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KW 34 | 2014
19.08.2014 Powerlord The Awakening
19.08.2014 Empire Auriga Ascending the Solar Throne
19.08.2014 Provocator Antikristus
19.08.2014 Johnny Touch Inner City Wolves
Heavy Metal
18.08.2014 Ace Frehley Space Invader
18.08.2014 Neal Morse Songs From November
18.08.2014 End Of Pipe Keep Running
18.08.2014 Crucifyre Black Magic Fire
18.08.2014 Principality Of Hell Fire & Brimstone
Black Metal
KW 33 | 2014
16.08.2014 Alcoholocaust Bêbados de Merda!! (Mc-repress 2014)
15.08.2014 Zoltan Tombs Of The Blind Dead
15.08.2014 Protestant In Thy Name
15.08.2014 Abandon Hope Settle The Score
15.08.2014 Karma To Burn Arch Stanton
15.08.2014 Khthoniik Cerviiks Heptaedrone
15.08.2014 Sawhill Sacrifice Weri Loca Waluo
15.08.2014 Ace Freyhley Space Invader
15.08.2014 Reap Neckbreak Hotel
15.08.2014 DragonForce Maximum Overload
15.08.2014 Khtoniik Cerviiks Heptaedrone
15.08.2014 Morost Solace in Solitude
Death Groove Metal
15.08.2014 Blood God Blood Is My Trademark
14.08.2014 Pantheon I From The Abyss They Rise
14.08.2014 Grifter The Return Of The Bearded Brethren
Heavy Rock
12.08.2014 Monsterworks Overhaul
12.08.2014 We All Die (Laughing) Tentoonstelling
12.08.2014 Atara Vs. Miserable Failure Hang Them
11.08.2014 Monumentomb Ritual Exhumation
Death Metal
11.08.2014 Engineers Always Returning
KW 32 | 2014
10.08.2014 Haze Clouds Surround & Breathe
10.08.2014 Tellus Terror EZ Life DV8
Death Metal/ Deathcore
09.08.2014 Amenra/ Madensuyu Split 10"
09.08.2014 Odium The Science Of Dying
Thrash Metal
09.08.2014 NekKralai Kliudžiau
Black punk
08.08.2014 Rotting Christ A Dead Poem
08.08.2014 Destruktor/ Throneum A Prophecy Of Nihilism (Split 7")
08.08.2014 Sunless Sky Firebreather
Melodic Power Metal
08.08.2014 Abysmal Lord Storms of Unholy Black Mass
08.08.2014 Cancer To The Gory End (Re-Release)
08.08.2014 Cancer Death Shall Rise (Re-Release)
08.08.2014 Cancer The Sins Of Mankind (Re-Release)
08.08.2014 Massive Wagons Fight The System
08.08.2014 Slaughterday Ravenous
Death Metal
07.08.2014 Isenblast Unleashing The Demon Scourge
Black Metal
05.08.2014 Counterpunch Bruises
05.08.2014 Mutilated Veterans Necro Crust Warhead 12"
05.08.2014 Deadlock The Re-Arrival
Modern Metal
05.08.2014 Bölzer Soma
04.08.2014 Nachtmystium The World We Left Behind
04.08.2014 Diabolical Messiah:Satan Tottendemon Victory
04.08.2014 Entombed A.D. Back To The Front
KW 31 | 2014
03.08.2014 Omega Crom Beyond Control
Thrash Metal / Power Metal
01.08.2014 Thoase Who Bring The Torture Piling Up
01.08.2014 Throne Of Sacrilege/ Impurium Unleashing A Cacophony Of Destruction
Black Metal
01.08.2014 Gnosis Of The Witch Dauðr Burðr Þrysvar 12" MLP
01.08.2014 Fractured Spine Memoirs Of A Shattered Mind
01.08.2014 Cemetery Fog Towards The Gates
01.08.2014 These Raven Skies same
01.08.2014 Akela same
01.08.2014 Summery Mind Belonging
01.08.2014 Summary Mind Belonging
Alternative Rock
01.08.2014 Eluveitie Origins
Folk Metal / Metal
01.08.2014 Star Insight Messera
Melodic/ Symphonic Metal
01.08.2014 KIX Rock Your Face Off
01.08.2014 Heretic Warfare Demo 2014
Extreme Metal
01.08.2014 Unisonic Light Of Dawn
01.08.2014 Thrash 'Em Down Demo
01.08.2014 Alestorm Sunset On The Golden Age
01.08.2014 Columns Please Explode
Death / Grind
01.08.2014 Chelsea Grin Ashes To Ashes
31.07.2014 Chronographs D.O.T.S.
31.07.2014 Villainy The View from My Ivory Tower 7'EP
Thrash Metal / Crust
28.07.2014 Tigers Of Junction Street same
28.07.2014 Mojo Jazz Mob Still Hunting
28.07.2014 English Dogs The Thing With Two Heads
28.07.2014 Craang To The Estimated Size Of The Universe
Fuzzy Psychedelic Rock
28.07.2014 Abolition A.D. After Death Before Chaos
28.07.2014 Voodoo Gods Anticipation For Blood Leveled In Darkness
28.07.2014 Black Book Lodge Tûndra
28.07.2014 Perfect Beings Fictions
28.07.2014 Lacrimosa Live In Mexico
28.07.2014 Eastern Front Descent Into Genocide
28.07.2014 Ashes You Leave Songs Of The Lost
28.07.2014 Scarved Dynamite
28.07.2014 Nasty Whores same
KW 30 | 2014
27.07.2014 Saturn Ascending
Rise Above / Soulfood
26.07.2014 Jupiterian Archaic
Sludge/Doom/Death Metal
25.07.2014 AOV Act Of Violence
25.07.2014 Lunocode C'è vita intelligente sulla terra?
25.07.2014 Dark Violence Middle Of Nowhere
Female Fronted Powerrock
25.07.2014 Ichabod Krane Day Of Reckoning
US Metal
25.07.2014 Sacrificio same MLP
25.07.2014 Drowned Idola Specus
25.07.2014 Necros Christos Nine Graves
25.07.2014 Wrong Way To Die Ingrates
Metalcore, Post-Hardcore
25.07.2014 Hroptatyr same
Pagen/ Black Metal
25.07.2014 Taatsi Amidst The Trees
25.07.2014 Jo Bergeron "One Week Records" Session
25.07.2014 Blues Pills Blues Pills
Blues Rock
25.07.2014 John Garcia same

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