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KW 31 | 2014
01.08.2014 Summary Mind Belonging
Alternative Rock
01.08.2014 Eluveitie Origins
Folk Metal / Metal
01.08.2014 Star Insight Messera
Melodic/ Symphonic Metal
01.08.2014 KIX Rock Your Face Off
01.08.2014 Heretic Warfare Demo 2014
Extreme Metal
01.08.2014 Unisonic Light Of Dawn
01.08.2014 Thrash 'Em Down Demo
01.08.2014 Alestorm Sunset On The Golden Age
01.08.2014 Columns Please Explode
Death / Grind
01.08.2014 Chelsea Grin Ashes To Ashes
31.07.2014 Chronographs D.O.T.S.
31.07.2014 Villainy The View from My Ivory Tower 7'EP
Thrash Metal / Crust
28.07.2014 Tigers Of Junction Street same
28.07.2014 Mojo Jazz Mob Still Hunting
28.07.2014 English Dogs The Thing With Two Heads
28.07.2014 Craang To The Estimated Size Of The Universe
Fuzzy Psychedelic Rock
28.07.2014 Abolition A.D. After Death Before Chaos
28.07.2014 Voodoo Gods Anticipation For Blood Leveled In Darkness
28.07.2014 Black Book Lodge Tûndra
28.07.2014 Perfect Beings Fictions
28.07.2014 Lacrimosa Live In Mexico
28.07.2014 Eastern Front Descent Into Genocide
28.07.2014 Ashes You Leave Songs Of The Lost
28.07.2014 Scarved Dynamite
28.07.2014 Nasty Whores same
KW 30 | 2014
27.07.2014 Saturn Ascending
Rise Above / Soulfood
26.07.2014 Jupiterian Archaic
Sludge/Doom/Death Metal
25.07.2014 AOV Act Of Violence
25.07.2014 Lunocode C'è vita intelligente sulla terra?
25.07.2014 Dark Violence Middle Of Nowhere
Female Fronted Powerrock
25.07.2014 Ichabod Krane Day Of Reckoning
US Metal
25.07.2014 Sacrificio same MLP
25.07.2014 Drowned Idola Specus
25.07.2014 Necros Christos Nine Graves
25.07.2014 Wrong Way To Die Ingrates
Metalcore, Post-Hardcore
25.07.2014 Hroptatyr same
Pagen/ Black Metal
25.07.2014 Taatsi Amidst The Trees
25.07.2014 Jo Bergeron "One Week Records" Session
25.07.2014 Blues Pills Blues Pills
Blues Rock
25.07.2014 John Garcia same
25.07.2014 Kamikaze Kings Master Of Slave
Metal Rock
25.07.2014 Plenty of Nails Aus Schatten gerissen
Death / Doom Metal
25.07.2014 Marathonmann und wir vergessen was vor uns liegt
25.07.2014 Pinkemical Sunset Ogasm
Post Stoner Rock
25.07.2014 Crystal Eyes Killer
25.07.2014 Reaper An Atheist Monument
Heavy Metal
25.07.2014 I Am Giant Science & Survival
24.07.2014 Abstruse Inner Space-Outer Void
Experimental Black/Thrash Metal
24.07.2014 Dysangelium Leviaxxis (Demo 2014)
Black Metal
23.07.2014 Derdian Human Reset
Symphonic Power Metal
22.07.2014 Within The Ruins Phenomena
22.07.2014 The Copyrights No Knocks
22.07.2014 Mutilation Rites Harbinger
Black Metal
21.07.2014 Uburen Withered Roots
21.07.2014 Endless Recovery Resistant Bangers
Thrash Metal
21.07.2014 Embalmer There Was Blood Everywhere
21.07.2014 Vile Regression Empires
21.07.2014 Nidsang Into The Womb Of Dissolving Flames
21.07.2014 Knifeworld The Unraveling
21.07.2014 Midnight Masses Departures
KW 29 | 2014
19.07.2014 Fire Red Empress Paint Me The Devil
Hard Rock
19.07.2014 Pest Empire Prophet
Doom/Black Metal
18.07.2014 Yes Heaven & Earth
18.07.2014 Ocean Of Plague Final Chapter
18.07.2014 Forensick The Prophecy
Heavy Metal
18.07.2014 Overkill White Devil Armory
Thrash Metal
18.07.2014 Keitzer The Last Defence
18.07.2014 Jay Smith King Of Man
18.07.2014 Monolithe II
18.07.2014 Monolithe O
18.07.2014 Fozzy Do You Wanna Start A War
18.07.2014 Confession Life And Death
18.07.2014 Burden Of Grief Unchained
Melodic Death/ Thrash
18.07.2014 Rage Nucleaire Black Storm Of Violence
15.07.2014 Vuyvr Incinerated Gods
14.07.2014 Demonic Resurrection The Demon King
14.07.2014 Unaussprechlichen Kulten Baphomet Pan Shub-Niggurath
14.07.2014 Vampillia Some Nightmares ake You Aurora Rainbow Darkness
14.07.2014 Kult Of Taurus/ Erevos Aenaon Born Of Fire, Forged By Death
14.07.2014 Khaøs After The Silence (Single)
14.07.2014 Maahlas Nightmare Years
Progressive Melodic Death/ Black Metal
14.07.2014 Betraying The Martyrs Phantom
KW 28 | 2014
13.07.2014 New Town Kings Pull Up & Rewind EP
Ska & Reggae
12.07.2014 Filii Nigrantium Infernalium Pornokrates: Deo Gratias
Necro Rock 'N' Roll
12.07.2014 Darkest Horizon The Grand Continuum
Epic Melodic Death Metal
11.07.2014 Wild Society For All The Time EP
Wild Rock
11.07.2014 Seven That Spells he Death And Resurrection Of Krautrock: IO
11.07.2014 Neopera Destined Ways
11.07.2014 Grave Digger Return Of The Reaper
Heavy Metal
11.07.2014 Mucc The End Of The World
11.07.2014 Arionce Only You Single
11.07.2014 Dimeless White Lion
Thrash Metal
08.07.2014 Iron Man Generation Void
08.07.2014 Iron Man
08.07.2014 Terminal Death same
Death Metal
08.07.2014 Black Propaganda Psychological Subjection
08.07.2014 Denial Burden Of Lies
08.07.2014 Zone Zero The Lost Legacy
08.07.2014 The Hell Groovehammer
08.07.2014 Ad Patres Scorn Aesthetics

Dieses Jahr gleich fünf Bands am Start

Oster-Schlachtfest zur Vordisco-Zeit

Zwischenstopp zur ultimativen „The Ultimate Incantation“-Show

Mit „Adrenalin“ zur Hochtour aufgelaufen

„Ist halt so - Rock'n'Roll und fertig“