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KW 08 | 2015
16.02.2015 Caelestia Beneath Abyss
16.02.2015 Keep Of Kalessin Epistemology
16.02.2015 Ecnephias same
Dark Metal
KW 07 | 2015
15.02.2015 Deivos Theodicy
Death Metal
13.02.2015 Tanzwut Freitag der 13.
13.02.2015 Manilla Road The Blessed Curse" & "After The Muse
13.02.2015 Death Karma The History of Death & Burial Rituals part I
13.02.2015 Lords Of The Trident Frostburn
Heavy Metal
13.02.2015 Frankenstein Rooster The Nerdvrotic Sounds' Escape
13.02.2015 Blackened Underground Attack
13.02.2015 Taped [EMPIRES]
13.02.2015 Manila Road The Blessed Curse & After The Muse
13.02.2015 Metroland Zeppelin
13.02.2015 Arcane Known/Learned (2 CD)
13.02.2015 Châlice Overyears Sensation
Melodic-Rock, Metal, Hardrock
13.02.2015 Lustre Neath Rock & Stone (Single)
Black Metal
13.02.2015 Razzmattazz Sons Of Guns
Hard Rock
13.02.2015 When Trees Leave Wolves Thirteen Stars
13.02.2015 Berri Txarrak Denbora Da Poligrafo Bakarra
13.02.2015 Grand Massive 2
Alternative Rock/ Stoner
12.02.2015 Haapoja/ Dephosphorus Collaboration
10.02.2015 Ahamkara The Embers Of The Stars
10.02.2015 Dan Deagh Wealcan Two Straight Horizontal Lines
10.02.2015 Sullen Post Human
10.02.2015 Rwake Xenoglossalgia: The Last Stage of Awareness
10.02.2015 Putrid Offal Mature Necropsy
10.02.2015 Dwell Vernin And Ashes
09.02.2015 Cowards Rise To Infamy
Hardcore, Sludge, Black Metal
09.02.2015 Demoncy Joined in Darkness
09.02.2015 Citizen X SataNatioN
09.02.2015 I, The Lion Run
Post Punk
09.02.2015 Dødsverk same
09.02.2015 Skelethal Morbid Revelations
09.02.2015 Mourning Mist same
KW 06 | 2015
07.02.2015 Wells Valley Matter As Regent
Post Metal/ Sludge
06.02.2015 Danko Jones Fire Music
06.02.2015 Wömit Angel Maggotmouth
06.02.2015 Lykaion Heavy Lullabies
Dark Metal
06.02.2015 Storyteller Gods Of War
Heavy Metal
06.02.2015 Heaving Earth Denouncing the Holy Throne
Death Metal
06.02.2015 Silizium Andersdenker
06.02.2015 One Hundred Days same
06.02.2015 Blackberry Smoke Holding All The Roses
Classic Rock
06.02.2015 War On Women same
06.02.2015 Stonem Wasted
06.02.2015 Overtorture A Trail Of Death
Death Metal
06.02.2015 Exhumed Gore Metal Redux: A Necrospective
06.02.2015 Call Of The Void Ageless
06.02.2015 Vitja Your Kingdom
06.02.2015 Zoax Is Everybody Listening? EP
05.02.2015 Galliard Syndrome Velvet Rings
05.02.2015 Ravensire The Cycle Goes On
02.02.2015 Winterage The Harmonic Passage
Symphonic Power Metal
02.02.2015 Diesel King Concrete Burial
Sludge Metal
02.02.2015 Steve Rothery The Ghosts Of Pripyat
02.02.2015 Nerv Vergentis In Senium
02.02.2015 Bitch Queens Kill Your Friends
02.02.2015 Devilish Impressions Adventvs
02.02.2015 Game Over For Humanity
02.02.2015 The Damned Another Live Album From The Damned...
KW 05 | 2015
01.02.2015 Acero Letal Veloz Invencible
01.02.2015 Shroud Of Despondency Family Tomb
Progressive Dark Metal
31.01.2015 Chaedrist Grandevality
Extreme Metal
31.01.2015 Inverted The Age Of Harvest
Death Metal
31.01.2015 Andsolis Vigil
Progressive Melodic Death Metal
30.01.2015 Leah Kings & Queens
Symphonic Metal
30.01.2015 Atomic Flower Ungrateful...
Metalrock / Gothic
30.01.2015 Kejnu Centillion
30.01.2015 Kärbholz Karma
30.01.2015 Callisto Secret Youth
30.01.2015 Black Cilice Mysteries
30.01.2015 Thulcandra Ascension Lost
30.01.2015 Hate Crusade Zero
30.01.2015 Agos Irkalla Transcendence
Black / Death Metal
30.01.2015 Wake The Nations Sign Of Heart
Hard Rock
30.01.2015 Captain Crimson Ageless Time
30.01.2015 Obsolete Incarnation New Breed Of An Uncureable Disease
Modern Death Metal
30.01.2015 Ruthless The Rise
Power Metal
30.01.2015 Blind Guardian Beyond The Red Mirror
30.01.2015 Elvellon Spellbound
Symphonic Metal
30.01.2015 Hic Lacet The Cosmic Trance Into the Void
30.01.2015 Simeon Soul Charger A Trick Of Light
30.01.2015 Acylum Zigeunerjunge EP
30.01.2015 Avarice In Audio The Cassandra Complex
30.01.2015 Suicidal Romance Réves & Souvenirs
30.01.2015 Caskets Open To Serve The Collapse
30.01.2015 Gamma Ray Best of
30.01.2015 Wolfheart Winterborn
30.01.2015 Revenge Harder Than Steel
Speed Metal
30.01.2015 Spiralism Chakras
30.01.2015 Minutian Inwards
30.01.2015 Atomicide Chaos Abomination
30.01.2015 Pears Go To Prison
30.01.2015 Iron Lamb Fool's Gold
29.01.2015 Disquiet The Condemnation
29.01.2015 Spektr The Art to Disappear
28.01.2015 IAmFire EP
Stoner Rock
27.01.2015 Satyrasis ...Of The Dead
Heavy Metal
27.01.2015 Solanum/ Epi-Demic Das Bild wurde vom Absender entfernt. Solanum / Epi-Demic: Passages to Lunacy
27.01.2015 Condor Duin
Death Metal/ Heavy Metal

Vigilance, Erazor & Spiker im Konzert (Essen, Oktober 2017)

„Bisschen Bier, bisschen Headbangen, bisschen Metal“