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KW 51 | 2014
19.12.2014 Infant Death Total Hell
19.12.2014 Crossnail Sands Of Time
19.12.2014 Aphonic Threnody When Death Comes
19.12.2014 Hooded Menace Gloom Immemorial
18.12.2014 Zaria Po poti življenja
Epic Folk Metal
16.12.2014 Outrun The Sunlight Terrapin
Progressive Metal
16.12.2014 The Lumberjack Feedback Noise In The Church
15.12.2014 Self-Inflicted Violence The Sanctimonious Hypocrites Of Reality
15.12.2014 Athanathos Unholy Union 7"
Death Thrash
15.12.2014 Morbosidad Tortura
15.12.2014 Arthedain Arias Exalted
15.12.2014 Ari Mason Wanted: Songs of Desire
15.12.2014 In Mitra Medusa Inri Shout
15.12.2014 Dark Diamonds Wake Up
15.12.2014 Zero Down No Limit To The Evil
15.12.2014 III Omen Remnant Spheres Of Spiritual Equilibrium
KW 50 | 2014
12.12.2014 Milliarden Kokain und Himbeereis
12.12.2014 Astrakhan A Tapestry Of Scabs And Skin
12.12.2014 Bleeding Eyes Gammy
Doom/Sludge Metal, Metalcore
12.12.2014 Dannie Damien The Boxer And The Boozer
12.12.2014 The Texas Flood Young Dogs Old Tricks
12.12.2014 Bionic Angel Masquerade
12.12.2014 Voodoma Secret Circle
Rock, Gothic, Dark-Rock, Metal
12.12.2014 Antivote Visions Of Crime And Pain
Dark Wave
12.12.2014 Shed The Skin Rebirth Through Brimstone 7"
12.12.2014 Apocryphal Voice Pain & Pleasure
12.12.2014 Blindfisted same
12.12.2014 Dune Pilot Wetlands
Stoner Rock
12.12.2014 Strangelet First Bite
11.12.2014 D.A.M. The Awakening
Melodic Death Metal
11.12.2014 Calf Bastards Anatomy Use A Unicorn Go To Apathy
10.12.2014 Dir En Grey Arche
09.12.2014 Volahn Aq'ab'al
09.12.2014 Decimation Reign Of Ungodly Creation
09.12.2014 Nervochaos The Art Of Vengeance
09.12.2014 NOFX Backstage Passport Soundtrack
08.12.2014 Mesmur same
Funeral Doom
08.12.2014 Sofisticator Death By Zapping
08.12.2014 Thy Fallen Kingdom Fear The Hunter
Thrash Metal
08.12.2014 Witherscape The New Tomorrow EP
08.12.2014 Enabler La Fin Absolue Du Monde
08.12.2014 StarGazer A Merging to the Boundless
08.12.2014 Spire Metamorph
08.12.2014 Cult Of Fire Ctvrtá Symfonie Ohne 7" EP
08.12.2014 Death Wolf III Östergötland
KW 49 | 2014
07.12.2014 Ara Devourer Of Worlds
Tech Death
06.12.2014 Mother's Finest Shut Up
06.12.2014 Stereo Dynamite Lifeless Stories
06.12.2014 Thaw Earth Ground
Black Metal
06.12.2014 Realmbuilder Blue Flame Cavalry
Epic Heavy / Doom Metal
05.12.2014 Bones Awaiting Rebirth 10" EP
05.12.2014 Autere Amal'l
05.12.2014 Tausend Löwen unter Feinden Licht
05.12.2014 Cruachan Blood For The Blood God
05.12.2014 Dreadful Minds Love | Hate | Lies
05.12.2014 Messiah's Kiss Get Your Bulls Out
05.12.2014 Sarpedon Anomic Nation
05.12.2014 Cruizzen Ride Free
Hard Rock
05.12.2014 Myra Valley
05.12.2014 Michael Jessen Memories
05.12.2014 Cretin Stranger
05.12.2014 Kevel Hz of the Unheard
Progressive / Sludge / Post Metal
05.12.2014 Dead Alone Nemesis
05.12.2014 Even That Is Murder Time Will Tell
Post Hardcore
05.12.2014 NitroDive Re-Evolution
Alternative Rock/ Hard Rock
05.12.2014 Revel In Flesh Death Kult Legions
05.12.2014 Coronatus Cantus Lucidus
05.12.2014 Harem Scarem Thirteen
05.12.2014 Bailey Long Way Down
05.12.2014 Yes Like It Is - Yes At The Bristol Hippodrome
05.12.2014 Foreigner The Best Of 4 And More
05.12.2014 Sighl Trauermärsche
Sludge/Doom/Drone/Black Metal
05.12.2014 Kouzin Bedlam Longing For The Incomplete
02.12.2014 Eye Of Solitude Dear Insanity
01.12.2014 Swallow Your Pride Samsara
01.12.2014 Scapes One Unseen One
01.12.2014 Bösedeath Impaled From The Left
Brutal / Slam Death Metal
01.12.2014 Bhleg Draumr Ast
01.12.2014 Starbynary Dark Passenger
01.12.2014 Resumed Alinations
01.12.2014 Nightglow Orpheus
01.12.2014 Bellanox Mystery Interstellar Basics
01.12.2014 All Seeing Eyes Trinity Road
Progressive/Heavy/Power Metal
01.12.2014 Nilexistence Existence In Revelation
Death Metal/ Extreme Metal
01.12.2014 Battleaxe Power From The Universe
01.12.2014 Sodom Sacred Warpath
01.12.2014 Fryology Theatre Sounds Of Fryland
01.12.2014 Vyrju Black EP
01.12.2014 Hybrid Sheep Free From The Clutches Of Gods
01.12.2014 Systr Megamachines EP
01.12.2014 Hateful Abandon Liars/ Bastards
01.12.2014 Cvinger The Enthronement Ov Diabolical
Black Metal
01.12.2014 Henosis Apotheosis Pulsio CLVI double-7" EP
KW 48 | 2014
30.11.2014 Sinister The Unborn Dead (7'EP, Vinyl 2014)
Death Metal Old School
29.11.2014 Under The Pledge Of Secrecy Black Hole Mass Evolution
Experimental / Metal / Grind
28.11.2014 Samsara Circle Sanctum
28.11.2014 Skelethal Interstellar Knowledge Of The Purple Entity 12"
Death Metal
28.11.2014 Cadaveric Fumes/ Demonic Oath Entwined In Sepulchral Darkness Split MLP
28.11.2014 Morthra Desecrated Toughts
28.11.2014 Maverick Quid Pro Quo

Bundeswehr-Musikkorps und U.D.O. für den guten Zweck

Delirious und Terrorblade im Rausch der Kanalfahrt

Darkness Drummer Lacky beim Selbstversuch mit dabei