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KW 04 | 2015
23.01.2015 By The Patient Gehenna
Blackened Thrash Metal
23.01.2015 Funeral For A Friend Chapter And Verse
23.01.2015 Trial Vessel
23.01.2015 Mallory Knox Asymmetry
23.01.2015 Eisbrecher Schock
23.01.2015 Rivershores Fuck it, Dude! Let's get wasted!
23.01.2015 One I Cinema 23
23.01.2015 Venom From The Very Depths
23.01.2015 Fashion Week Prêt-à-Porter
23.01.2015 Grimoire L'aorasie des spectres rêveurs
Black Metal
23.01.2015 Supralunar A New Hope
23.01.2015 Stargazery Stars Aligned
Melodic Heavy Metal
23.01.2015 Vivus Humare Einkehr
23.01.2015 Survival Shayda
23.01.2015 La Confianza Trotzdem!
22.01.2015 Avoral War is Not Over
Epic Metal
22.01.2015 Desecrator Red Steel Nation (Single)
Thrash Metal
22.01.2015 Winds Of Genocide Usurping The Throne Of Disease
22.01.2015 Infernal Tenebra As Nations Fall
22.01.2015 Dethrone Incinerate All
21.01.2015 Sektarism Darvula: Split LP
21.01.2015 Diapsiquir LSD
Industrial Metal
21.01.2015 Sadman Institute Revival
Progressive Metal
21.01.2015 Boysetsfire/ KMPFSPRT Split
20.01.2015 Vardan Verses From Ancient Times
20.01.2015 Satan's Host Pre-dating god Parts 1 & 2
20.01.2015 Mellowtoy Lies
20.01.2015 Evil Scarecrow Robototron & the mystery of the missing track!
19.01.2015 Gurd Fake
19.01.2015 Crowned In Earth Metempsychosis
Progressive Rock
19.01.2015 Marduk Frontschwein
19.01.2015 Biotoxic Warfare Lobotomized
19.01.2015 Simus Vox Vult
19.01.2015 Otherwise Peace At All Costs
19.01.2015 Dragonhammer The Blood Of The Dragon (MMXV edition)
Progressive Power Metal
19.01.2015 Dragonhammer Time For Expiation (MMXV edition)
Progressive Power Metal
19.01.2015 Night Demon Curse Of The Damned
KW 03 | 2015
18.01.2015 The Slayerking Sanatana Dharma
16.01.2015 Project 86 Knives To The Future
Modern Rock/ Metal
16.01.2015 Garotting Deep/ Far Void Asceticism - split LP
16.01.2015 Angelus Apatrida Hidden Evolution
Thrash Metal
16.01.2015 Chapel Of Disease The Mysterious Ways Of Pepetitive Art
Death Metal
16.01.2015 Slug Lord Transmutation
16.01.2015 The Sitting Bull And The Bullshitters Still Undead
16.01.2015 Angra Secret Garden
16.01.2015 Obscure Infinity Perpetual Descending Into Nothingness
Death Metal
16.01.2015 Chapel Of Disease The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art
Death Metal
16.01.2015 Biomekkanik Violently Beautiful
16.01.2015 Unterschicht Monster Akt 2: Wir sind was wir sind
16.01.2015 V.A. Criticall mass Vol. 2
16.01.2015 La Confianza Trotzdem
16.01.2015 Sylosis Dormant Heart
16.01.2015 Serious Black
16.01.2015 Skinflint Nyemba
Heavy Metal
15.01.2015 Gnosis The THird-Eye Gate
15.01.2015 Forever Still Tied Down
15.01.2015 Infra Initiation on the Ordeals of Lower Vibrations 7" EP
15.01.2015 Axel Rudi Pell Game Of Sins
14.01.2015 Suppressive Fire Bedlam
Death Thrash
13.01.2015 Thulnar Nightfall in Theros
Fantasy/Viking Metal
13.01.2015 Manilla Road Out Of The Abyss
13.01.2015 Desolate Shrine The Heart Of The Netherworld
13.01.2015 Ghoulgotha The Deathmass Cloak
12.01.2015 6:33 Deadly Scenes
12.01.2015 Infernal Manes same
12.01.2015 Ingested The Architect Of Extinction
12.01.2015 The Crown Death Is Not Dead
12.01.2015 Shredhead Death Is Righteous
12.01.2015 V.A. It's A Bomber
12.01.2015 When Reasons Collapse Dark Passengers
KW 02 | 2015
11.01.2015 Feign Lost To Eternity
Black Metal
09.01.2015 Kora Winter Blüht
09.01.2015 Hillbilly Revenge/ Human Slaughter Hillbilly Slaughter
09.01.2015 Hayseed Dixie Hair Down To My Grass
09.01.2015 Inlegend Stones At Goliath
09.01.2015 No Zodiac Eternal Misery
09.01.2015 Saboter same
Heavy Metal
09.01.2015 Baby Lou Perk
08.01.2015 Ur Draugr The Wretched Ascetic
08.01.2015 Exmortus Ride Forth
08.01.2015 Spiral 69 Second Chance
08.01.2015 The Evenfall The Waiting Room
Prog Rock/ Metal
08.01.2015 Ur Daugr The Wretched Ascetic
06.01.2015 Warhead Widowmaker [Single]
Thrash Metal
05.01.2015 Demolition Train Unleash The Hordes
05.01.2015 Eltharia Innocent
KW 01 | 2015
01.01.2015 Sata Kaskelottia same
01.01.2015 Znafelriff Ruin EP
Black Metal
01.01.2015 Defaced Forging The Sanctuary
Death Metal
31.12.2014 Witchrist Vritra
29.12.2014 Entheogen Moons Of Jupiter
Post Metal
KW 52 | 2014
24.12.2014 Dysangelium Thánatos Áskesis
24.12.2014 Ascension The Dead Of The World
24.12.2014 Cyhyraeth Servants To The Fire
22.12.2014 Eskapi Välkommen till (O)verkligheten
22.12.2014 Hellbastard/ Perpetratör Split 7"
22.12.2014 Krigblast Power Till Demise
Punk / Crust Punk / Black Metal
22.12.2014 Agathocles/ Satanic Malfunctions Split
Grind / HC Punk / Thrash
22.12.2014 Vircolac Codex Perfida
KW 51 | 2014
21.12.2014 Sordide La France a peur
Black Metal

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