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KW 09 | 2015
28.02.2015 Shoot Down Rolling Down
Hard Rock
28.02.2015 Tygers Of Pan Tang Tygers Sessions - The First Wave
28.02.2015 Embrional The Devil Inside
Death Metal
27.02.2015 Melechesh Enki
27.02.2015 Godless Angel Harvester Of Shadows
Death Thrash
27.02.2015 The Midnight Ghost Train Cold Was The Ground
27.02.2015 Evil Invaders Pulses Of Pleasure
27.02.2015 Trident Shadows
27.02.2015 The Jury And The Saints same
27.02.2015 The Storyteller Sacred Fire
Heavy Metal
27.02.2015 All That Remains The Order Of Things
27.02.2015 Colossus Breathing World
27.02.2015 Enforcer From Beyond
27.02.2015 Spellbound Nothing But The Truth
27.02.2015 Betontod Traum von Freiheit
27.02.2015 Damnation Defaced The Infernal Tremor
27.02.2015 Waltari You Are Waltari
Radiodisco/ Progessive Metal
27.02.2015 Wolfpakk Rise Of The Animal
27.02.2015 Twist Of Fate Of love and Lunacy
27.02.2015 Dysrider Bury The Omen
27.02.2015 Smash Into Pieces The Apocalypse DJ
27.02.2015 Ithaqua Initiation To Obscure Mysteries TAPE
27.02.2015 Isabrut same Tape
27.02.2015 Kalapi Schachmatt
27.02.2015 Reign Of Fury Death Be Thy Shepherd
27.02.2015 Ruby The Hatchet Valley Of The Snake
27.02.2015 Decline Of The I Rebellion
Post Black Metal
27.02.2015 Code mut
Progressive Post Rock
27.02.2015 Ultra-Violence Deflect The Flow
Thrash Metal
27.02.2015 Acherontas Ma IoN (Formulas Of Reptilian Unification)
Black Metal
27.02.2015 In Other Climes Leftover
27.02.2015 Devathorn Vritra
27.02.2015 Swarþ Veneficivm 7" EP
27.02.2015 Pandorium The Human Art of Depression
Techn.-/Prog. Thrash Metal
27.02.2015 Monsterworks The Existential Codex
27.02.2015 Manifest And For This We Should Be Damned?
27.02.2015 Monox Perception Changes
Modern Death Metal
27.02.2015 Tähtiportti same
27.02.2015 Ski-King Sketchbook III: New Horizons
27.02.2015 Eero Koivistoinen Quartet Hati Hati
27.02.2015 Trauma Rapture And Wrath
US Metal
27.02.2015 Mindead Controlling The Tides
Modern Metal
27.02.2015 The Resistance Torture Tactics
27.02.2015 Nocturnal Arrival Of The Carnivore
Thrash Metal
27.02.2015 Hateful Agony Forward Into Doom
26.02.2015 Axe Crazy Angry Machines
Heavy Metal
25.02.2015 Gravewurm Doomed to Eternity
25.02.2015 Confess Exit Light
Hard Rock
24.02.2015 Johnny B. Morbid Fall of the Cicada
24.02.2015 DSG (David Shankle Group) Still A Warrior
24.02.2015 Atomic Aggressor Sights Of Suffering
24.02.2015 Hacavitz Darkness Beyond
24.02.2015 Goat Semen Ego Svm Satana
24.02.2015 Below The Sun Envoy
24.02.2015 Ashes In Vein same
24.02.2015 Krysantemia Finis Dierum
Thrash Metal
24.02.2015 Bedemon Child of Darkness
23.02.2015 Riti Occulti same
Doom Metal / Blackened Stoner
23.02.2015 Izah Sistere
23.02.2015 The Agonist Eye Of Providence
23.02.2015 Bio-Cancer Tormenting The Innocent
Thrash Metal
23.02.2015 Terror Empire The Empire Strikes Black
Thrash Metal/ Death Metal
23.02.2015 An Autumn For Crippled Children The Long Goodbye
23.02.2015 Vassafor/ Temple Nightside Call of the Maelstrom
23.02.2015 Barishi Endless Howl
23.02.2015 Lonely Robot Please Come Home
23.02.2015 Johansson & Speckmann Mask Of The Treacherous
23.02.2015 Carach Angren This Is No Fairytale
23.02.2015 Dead End Forever Is Not Eternal
vic records
23.02.2015 Benighted Butalive the Sick
23.02.2015 Mangled Through Ancient Times
23.02.2015 Inquisition Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan (2002)
23.02.2015 Ages Miasma (Single)
Black Metal
23.02.2015 The Sanity Days Evil Beyond Belief
23.02.2015 Profane And The Sacred Chapter 1 : A Long Time Coming
23.02.2015 Skogen Vittra
23.02.2015 Tony Mills Over My Dead Body
23.02.2015 Crest Of Darkness Evil Messiah
Black Metal
23.02.2015 Crimson Wind Last Poetry Line
Symphonic Power Metal
KW 08 | 2015
22.02.2015 Surrender The Coast Lost Souls
22.02.2015 Bleeding Gods Shepherd Of Soul
Death Metal
20.02.2015 Aktor Paranoia
20.02.2015 Krakow Amaran
Dark Essence Records
20.02.2015 Shadowquest Armoured IV Pain
20.02.2015 Momentum The Freak Is Alive
Dark Essence Records
20.02.2015 Revolution Saints same
20.02.2015 Issa Crossfire
20.02.2015 Uriah Heep Live at Koko
20.02.2015 Legion Of Andromeda Iron Scorn
20.02.2015 Eclipse Armageddonize
20.02.2015 Dr. Living Dead Crush The Sublime Gods
Thrash Metal
20.02.2015 Red Of Beauty And Rage
20.02.2015 Burweed Hide
20.02.2015 Soundcrawler The Dead-End Host
20.02.2015 Marmozets The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets
20.02.2015 Gian All Life Erased
20.02.2015 Euzen Metamorph
20.02.2015 Vargsheim Träume der Schlaflosen
20.02.2015 Sylvan Home
20.02.2015 Black Star Riders The KIller Instinct

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