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KW 39 | 2014
26.09.2014 Lyriel Skin And Bones
Gothic Metal
26.09.2014 Cynthia Nickschas Kopfregal
26.09.2014 Alana Amram (& The Rough Gems) Spring River
26.09.2014 Corova Rise Of The Taurus
26.09.2014 Crimson Death Social Born Killer
Death Metal
26.09.2014 Gormathon Following The Beast
26.09.2014 Audrey Horne Pure Heavy
26.09.2014 Sparzanza Circle
Heavy Metal
26.09.2014 Mike LePond's Silent Assassins same
26.09.2014 Synaptik The Mechanisms Of Consequence
Progressive Death Metal
26.09.2014 The Last Internationale We Will Reign
Indie Rock
25.09.2014 Open For Fun same
25.09.2014 V.A. Swedish Hitz Goes Metal Vol. II
Heavy Metal
24.09.2014 Girugamesh Gravitation
Metal/ Hardrock
23.09.2014 Madrost Into The Aquatic Sector
Thrash/ Death Metal
23.09.2014 Bask American Hollow
22.09.2014 Rebellious Spirit Obsession
22.09.2014 Warstorm Goatspel
22.09.2014 Burning Nitrum Molotov
22.09.2014 Dominhate Towards The Light
22.09.2014 Disasterhate Mirroring The Abyss
Thrashing Death Metal
22.09.2014 The Tea Party The Ocean At The End
22.09.2014 Ordo Inferus Invictus Et Aeternus
22.09.2014 Horn Of The Rhino Summoning Deliverance
22.09.2014 In Search Of Sun The World Is Yours
22.09.2014 Falloch This Island, Our Funeral
22.09.2014 Panopticon Roads To The North
22.09.2014 Energumen Void Spiritualism 7" EP
22.09.2014 Sorrows Path Doom Philosophy
Epic / Doom Metal
22.09.2014 Amulet The First
22.09.2014 Rise Of The Northstar Welcame
KW 38 | 2014
21.09.2014 Tormentress Operation Torment
20.09.2014 Steelpreacher & Dragonsfire The Wild Hunt/ Cider Victims
20.09.2014 Charnia Dageraad
19.09.2014 Warlord We Die As One
Death Metal
19.09.2014 Livingston Animal
19.09.2014 Poets Of The Fall Jealous Gods
19.09.2014 Moonland feat. Lenna Kuurma same
19.09.2014 Stryper Live At The Whiskey
19.09.2014 Work Of Art Framework
19.09.2014 Black Moth Condemned To Hope
19.09.2014 Superheaven Jar
Neogrunge, Punk
19.09.2014 Threshold For The Journey
19.09.2014 Calibre Zero Con Las Botas Puestas
Heavy Metal
19.09.2014 Mondvolland Kwade Vaart
19.09.2014 Seven Impale City Of The Sun
Progressive Rock
19.09.2014 Considered Dead Mentally Tortured
Death Metal
19.09.2014 Texas In July Bloodwork
19.09.2014 Aeons Of Ashes Shutdown
Modern Melodic Death Metal
19.09.2014 Halcyon Way Conquer
19.09.2014 Helldorados Lessons In Decay
19.09.2014 GRAI Mlada
Folk Metal
19.09.2014 Malpractice Turning Tides
19.09.2014 Redemption Live From The Pit
19.09.2014 The Flying Eyes Leave It All Behind Sessions
19.09.2014 Zodiac Sonic Child
19.09.2014 Onkel Tom H.E.L.D.
19.09.2014 Steel Prophet Into The Void/Continuum
Power Metal
19.09.2014 Mezzopalo Underskin Stories
Hard Rock
19.09.2014 Feuerschwanz Auf's Leben
19.09.2014 Thomsen Unbroken
18.09.2014 Tyrant's Kill Dagon
Doom/ Death Metal
17.09.2014 Harvest Gulgaltha: I MLP
17.09.2014 Audio Porn Midnight Confessions
Power Metal
16.09.2014 Reverorum ib Malacht De Mysteriis Dom Christii
Black Metal
16.09.2014 Mortuus Grape Of The Vine
16.09.2014 Shards Of Humanity Fractured Frequencies
16.09.2014 Algebra Feed The Ego
16.09.2014 Myrkur same
16.09.2014 Num Skull Ritually Abused - Reissue
15.09.2014 Tyred Eyes Elevator
15.09.2014 Earthship Withered
15.09.2014 Xerath III
15.09.2014 Zombiefication Procession Through Infestation
15.09.2014 Dioramic Supra
15.09.2014 BigBangBayBees Little Nothing
15.09.2014 Obscure Burial Ephiphany
15.09.2014 Villainy Villainy I
15.09.2014 Snailking Storm
15.09.2014 Parzival Casta
15.09.2014 Machinery Of Joy On The Verge Of Sleep
15.09.2014 The Contortionist Language
15.09.2014 The Pineapple Thief Magnolia
15.09.2014 Iamthemorning Belighted
KW 37 | 2014
13.09.2014 Stryvigor Forgotten By Ages
12.09.2014 Explorer Shout In The Fog
Speed Metal
12.09.2014 Feline Melinda Dance Of Fire And Rain
Hard Rock
12.09.2014 Strydegor Enraged
Melodic Death Metal
12.09.2014 Contamination Nightmare Asylum
Thrash Metal
12.09.2014 The Sixxis Hollow Shrine
12.09.2014 Iron Reagan The Tyranny Of Will
12.09.2014 Teufelskreis Spuren der Vergangenheit (Re-issue)
12.09.2014 Belfrey Rest in Pieces
12.09.2014 Bloodwork World Without End
Death Metal
12.09.2014 Toxpack Friss
12.09.2014 Albez Duz The Coming Of Mictlan
12.09.2014 Bunker 66 Screaming Rock Believers
Black Speed Metal
12.09.2014 Matyrvore Malevolent Desolation
12.09.2014 Nuclear Warfare Just Fucking Thrash
12.09.2014 Misanthropic Might Menschenhasser
Black Metal

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