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KW 47 | 2014
22.11.2014 Neoplasmah Auguring the Dusk of a New Era
Death Metal
21.11.2014 Extinctionist Portals Of Extraterrestrial Invasions
Technical Brutal Death
21.11.2014 Down To This Relentless
21.11.2014 Starset Transmissions
21.11.2014 V.A. 25 Years Of Wacken
21.11.2014 Divine Ascension Liberator
Heavy Metal
21.11.2014 Bloodbound Stormborn
21.11.2014 Centinex Redeeming Filth
Death Metal
21.11.2014 fubear Hopeless
21.11.2014 First Aid Nursed
Speed/ Thrash Metal
21.11.2014 Varathron Untrodden Corridors Of Hades
21.11.2014 Entrench Violent Procreation
21.11.2014 Postmortem The Bowls Of Wrath
21.11.2014 The Duskfall Where The Tree Stands Dead
21.11.2014 Kobra And The Lotus High Priestess
Heavy Metal
21.11.2014 Eternal Sex And War Negative Monoliths
Extreme Metal
21.11.2014 Karne Faith In Flesh
Black Metal
21.11.2014 Northumbria Bring Down The Sky
21.11.2014 A Liquid Landscape The Largest Fire Known To Man
20.11.2014 Dysnomia Dysnomia
20.11.2014 The Gloria Story Taking Up Arms
20.11.2014 Morodh The World Of Retribution
19.11.2014 Amniac Infinite
18.11.2014 Violent Hammer More Victims Demo 2014
17.11.2014 Magnum On Christmas Day
17.11.2014 Soulburn The Suffocating Darkness
17.11.2014 In Tormentata Quiete Cromagia
17.11.2014 Thanatos Global Purification
17.11.2014 Crimson Blue The Angelic Performance
Gothic Art Metal
17.11.2014 Soldierfield Catharsis
17.11.2014 Manimalism same
17.11.2014 Bloodbath Grand Morbid Funeral
17.11.2014 Bloodstaind Ground A Poem Of Misery
Blackened Melodic Death Metal
17.11.2014 Beyond The Dust Khepri
Djent / Prog / Math Metal
17.11.2014 Cadaveria Silence
17.11.2014 Kaledon Antillius - The King Of The Light
17.11.2014 Voices London
17.11.2014 Kult Ofenzivy Nauky ruznic
KW 46 | 2014
16.11.2014 Victorius Dreamchaser
Power Metal
15.11.2014 Shiran Warm Winter Day
14.11.2014 Scott Ian Swearing Words In Glasgow
14.11.2014 Unzucht Venus Luzifer
14.11.2014 In Somnia Withered - Frozen - Perished
Melodic Death Metal
14.11.2014 Hombre Malo Persistent Murmur Of Words Of Wrath
Hardcore/ Metal
14.11.2014 Mortuary Drape Spiritual Independence
14.11.2014 South Of You Moments
14.11.2014 The Deathtrip Deep Drone Master
14.11.2014 Grorr Unknown Citizens
Progressive Metal, Djent, Ethnic Metal
14.11.2014 Last Leaf Down Fake Lights
Shoegaze / Ambient
14.11.2014 Der Klinke The Gathering Of Hopes
Cold-Wave / Gothic
14.11.2014 Jess And The Ancient Ones Castaneda 10"
14.11.2014 Tune Identity
Prog Art Rock
14.11.2014 In This Moment Black Widow
14.11.2014 Malsaners Spanish Eyes
Folk Punk
14.11.2014 Whalerider Thanatos
Alternative-Sludge Rock
14.11.2014 Dominanz Noxius
Extreme Metal
14.11.2014 Heaven And Earth Dig
Hard Rock
14.11.2014 The Way I Am Apocalypse? No way!
14.11.2014 In Somnia Withered-Frozen-Perished
Modern Melodie Death
14.11.2014 Mr. Hurley & Die Pulveraffen Plankrock
14.11.2014 Kariäs Kariäs
Punk Rock
14.11.2014 Born Of Fire Dead Winter Sun
US Metal
14.11.2014 Run Pig Run Tripsitter
Alternative Rock
14.11.2014 Brant Bjork And The Low Desert Punk Band Black Power Flower
14.11.2014 Monster Magnet Milking The Stars: a re-imagining of Last Patrol
14.11.2014 Skàlmöld Með vættum
14.11.2014 Dantalion Where Fear Is Born
14.11.2014 Acid Age Drone Shark Ethics
Thrash/ Crossover
14.11.2014 Wucan Vikarma
14.11.2014 Raunchy Vices.Virtues.Visions
14.11.2014 Ewigheim 24/ 7
14.11.2014 Vegas Everything You Know Is Wrong
Indie Rock
13.11.2014 Kari Rueslåtten The Collection
13.11.2014 Hands Of Orlac Figli Del Crepuscolo
13.11.2014 Evil Spirit Cauldron Messiah
13.11.2014 Metal Cross Metal Cross 2LP + 7"
13.11.2014 Dire Omen Wresting The Revelation Of Futility
13.11.2014 Orcultus Black Rust
13.11.2014 Orcultus Endless Hate & Misanthropy
12.11.2014 Anguish Mountain
11.11.2014 N.K.V.D. Hakmarrja
Industrial Black Metal
11.11.2014 Resistance The Seeds Within
11.11.2014 Arroganz Tod & Teufel
11.11.2014 Metal Moth Rise EP
11.11.2014 This Legend It's In The Streets
11.11.2014 Tourniquet Onward To Freedom
10.11.2014 V.A. Ragnarok Juletide
10.11.2014 Krokodil Nachash
10.11.2014 Metal Down Under same DVD
10.11.2014 Nightingale Retribution
10.11.2014 United Progressive Fraternity Fall In Love With The World
10.11.2014 Saille Eldritch
Epic Black Metal
10.11.2014 Gong I See You
KW 45 | 2014
09.11.2014 Tormentor Prophetic Deceiver
Thrash Metal
09.11.2014 Twilight Zone The Beginning
Heacy Metal
08.11.2014 Shadowsphere Darklands
07.11.2014 Saxon Warriors of The Road - The Saxon Chronicles Part II
07.11.2014 The House Of Capricorn Morning Star Rise
07.11.2014 Fallen Saints Evolution Has Failed
07.11.2014 Sleep Of Monsters Produces Reason