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KW 12 | 2015
16.03.2015 Beautality Einfallen: A Tale Ov Torment & Triumph
Atmospheric Black / Post-Metal
16.03.2015 The Slow Death Ark
16.03.2015 Zoner Euharmonic Elevation
16.03.2015 Lago Tyranny
16.03.2015 Dynfari Vegferð Tímans
16.03.2015 Drakkar Run With The Wolf
Epic Power Metal
16.03.2015 Like A Storm Awaken The Fire
KW 11 | 2015
15.03.2015 Katavasia Sacrilegious Testament
Greek Black Metal
14.03.2015 Dead Earth Politics Men Become Gods
14.03.2015 Black Rainbows Hawkdope
13.03.2015 Oceanwake Sunless
13.03.2015 Bulldozing Bastard Under The Ram
13.03.2015 Yorblind Blind...But Alive
Melodic Death Metal
13.03.2015 Negative Self same
13.03.2015 Attack Vertical The Great Waste
13.03.2015 Crimson Swan Unlit
13.03.2015 Ranger Where Evil Dweils
Old School Speed Metal
13.03.2015 Andreas Vockrodt Adventures From Foggyland
13.03.2015 Nocturnus The Science of Horror
13.03.2015 Paperstreet Empire Heat
13.03.2015 Soilwork Live In The Heart Of Helsinki (DVD)
13.03.2015 Macabre Omen Gods of War - At War
13.03.2015 Crom Dubh Heimweh
13.03.2015 Forty Shades Camera Silens
Melodic Death Metal
13.03.2015 Dead Lucky Sons Of Lazarus
13.03.2015 Adamas Heavy Thoughts
Thrash Metal
13.03.2015 No Bros Ready For The Action
Heavy Metal
13.03.2015 No Bros Heavy Metal Party
Hard Rock/ Classic Rock
13.03.2015 Eden's Curse Live With The Curse
13.03.2015 Thormesis Freier Wille - Freier Geist
13.03.2015 My Funeral Violence Academy
Thrash Metal
13.03.2015 Ranger Where Evil Dwells
13.03.2015 Excimer Thrash From Fire
Thrash Metal
13.03.2015 The Lords Now More Than Ever!
13.03.2015 I Miti Eterni Historia Cumae
Power Prog Metal
13.03.2015 Plague Upon The Ocean Havarie
13.03.2015 Traitor Thrash Command
11.03.2015 RA Scandinavia
10.03.2015 Tormention Chaotic Delusions
Death Metal
10.03.2015 Conceived By Hate/ Akheron Coalition of Death
10.03.2015 Conceicved By Hate/ Akheron Coalition of Death
10.03.2015 Norilsk The Idea of North
10.03.2015 Gouge Beyond Death
10.03.2015 The Haunting Presence same
10.03.2015 Devast Into Decimated Reality
Death Metal
10.03.2015 Invincible Force Satan Rebellion Metal
10.03.2015 Eternal Solstice Remnants of Immortality
09.03.2015 Opium Lord Eye Of Earth
09.03.2015 Mabel Greer's Toyshop New Way Of Life
09.03.2015 Dehuman Graveyard of Eden
09.03.2015 Darwin & The Dinosaur A Thousand Ships
09.03.2015 Blisterhead Tumbling Down
Punk / Rock / Pop
09.03.2015 Porta Nigra Kaiserschnitt
09.03.2015 Karyn Crisis' Gospel Of The Witches Salem's Wounds
KW 10 | 2015
08.03.2015 Europe War of Kings
06.03.2015 Garden Of Worm Idle Storms
06.03.2015 Not Scientists Destroy To Rebuild
06.03.2015 Santa Cruz Santa Cruz
Hard Rock
06.03.2015 Heretic Alive Under Satan
06.03.2015 Wardenclyffe Control All Delete
Doom/Death Metal
06.03.2015 The SatelliteYear Brooklyn, I Am
06.03.2015 Scarab Serpents Of The Nile
Death Metal
06.03.2015 Truppensturm/ Thorybos Approaching Conflict
06.03.2015 Urfaust Apparitions
06.03.2015 Uhrijuhla Jokainen on vapaa lintu
06.03.2015 Jeff Rosenstock We Cool?
06.03.2015 Thalamus Beneath A Dying Sun - Special Edition 2 CD
Heavy Metal
06.03.2015 Lieutenant If I Kill This Thing We're All Going To Eat For A Week
06.03.2015 Heavydeath Eternal Sleepwalker
06.03.2015 Goatblood/ Nuclear Perversions Rex Judaeorum / Wolves Of Apocalypse
06.03.2015 The Satellite Year Brooklyn, I Am
Pop, Alternative, Post-Punk
06.03.2015 Santa Cruz same
06.03.2015 Old Canibal The Old Canibal And The Sea
06.03.2015 Cancer Bats Searching For Zero
06.03.2015 Morbid Evils In Hate With The Burning World
06.03.2015 Last Chapter Auryn
Metal/ Hardcore
06.03.2015 Night Soldiers Of Time
06.03.2015 Arstidir Lifsins Aldafoðr ok munka dróttinn
06.03.2015 The Answer Raise A Little Hell
06.03.2015 Moonspell Extinct
06.03.2015 Terveet Kädet Lapin helvetti
06.03.2015 Enslaved In Times
05.03.2015 Kurhan Głód
Black/Death Metal
05.03.2015 Mistweaver Nocturnal Bloodshed
04.03.2015 The Blind Catfish The King Of The River
04.03.2015 Skady When Sun Disappeared
Black Metal
04.03.2015 Puff Purple
Heavy Metal
03.03.2015 Brainsqueezed Emotions
lndie Rock
03.03.2015 Cherubs 2 Ynfynyty
03.03.2015 The Passion Of Our Souls Soulmates
Melodic Death Metal/ Pop Metal
03.03.2015 V.A. Evocation of the Demons Compilation Vol. I
03.03.2015 Crypt Sermon Out Of The Garden
Epic Doom Metal
02.03.2015 Steven Wilson Hand.Cannot.Erase
02.03.2015 Apostate Time Of Terror
02.03.2015 Cruenta Lacrymis Sweetness & Blasphemy
Black/Death Metal
02.03.2015 Sentinel Beast Depths of Death
02.03.2015 Kjeld Skym
02.03.2015 Neolith Izi.Im.Kurnu-Ki
KW 09 | 2015
01.03.2015 Dakhma Astiwihad-Zohr
28.02.2015 Red Room Ensemble Red Room Ensemble
Melodic Heavy Metal