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KW 04 | 2017
27.01.2017 Acranius Reign of Terror
Death Metal
27.01.2017 Deserted Fear Dead Shores Rising
27.01.2017 Kreator Gods Of Violence
27.01.2017 Evereal Evereal
Hard Rock
27.01.2017 Agnostic Front Warriors + My Life - My Way
27.01.2017 Gotthard Need To Believe + Firebirth
27.01.2017 Gotthard Lip Service + Domino Effect
27.01.2017 The Great Old Ones EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy
Lovecraftian Black Metal
27.01.2017 John Garcia The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues
27.01.2017 Xandria Theater Of Dimensions
27.01.2017 Au Champ Du Morts Dans La Joie
27.01.2017 Glare Of The Sun -Soil-
27.01.2017 Kjeld/ Wederganger Split LP
27.01.2017 Ghost Season Like Stars in a Neon Sky
Alternative Metal
27.01.2017 Krokus Big Rocks
27.01.2017 Wars We Are Islands, After All
27.01.2017 Greywind Afterthoughts
27.01.2017 Malum/ Insane Vesper Luciferian Dimensions
27.01.2017 Janiz Scars and A Lion
Alternative Rock
27.01.2017 Pintandwefall Red and Blue Baby
27.01.2017 Disco Ensemble Afterlife
27.01.2017 N-A-I-V-E-S N-A-I-V-E-S
27.01.2017 Árstíðir Lífsins Heljarkviða
27.01.2017 Diablerie The Catalyst vol. 1: Control
27.01.2017 Laser Dracul Laser Dracul
27.01.2017 Belial Nihil Est
27.01.2017 Tenebrae in Perpetuum La Genesi: 2001-2002
27.01.2017 Amaral Nocturnal
27.01.2017 Hybrid Sheep Hail To The Beast
27.01.2017 Kärbholz Überdosis Leben
27.01.2017 Dark Lambency Spectra
27.01.2017 Psychedelic Witchcraft Magick Rites and Spells
27.01.2017 Magnet Feel Your Fire
27.01.2017 Boris The Blade Warpath
26.01.2017 Blood Region For All the Fallen Heroes
25.01.2017 Code Lost Signal
25.01.2017 Mucc Myakuhaku
23.01.2017 Infamos Under the Seals of Death
23.01.2017 Ekpyrosis Asphyxiating Devotion
23.01.2017 Infamovs Under the Seals of Death
KW 03 | 2017
21.01.2017 Brain Washing Machine Connections
21.01.2017 Morbid Messiah In the Name of True
Death Metal
20.01.2017 Firewind Immortals
20.01.2017 Lo Fat Orchestra Neon Lights
20.01.2017 Wound Engrained
blackened Death Metal
20.01.2017 Rude Remnants...
Death Metal
20.01.2017 Emptiness Not For Music
20.01.2017 Vipassi Sunyata
20.01.2017 Marathonmann/ Radfio Havanna Pro Asyl Benefit Split
20.01.2017 Aversions Crown Xenocide
20.01.2017 Memoriam The Hellfire Demos II
Death Metal
20.01.2017 Private Pact Perfect People
20.01.2017 AFI The Blood Album
20.01.2017 Infernal Angels Ars Goetia
Black Death Metal
20.01.2017 Those Who Bring The Torture Necromancer
Death Metal
20.01.2017 Depeseblo Nightmare Desolation
Death Metal
20.01.2017 Ashenspire Speak Not Of The Laudanum Quandary
20.01.2017 Pray U Prey Figure The 8
Death Metal / Grind / Crust
20.01.2017 Samskaras Asunder
20.01.2017 Thron Thron
20.01.2017 As Lions Selfish Age
20.01.2017 Atila Body
20.01.2017 Starset Vessels
20.01.2017 Óreiða Demo 1
20.01.2017 Ónefnt Demo
20.01.2017 Grimmd Demo I - II
19.01.2017 Frozen Sand Fractals: A Shadow out of Lights
Progressive Metal
17.01.2017 Burn Damage Age Of Vultures
17.01.2017 Evilgroove Cosmosis
Stoner rock/Grunge
16.01.2017 Brutal Unrest Trinitas
KW 02 | 2017
15.01.2017 Black Alley Lobotomy Crack In Lapa, Demo 2016
14.01.2017 Mutilator Immortal Force
13.01.2017 Beyond The Black Lost In Forever Tour Edition
13.01.2017 Lo-Pan In Tensions
13.01.2017 Betontod Revolution
13.01.2017 Accept Restless & Live
Heavy Metal
13.01.2017 Lancer Mastery
Heavy Metal
13.01.2017 Condenados The Tree of Death
13.01.2017 Sepultura Machine Messiah
Thrash Metal
13.01.2017 Draugsól Volaða Land
13.01.2017 Grave Digger Healed By Metal
13.01.2017 Miozän Surrender Denied
13.01.2017 Fides Inversa Rite Of Inverse Incarnation
13.01.2017 Back From Hell Eyes Wide Shot
13.01.2017 Sanctum Lupus In Fabula
13.01.2017 Warpath Bullets For A Desert Session
13.01.2017 Victorius Heart Of The Phoenix
Power Metal
13.01.2017 Saviour Let Me Leave
13.01.2017 Akoma Revangels
Symphonic Metal
13.01.2017 Mystic Prophecy Vengeance (Re-Release)
13.01.2017 Four Star Revival The Underdog
Hard Rock/Metal
13.01.2017 Lord Vigo Blackborne Souls
13.01.2017 Mono Inc. Together Till The End
13.01.2017 Herem III
13.01.2017 Wedingoth Alone in the Crowd
13.01.2017 Far'n'Hate Eternal
13.01.2017 Damage Limit Crank
13.01.2017 Lost Opera Hidden Sides
13.01.2017 Wolfchant Bloodwinter
13.01.2017 Thyrane Black Harmony

Vigilance, Erazor & Spiker im Konzert (Essen, Oktober 2017)

„Bisschen Bier, bisschen Headbangen, bisschen Metal“

Insgesamt gelungener Tourauftakt im verregneten Hamburg