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KW 47 | 2016
25.11.2016 Einherjer Dragons of the North
25.11.2016 Cynabare Urne Fire the Torches
Death Metal
25.11.2016 Algol Mindframes
25.11.2016 Battery Martial Law
25.11.2016 Delirium X Tremens TROI
25.11.2016 The Mansters The Mansters
25.11.2016 Guttermouth New Car Smell
25.11.2016 Woes Woes
25.11.2016 Mono Inc. feat. Tilo Wolff, Joachim Witt & Chris Harms Children Of The Dark
25.11.2016 Root Kärgeräs - Return From Oblivion
Epic Heavy / Dark / Black Metal
25.11.2016 Defiant Time Isn't Healing
22.11.2016 Fraser Edwards I am God
Power Metal
21.11.2016 Clockwork Boys Cantigas de Escárnio E Mal Dizer
Punk Rock
21.11.2016 Mark Zero Ballistica
21.11.2016 Cyanna Mercury Archetypes
21.11.2016 Diapsiquir 180º
Experimental Industrial Rock
KW 46 | 2016
20.11.2016 Karma Rassa Talks To Innerself
Atmospheric/Progressive Metal/Rock
19.11.2016 Boreworm Entomophobia
19.11.2016 Fabulous Desaster Hang 'Em High
18.11.2016 Teethgrinder Nihilism
18.11.2016 Heikki Sarmanto Serious Music Ensemble The Helsinki Tapes Vol 3
18.11.2016 Heikki Sarmanto Serious Music Ensemble The Helsinki Tapes Vol 2
18.11.2016 Initiated World On Fire
18.11.2016 Distant Sun Into the Nebula
Thrash Metal
18.11.2016 Lightning Strikes Lightning Strikes
18.11.2016 Eternal Deformity No Way Out
18.11.2016 Ctulu Ctulu
18.11.2016 Soulburn Earthless Pagan Spirit
18.11.2016 Hobbs' Angel Of Death Heaven Bled
18.11.2016 Gravehill/ Mordbrand Skullbearer / In Nighted Waters - split LP
18.11.2016 Evil Madness/ Infant Death split LP
18.11.2016 Panphage Drengskapr
18.11.2016 Ion Dissonance Cast The First Stone
18.11.2016 Lamb Of God The Duke
18.11.2016 Devilment II - The Mephisto Waltzes
18.11.2016 Eye Vision And Ageless Light
18.11.2016 Nihilism Beyond Redemption
18.11.2016 Angel Crew XIV
18.11.2016 Face Your Maker Ego : Death
18.11.2016 Dark Sarah The Puzzle
18.11.2016 Enbound The Blackened Heart
18.11.2016 Microclocks Soon Before Sundown
18.11.2016 Hail Spirit Noir Mayhem In Blue
18.11.2016 Devast Apocalyptic Human Extinction
18.11.2016 Enter Shikari Live At Alexandra Palace
18.11.2016 Sokea Piste Valmiiseen maailmaan
18.11.2016 Drescher Erntezeit
18.11.2016 Sakset Lahja
18.11.2016 Drescher Steinfeld
18.11.2016 Anders Enda Barnet I Was Quiet
18.11.2016 Perikato Kuka hyötyy
18.11.2016 Cross Vault Miles to Take
18.11.2016 Siaskel Haruwen Airen
18.11.2016 Meloco Port Noir
15.11.2016 Recitations The First of the Listeners
15.11.2016 FlaktiiN Souls For The Legions
15.11.2016 Dead Conspiracy Dead Conspiracy
14.11.2016 Karg Weltenasche
KW 45 | 2016
12.11.2016 Gefrierbrand Weltenbrand
Dark Metal
12.11.2016 Vicolo Inferno Stray Ideals
11.11.2016 Era Decay Inritum
11.11.2016 Ysengrin/ Sartegos Resvrrezionespiritval
11.11.2016 Spiritus Mortis The Year Is One
11.11.2016 Kevin Lawry The Shadows Stole The Dawn
11.11.2016 The Outlaws Legacy Live
11.11.2016 Arkona Vozrozhdenie
11.11.2016 Wolf People Ruins
11.11.2016 Walking Dead On Broadway Slaves
11.11.2016 Raspail Dirge
11.11.2016 In Flames Battles
Melodic Death Metal
11.11.2016 Traumer Avalon
11.11.2016 Down Dirty Dogs A Tribute to Vintage
11.11.2016 Slegest Vidsyn
11.11.2016 Witchtrap Trap the Witch
11.11.2016 Chhinnamasta Vajra-Sarpa
11.11.2016 Voodoo Terror Tribe The Sun Shining Cold
Metal / Alternative / Industrial
11.11.2016 Domkraft The End of Electricity
11.11.2016 V.A. BROWN ACID The Third Trip
11.11.2016 V.A. The Bristol Heavy Rock Explosion
11.11.2016 Lint Then They Came For Us
11.11.2016 Ruinous Graves of Ceasless Death
11.11.2016 Sirenia Dim Days of Dolor
11.11.2016 Trees Of Eternity Hour of the Nightingale
10.11.2016 Xoth Invasion of the Tentacube
10.11.2016 Alfredo Gargaro Various
10.11.2016 In My Embrace Black Waters Deep
Melodic Black/Death Metal
10.11.2016 Bad Bones Demolition Derby
10.11.2016 Tytus Rises
Heavy metal
10.11.2016 Precipitation The Power Of
Post-Prog/Melodic Death Metal
10.11.2016 Lunokhod Watch Out...Season Of Discontent
Alternative-Hard Core-Metal
09.11.2016 Degraey Chrysalis
07.11.2016 Old Chapel Visions from Beyond
07.11.2016 Acid Muffin Bloop
Alternative Rock
07.11.2016 Bullet For My Valentin Don´t Need You
KW 44 | 2016
04.11.2016 Reveal Flystrips
04.11.2016 Unlight Antihelion
04.11.2016 Burial In The Sky Persistence Of Thought
Atmospheric Tech-Death/Prog. Death
04.11.2016 Dark Tranquillity Atoma
04.11.2016 TAD Salt Lick (Deluxe Edition)
04.11.2016 Sick Of It All When The Smoke Clears

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