria Devastating Return
30.05.2014 Massacra Final Holocaust
30.05.2014 Stille Volk La Pèira Negra
30.05.2014 Cry My Name Elements
Hardcore/ Metalcore
30.05.2014 Kim Kronman Atlantis
Hard Rock
30.05.2014 Rude Soul Recall
30.05.2014 Annisokay The Lucid Dream[er]
30.05.2014 Svartna Long Time Lost EP
30.05.2014 The Brian Jonestown Massacre Revelation
30.05.2014 Selbstentleibung Null/ Negativ
30.05.2014 One Man's Treasure Revolution
30.05.2014 King Dude Fear
30.05.2014 Dust Bolt Awake The Riot
30.05.2014 Bloody Hammers Under Satan's Sun
Dark Horror Rock
30.05.2014 Opium Warlords Taste My Sword Of Understanding
30.05.2014 Obsessör Assassins of the Pentagram
Black/Thrash Metal
30.05.2014 Chainreaction A Game Between Good And Evil
Melodic Heavy Metal
30.05.2014 Infinity's Call Unconditional
30.05.2014 INVSN INVSN
30.05.2014 Dragon's Kiss Barbarians Of The Wasteland
30.05.2014 Fallen Angel Crawling Out Of Hell
Heavy Metal
27.05.2014 For I Am King Revengeance EP
27.05.2014 Sabbatory Endless Asphyxiating Gloom
Death Metal
27.05.2014 Zoldier Noiz Regression Process
27.05.2014 Whore Of Bethlehem Upon Judas' Throne
Blackend Death Metal
27.05.2014 Scourge Hate Metal
Death Metal
27.05.2014 Chasma Codex Constellatia
Black Metal
27.05.2014 Body Hammer
27.05.2014 Den Saakaldte Faen i Helvete
27.05.2014 Sarcofago Rotting
27.05.2014 Emptiness Nothing But The Whole
26.05.2014 Electric Guitars same
26.05.2014 Ashura Mindhood
26.05.2014 Maceration A Serenade Of Agony (Reissue)
26.05.2014 Gluttony Beyond The Veil of Flesh
Death Metal
26.05.2014 Violation Wound same
Punk / Rock / Metal
26.05.2014 Irreverence Shreds of Humanity
26.05.2014 Expulsion Certain Corpses Never Decay
26.05.2014 October File The Application of Loneliness, Ignorance, Misery, Love and Despair - An Introspective of the Human Condition
26.05.2014 Spearmint News From Nowhere
26.05.2014 Vanhelgd Relics Of Sulphur Salvation
Death Metal
26.05.2014 Mordbrand Imago
26.05.2014 Eyehategod same
26.05.2014 Crowbar Symmetry In Black
26.05.2014 Black Anvil Hail Death
26.05.2014 Orange Goblin Healing Through Fire
26.05.2014 GrooVenoM Viper
26.05.2014 Ajenda Otherside
26.05.2014 Arkan Sofia
26.05.2014 Blood Red Fog On Death's Wings
26.05.2014 Hellspirit Dawn Under Curse
KW 21 | 2014
24.05.2014 SpeedBottles Jurassic Love
24.05.2014 Miles To Perdition Blasphemous Rhapsody
Melodic Death Metal
23.05.2014 21Octayne Into The Open
Rock/Hard Rock
23.05.2014 Frontal Death Eaters
23.05.2014 The August Lizard King
23.05.2014 Unisonic For The Kingdom EP
23.05.2014 God's Army A.D. same
23.05.2014 Veni Domine Light
Epic Metal
23.05.2014 Sinister The Post-Apocalyptic Servant
Death Metal
23.05.2014 We Are The Damned Doomvirate
Domm/ Grind
23.05.2014 Powerman 5000 Builders Of The Future
23.05.2014 Insense De:Evolution
23.05.2014 Tri State Corner Home
23.05.2014 Collapse Under The Empire Sacrifice & Isolation
Post Rock, Electronica, Instrumental
23.05.2014 Souldrainer Architect
23.05.2014 Nightmare The Aftermath
Heavy Metal
23.05.2014 Vainaja Kadotetut
23.05.2014 Bombs Of Hades Atomic Temples
23.05.2014 U.D.O. Live From Moscow
Heavy Metal
23.05.2014 Dynamite Blackout Station
23.05.2014 Ambush Firestorm
23.05.2014 Serpentine Path Emanations
23.05.2014 The Winery Dogs Unleashed In Japan
23.05.2014 Shot Done Won In Front Of Shots EP
Deathcore/ Beatdown

Vigilance, Erazor & Spiker im Konzert (Essen, Oktober 2017)

„Bisschen Bier, bisschen Headbangen, bisschen Metal“

Insgesamt gelungener Tourauftakt im verregneten Hamburg