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KW 40 | 2014
03.10.2014 Determination Vision
Death Metal
03.10.2014 Andreas Gross Goodbye Mainstream
Gothic / Dark-Wave
03.10.2014 Nicke Borg Homeland Ruins Of A Riot
03.10.2014 Witch Mountain Mobile Of Angels
03.10.2014 V.A. We Are Louder Than You 2.0
03.10.2014 Sumia Untl We Shine Again
03.10.2014 Wömit Angel Holy Goatse
03.10.2014 Keep It For Tomorrow New Spirit
02.10.2014 Maggie's Madness Waking Up The Dead
Hard Rock
02.10.2014 The Temperance Movement The Temperance Movement
01.10.2014 Aghast! All The Rage
01.10.2014 Sxuperion Through Cosmic Corridors
01.10.2014 As Light Dies The Love Album - Volume I
01.10.2014 A Gorgeous Machine Future City Girl
Female Fronted Metal, Goth Rock, Alternative Metal
01.10.2014 The Stone Nekroza
Black Metal
01.10.2014 Mangel same
Black Metal
30.09.2014 Destroying Divinity Hollow Dominion
30.09.2014 How To Disappear Completely Daughters Of Eve
30.09.2014 Overcharge Accelerate
Punk Rockin’ Speed Metal
30.09.2014 Sempiternal Dusk same
30.09.2014 Temple Of Void Of Terror And The Supernatural
Death/ Doom Metal
30.09.2014 Woodtemple Forgotten Pride
29.09.2014 Electric Wizard Time To Die
29.09.2014 Finch Back To Oblivion
29.09.2014 Ancestral Legacy Terminal
29.09.2014 White Empress Rise Of The Empress
29.09.2014 Execration Morbid Dimensions
29.09.2014 Necroholocaust Holocaustic Goat Metal
29.09.2014 Circle Of Indifference Shadows Of Light
Melodic Death Metal
KW 39 | 2014
27.09.2014 Scargod Sacrilegious Symphonies
Black Metal
27.09.2014 Down The Sunset Dreamer/ Believer EP
Post-Hardcore, Metalcore
26.09.2014 Weedeater Sixteen Tons
26.09.2014 Insane Therapy The Decline Of The Human Race
26.09.2014 Mr. Big ...The Stories We Could Tell
26.09.2014 ASP Per Aspera Ad Aspera
26.09.2014 Nightbringer Ego Dominus Tuus
26.09.2014 Audiowolf Lighting The Fuse
26.09.2014 Estado Novo same
Classic Rock
26.09.2014 Thornafire Magnaa
Death Metal
26.09.2014 Infected Emergency Gate
26.09.2014 Emergency Gate Infected
26.09.2014 Ascent From Hell From Hell
26.09.2014 Jaded Heart Fight The System
26.09.2014 Wolfborne In The Beginning
26.09.2014 Kory Clarke Payback's A Bitch
26.09.2014 William's Orbit Eurydice
26.09.2014 Red Sun Revival Embers
26.09.2014 Dream Theater Breaking the Fourth Wall
26.09.2014 Eden Circus Marula
26.09.2014 Stench Venture
26.09.2014 Hypnos same
Heavy Action Boogie Rock
26.09.2014 Deathronation Hallow The Dead
26.09.2014 Avulsed Carnivoracity
Death Metal
26.09.2014 LostPray That's Why
Heavy Metal
26.09.2014 Evergrey Hymns For The Broken
Dark Melodic Metal
26.09.2014 Palace The 7th Steel
Heavy Metal
26.09.2014 The Prophecy23 Untrue Like A Boss
26.09.2014 Lyriel Skin And Bones
Gothic Metal
26.09.2014 Cynthia Nickschas Kopfregal
26.09.2014 Alana Amram (& The Rough Gems) Spring River
26.09.2014 Corova Rise Of The Taurus
26.09.2014 Crimson Death Social Born Killer
Death Metal
26.09.2014 Gormathon Following The Beast
26.09.2014 Audrey Horne Pure Heavy
26.09.2014 Sparzanza Circle
Heavy Metal
26.09.2014 Mike LePond's Silent Assassins same
26.09.2014 Synaptik The Mechanisms Of Consequence
Progressive Death Metal
26.09.2014 The Last Internationale We Will Reign
Indie Rock
25.09.2014 Open For Fun same
25.09.2014 V.A. Swedish Hitz Goes Metal Vol. II
Heavy Metal
24.09.2014 Girugamesh Gravitation
Metal/ Hardrock
23.09.2014 Madrost Into The Aquatic Sector
Thrash/ Death Metal
23.09.2014 Bask American Hollow
22.09.2014 Rebellious Spirit Obsession
22.09.2014 Warstorm Goatspel
22.09.2014 Burning Nitrum Molotov
22.09.2014 Dominhate Towards The Light
22.09.2014 Disasterhate Mirroring The Abyss
Thrashing Death Metal
22.09.2014 The Tea Party The Ocean At The End
22.09.2014 Ordo Inferus Invictus Et Aeternus
22.09.2014 Horn Of The Rhino Summoning Deliverance
22.09.2014 In Search Of Sun The World Is Yours
22.09.2014 Falloch This Island, Our Funeral
22.09.2014 Panopticon Roads To The North
22.09.2014 Energumen Void Spiritualism 7" EP
22.09.2014 Sorrows Path Doom Philosophy
Epic / Doom Metal
22.09.2014 Amulet The First
22.09.2014 Rise Of The Northstar Welcame
KW 38 | 2014
21.09.2014 Tormentress Operation Torment
20.09.2014 Steelpreacher & Dragonsfire The Wild Hunt/ Cider Victims
20.09.2014 Charnia Dageraad
19.09.2014 Warlord We Die As One
Death Metal
19.09.2014 Livingston Animal
19.09.2014 Poets Of The Fall Jealous Gods
19.09.2014 Moonland feat. Lenna Kuurma same
19.09.2014 Stryper Live At The Whiskey
19.09.2014 Work Of Art Framework
19.09.2014 Black Moth Condemned To Hope
19.09.2014 Superheaven Jar
Neogrunge, Punk
19.09.2014 Threshold For The Journey

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