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KW 42 | 2014
13.10.2014 Tarnkappe Tussen Hun En De Zon
Black Metal
13.10.2014 Evil Scrarecrow Galactic Hunt
KW 41 | 2014
12.10.2014 Thy Serpent's Cult Sedition, Sorcery And Blasphemy
Death Metal
11.10.2014 Uzziel Torn Apart
Modern Thrash/Death Metal
11.10.2014 Necrotted Utopia 2.0
Death Metal / Deathcore
10.10.2014 Kreyskull Tower Witch
10.10.2014 May The Silence Fail Of Hope And Aspiration
10.10.2014 Heroes Of Vallentor The Warriors Path Part I
10.10.2014 Sarea This Is Not Goodbye
Modern Melodic Metal
10.10.2014 Inter Arma The Cavern
10.10.2014 Betrayed Consuming Darkness
10.10.2014 Cognition same
Extreme Metal
10.10.2014 Zelorage So You're A Mess
Alternative/ Nu Metal
10.10.2014 Yellowcard Lift A Sail
10.10.2014 Red Raven Chapter One The Principles
10.10.2014 Process Of Guilt/ Rorcal 12" Split
10.10.2014 The Dark Tenor Symphony Of Light
Gothic / Klassik
10.10.2014 Luke Gasser Flicker
10.10.2014 Slomind Solar Plexus
10.10.2014 In Love Your Mother The Great Ape Project
10.10.2014 Morbo Addiction To Musickal Dissection
Death Metal
10.10.2014 In LoveYour Mother The Great Ape Project
10.10.2014 Capsize The Angst In My Veins
10.10.2014 Innsmouth The Shadow Over Innsmouth
10.10.2014 Manes Be All End All
10.10.2014 Blut aus Nord Memoria Vetusta III - Saturnian Poetry
10.10.2014 Wank For Peace Fail Forward
10.10.2014 Tyranex Unable To Tame
10.10.2014 Owls By Nature The Forgotten And The Brave
10.10.2014 My Own Ghost Love Kills
10.10.2014 Forever It Shall Be Destroyer
10.10.2014 Kermania Kehre heim
Atmospheric Black Metal
10.10.2014 GWLT Wir sind keine Helden
10.10.2014 Mausoleum Gate same
10.10.2014 Convent Guilt Guns For Hire
07.10.2014 Colusus Blestem
07.10.2014 Colosus Blestem
Dark Ambient Black Metal
07.10.2014 Vihaan Invicta
Progressive Metal
07.10.2014 Nameless One Thousand Memories And Nameless Sword
Melodic Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Metal
06.10.2014 Lavatory Morbid Terror
Death Metal
06.10.2014 Sanctuary The Year The Sun Died
06.10.2014 Exoto Beyond The Depths Of Hate
06.10.2014 Orange Goblin Back From The Abyss
06.10.2014 Krieg Transient
06.10.2014 Madmans Esprit Nacht
06.10.2014 North Atlantic Oscillation The Third Day
06.10.2014 From The Vastland Temple Of Daevas
06.10.2014 Winterfylleth The Divination Of Antiquity
Black Metal
06.10.2014 Betoken Beyond Redemption
Power Metal
KW 40 | 2014
05.10.2014 Zaklon Nikoli
Black Metal
04.10.2014 1349 Massive Cauldron Of Chaos
04.10.2014 Northern Oak Of Roots And Flesh
04.10.2014 Jackie D Symphonies From The City
Sleazy Punk Rock
03.10.2014 Vomitile Mastering The Art Of Killing
03.10.2014 Alunah Awakening The Forest
03.10.2014 Alexanred Always Active
03.10.2014 Maxxwell Tabula Rasa
Hard Rock / Metal
03.10.2014 Sticky Boys Make Art
03.10.2014 The Milestones Higher Mountain - Closer Sun
03.10.2014 Determination Vision
Death Metal
03.10.2014 Andreas Gross Goodbye Mainstream
Gothic / Dark-Wave
03.10.2014 Nicke Borg Homeland Ruins Of A Riot
03.10.2014 Witch Mountain Mobile Of Angels
03.10.2014 V.A. We Are Louder Than You 2.0
03.10.2014 Sumia Untl We Shine Again
03.10.2014 Wömit Angel Holy Goatse
03.10.2014 Keep It For Tomorrow New Spirit
02.10.2014 Maggie's Madness Waking Up The Dead
Hard Rock
02.10.2014 The Temperance Movement The Temperance Movement
01.10.2014 Aghast! All The Rage
01.10.2014 Sxuperion Through Cosmic Corridors
01.10.2014 As Light Dies The Love Album - Volume I
01.10.2014 A Gorgeous Machine Future City Girl
Female Fronted Metal, Goth Rock, Alternative Metal
01.10.2014 The Stone Nekroza
Black Metal
01.10.2014 Mangel same
Black Metal
30.09.2014 Destroying Divinity Hollow Dominion
30.09.2014 How To Disappear Completely Daughters Of Eve
30.09.2014 Overcharge Accelerate
Punk Rockin’ Speed Metal
30.09.2014 Sempiternal Dusk same
30.09.2014 Temple Of Void Of Terror And The Supernatural
Death/ Doom Metal
30.09.2014 Woodtemple Forgotten Pride
29.09.2014 Electric Wizard Time To Die
29.09.2014 Finch Back To Oblivion
29.09.2014 Ancestral Legacy Terminal
29.09.2014 White Empress Rise Of The Empress
29.09.2014 Execration Morbid Dimensions
29.09.2014 Necroholocaust Holocaustic Goat Metal
29.09.2014 Circle Of Indifference Shadows Of Light
Melodic Death Metal
KW 39 | 2014
27.09.2014 Scargod Sacrilegious Symphonies
Black Metal
27.09.2014 Down The Sunset Dreamer/ Believer EP
Post-Hardcore, Metalcore
26.09.2014 Weedeater Sixteen Tons
26.09.2014 Insane Therapy The Decline Of The Human Race
26.09.2014 Mr. Big ...The Stories We Could Tell
26.09.2014 ASP Per Aspera Ad Aspera
26.09.2014 Nightbringer Ego Dominus Tuus
26.09.2014 Audiowolf Lighting The Fuse
26.09.2014 Estado Novo same
Classic Rock
26.09.2014 Thornafire Magnaa
Death Metal
26.09.2014 Infected Emergency Gate
26.09.2014 Emergency Gate Infected

…und wenn Behörden nicht mitspielen wollen...

Gelungene Premiere der Stadt aus Eisen

Piggy wird nicht vergessen werden, loyal, wie die Fans nun einmal sind

Einmal mehr exklusive Clubshow im Turock

"Es geht um die Kunst und ums Gesamtkonzept"

Hail fucking Satan!

Gelungener Auftakt zum großen Festivalbruder