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KW 43 | 2014
24.10.2014 Obituary Inked In Blood
Death Metal
24.10.2014 Atriarch An Unending Pathway
24.10.2014 Abysmal Dawn Obsolescence
24.10.2014 Dawnbringer Night Of The Hammer
24.10.2014 Escapetor Fear
Thrash Metal
24.10.2014 Mind Maze Back From The Edge
Power Metal
24.10.2014 Me To My Wall Sphair
24.10.2014 Spencer Echoes Of Loneliness
24.10.2014 Crobot Something Supernatural
24.10.2014 Obsidian Kingdom Mantiis
24.10.2014 Kontrast Balance
24.10.2014 Deserted Fear Kingdom Of Worms
24.10.2014 Create.Use.Shatter Maladies
24.10.2014 Lonewolf Cult Of Steel
Heavy Metal
24.10.2014 Vanish Come To Wither
Power/ Prog Metal
24.10.2014 Voices Of Destiny Crisis Cult
Gothic Metal
24.10.2014 Megaherz Zombieland
24.10.2014 Liv Kristine Vervain
24.10.2014 While Heaven Wept Suspended At Aphelion
24.10.2014 At The Gates At War With Reality
24.10.2014 2 Wolves Shelter
24.10.2014 Sonata Arctica Ecliptica – Revisited, 15th Anniversary Edition
24.10.2014 Nunslaughter/ Perversor Split 7"
24.10.2014 Nunslaughter/ Witchtrap Split 7"
24.10.2014 Korzus Legion
Thrash Metal
24.10.2014 Hide The Knives Silence The Youth
24.10.2014 Beyond Creation Earthborn Evolution
Technical Death Metal
21.10.2014 Inferion This Will Decay
21.10.2014 Bush Man On The Run
20.10.2014 Sedna same
Post-black metal/Sludge/Doom
20.10.2014 Dirty Smiles Pressures
20.10.2014 Summer Of Hoaxes Little Town, Great Stories
20.10.2014 Sivyj Jar From the dead villages darkness
Black Metal / Pagan Epic Black Metal
20.10.2014 Hellish Outcast Stay Of Execution
20.10.2014 Mass Hypnosis Sanctimonious
Industrial/Groove Metal
20.10.2014 Nitrogods Rats And Rumours
20.10.2014 Khaøs Risen
20.10.2014 And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead IX
KW 42 | 2014
18.10.2014 Reaper's Revenge Wall Of Fear And Darkness
Heavy Power Metal
17.10.2014 Autumnal The End Of The Third Day
Melancholic Doom/Dark Metal
17.10.2014 SoulHealer Bear The Cross
Melodic Heavy Metal
17.10.2014 Despairation New World Obscurity
17.10.2014 Subservience Upheaval
17.10.2014 Hämatom X
17.10.2014 2 Love Or 2 Hate Pain Illusion
17.10.2014 My Brother The Wind Once There Was A Time When Time And Space Were One
17.10.2014 Alice Cooper Raise The Dead - Live From Wacken Open Air 2013
Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal
17.10.2014 Knight Area Hyperdrive
17.10.2014 Starkill Virus Of The MInd
17.10.2014 Free Key Bit Chess Havoc
Heavy Metal
17.10.2014 Days We Are Even Head Into The Fire
Modern Metal
17.10.2014 Cosma Nova Sternenstaub Inc.
Pop, Rock, Alternative und Gothic
17.10.2014 Nachtblut Chimonas
17.10.2014 Warfield Call To War
Old School Thrash Metal
17.10.2014 Vega Stereo Messiah
17.10.2014 Allen/ Lande The Great Divide
17.10.2014 Dalton Pit Stop
17.10.2014 Dennis Deyoung …And The Music Of Styx Live in Los Angeles
17.10.2014 Tim Vantol Basement Sessions
17.10.2014 Lizzard Majestic
17.10.2014 Dimenzion Psychosphere Collapse
Industrial Metal
15.10.2014 Sonne Hagal Ockerwasser
15.10.2014 Raw In Sect Blue Haze
15.10.2014 Nuclear Perversion Desolation Rituals (Tape)
15.10.2014 Encoffination III - Hear Me, O' Death
Death/ Doom
14.10.2014 Like Monroe Things We Think, But Never Speak
14.10.2014 Wang Wen Eight Horses
14.10.2014 Pig Destroyer Mass & Volume
Relapse Records
14.10.2014 Horrendous Ecdysis
14.10.2014 October 31 Bury the Hatchet
14.10.2014 The Lurking Corpses Workin' For the Devil
14.10.2014 Occultation Silence In The Ancestral House
14.10.2014 Maplerun Restless
Alternative Metal
14.10.2014 Septycal Gorge Scourge Of The Formless Breed
14.10.2014 Northern Crown In The Hands Of The Betrayer
Epic Doom Metal
14.10.2014 Conjonctive Until the Whole World Dies​.​.​.
Symphonic / Deathcore / Death Metal
13.10.2014 Kruger same
13.10.2014 Evil Scarecrow Galactic Hunt
13.10.2014 Mastercastle Enfer [De La Bibliothèque Nationale]
13.10.2014 Planethard Now
13.10.2014 Mob Rules Timekeeper - 20th Anniversary Box
13.10.2014 Mutagenocide Devolve
13.10.2014 Midnight Sin Sex First
13.10.2014 Lunatic Soul Walking On A Flashlight Beam
13.10.2014 Tarnkappe Tussen Hun En De Zon
Black Metal
13.10.2014 Evil Scrarecrow Galactic Hunt
KW 41 | 2014
12.10.2014 Thy Serpent's Cult Sedition, Sorcery And Blasphemy
Death Metal
11.10.2014 Uzziel Torn Apart
Modern Thrash/Death Metal
11.10.2014 Necrotted Utopia 2.0
Death Metal / Deathcore
10.10.2014 Kreyskull Tower Witch
10.10.2014 May The Silence Fail Of Hope And Aspiration
10.10.2014 Heroes Of Vallentor The Warriors Path Part I
10.10.2014 Sarea This Is Not Goodbye
Modern Melodic Metal
10.10.2014 Inter Arma The Cavern
10.10.2014 Betrayed Consuming Darkness
10.10.2014 Cognition same
Extreme Metal
10.10.2014 Zelorage So You're A Mess
Alternative/ Nu Metal
10.10.2014 Yellowcard Lift A Sail
10.10.2014 Red Raven Chapter One The Principles
10.10.2014 Process Of Guilt/ Rorcal 12" Split

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