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KW 44 | 2014
01.11.2014 My Dying World Mako My Dying World...And LIfe
Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal
01.11.2014 Dawn Of Eternity Guilty
Melodic Death Metal / Gothic
31.10.2014 Ascension Deathless Light
Black Metal
31.10.2014 Caronte Church Of Shamanic Goetia
31.10.2014 Withania Blütenstaub und Weidenharz
Dark Metal
31.10.2014 Lord Of Pagathon Nekros Philia
31.10.2014 Flayed Symphony For The Flayed
31.10.2014 Pestilential Shadows Ephemeral
31.10.2014 Skywalker Liberty Island
31.10.2014 Apostle Of Attitude Of Woe And Wounds
31.10.2014 Trapt Reborn EP
Metal/ Hard Rock
31.10.2014 Divine Zero The Cold Asylum
Melodic Death Metal
31.10.2014 STUD Rust On The Rose
Hard Rock / Heavy Rock
31.10.2014 Symbolic Omnidescent
Death Metal
31.10.2014 Kissin' Black Heart Over Head
31.10.2014 Epitaph Crawling Out Of The Crypt
31.10.2014 Mortal Factor No Lessons Need Learning
Thrash/ Death Metal
31.10.2014 The Mahones The Hunger & The Fight
Folk Punk
31.10.2014 The Smith Street Band Throw Me In The River
31.10.2014 Cavalera Conspiracy Pandemonium
31.10.2014 Slears Far Away From Getting Somewhere
Hard Rock
31.10.2014 Mysticum Planet Satan
31.10.2014 Usurpress Ordained
31.10.2014 Epitome The Origin Error
Power Metal
31.10.2014 Solefald Norrønasongen. Kosmopolis Nord
31.10.2014 Emeth Aethyr
Death Metal
31.10.2014 Engraved Disillusion The Eternal Rest
31.10.2014 Team Sucker Punch One 2 Fuck You EP
31.10.2014 The Pleasures Foursome Reason
31.10.2014 Nesseria Fractures
31.10.2014 Lordi Scare Force One
31.10.2014 Perdition Winds Aura Of Suffering
31.10.2014 Lagwagon Hang
31.10.2014 Thy Darkened Shade Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet
Black Metal
31.10.2014 Doombringer The Grand Sabbath
31.10.2014 Moral Factor No Lessons Need Learning
Thrash/Death Metal
31.10.2014 Fides Inversa Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans
Black Metal
30.10.2014 Involution Evolution Of Thoughts
Power Melodic Metal
28.10.2014 PHI Now The Waves Of Sound Remain
Post Progressive Rock
28.10.2014 Sister Sin Black Lotus
28.10.2014 Nero Di Marte Derivae
27.10.2014 Transatlantic KaLIVEoscope
27.10.2014 Black Veil Prides same
27.10.2014 Latitude Egress To Take Up The Cross
27.10.2014 Riot V Unleash The Fire
27.10.2014 Devin Townsend Project
27.10.2014 Haken Restoration
27.10.2014 Ancient Dome Cosmic Gateway To Infinity
Thrash Metal
27.10.2014 Mindwars The Enemy Within
27.10.2014 Oraculum Sorcery Of The Damned
27.10.2014 Tantal Expectancy
27.10.2014 Kattah Lapis Lazuli
27.10.2014 Warmblood God Of Zombies
27.10.2014 Blindeath Into The Slaughter
KW 43 | 2014
26.10.2014 Bloodshot Dawn Demons
25.10.2014 The Flesh Trading Company Zombificated
25.10.2014 Black Map I'm Just The Driver
24.10.2014 Obituary Inked In Blood
Death Metal
24.10.2014 Atriarch An Unending Pathway
24.10.2014 Abysmal Dawn Obsolescence
24.10.2014 Dawnbringer Night Of The Hammer
24.10.2014 Escapetor Fear
Thrash Metal
24.10.2014 Mind Maze Back From The Edge
Power Metal
24.10.2014 Me To My Wall Sphair
24.10.2014 Spencer Echoes Of Loneliness
24.10.2014 Crobot Something Supernatural
24.10.2014 Obsidian Kingdom Mantiis
24.10.2014 Kontrast Balance
24.10.2014 Deserted Fear Kingdom Of Worms
24.10.2014 Create.Use.Shatter Maladies
24.10.2014 Lonewolf Cult Of Steel
Heavy Metal
24.10.2014 Vanish Come To Wither
Power/ Prog Metal
24.10.2014 Voices Of Destiny Crisis Cult
Gothic Metal
24.10.2014 Megaherz Zombieland
24.10.2014 Liv Kristine Vervain
24.10.2014 While Heaven Wept Suspended At Aphelion
24.10.2014 At The Gates At War With Reality
24.10.2014 2 Wolves Shelter
24.10.2014 Sonata Arctica Ecliptica – Revisited, 15th Anniversary Edition
24.10.2014 Nunslaughter/ Perversor Split 7"
24.10.2014 Nunslaughter/ Witchtrap Split 7"
24.10.2014 Korzus Legion
Thrash Metal
24.10.2014 Hide The Knives Silence The Youth
24.10.2014 Beyond Creation Earthborn Evolution
Technical Death Metal
21.10.2014 Inferion This Will Decay
21.10.2014 Bush Man On The Run
20.10.2014 Sedna same
Post-black metal/Sludge/Doom
20.10.2014 Dirty Smiles Pressures
20.10.2014 Summer Of Hoaxes Little Town, Great Stories
20.10.2014 Sivyj Jar From the dead villages darkness
Black Metal / Pagan Epic Black Metal
20.10.2014 Hellish Outcast Stay Of Execution
20.10.2014 Mass Hypnosis Sanctimonious
Industrial/Groove Metal
20.10.2014 Nitrogods Rats And Rumours
20.10.2014 Khaøs Risen
20.10.2014 And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead IX
KW 42 | 2014
18.10.2014 Reaper's Revenge Wall Of Fear And Darkness
Heavy Power Metal
17.10.2014 Autumnal The End Of The Third Day
Melancholic Doom/Dark Metal
17.10.2014 SoulHealer Bear The Cross
Melodic Heavy Metal
17.10.2014 Despairation New World Obscurity
17.10.2014 Subservience Upheaval

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