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KW 13 | 2015
27.03.2015 Choking On Illusions Rest/less
27.03.2015 Mammoth Mammoth Volume IV - Hammered Again
27.03.2015 Deadheads This Is Deadheads First Album (It Includes Electric Guitars)
27.03.2015 The Black Goat Uprising Medusa
27.03.2015 Hot Mama Re-Earth
Alternative Metal
27.03.2015 The Amorettes Game On
27.03.2015 Pig Irön Sermons From The Church Of Blues Restitution
Biker/Classic Rock
27.03.2015 Pombagira Flesh Throne Press
27.03.2015 Marcel Singor Futureproof
27.03.2015 We Are Bodies We Are Bodies
25.03.2015 Downfall Of Nur Umbras de Barbagia
Atmospheric Folk Black Metal
24.03.2015 Perdition Temple The Tempter's Victorious
24.03.2015 Abominator Evil Proclaimed
24.03.2015 Corpe-Mente same
24.03.2015 Stereo Age Half Of Us
24.03.2015 Witch Of The Waste Made of Teeth
24.03.2015 Unrest Grindcore
23.03.2015 Der Weg einer Freiheit Stellar
Black Metal
23.03.2015 The Gentle Storm The Diary
23.03.2015 The Monolith Deathcult Bloodcvlts
Death Metal
23.03.2015 Gloson Yearwalker
23.03.2015 Inquisition Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer (2004)
Black Metal
23.03.2015 Void Creation Deadnology
Death Thrash
23.03.2015 Perfect Blue Sky Emerald
60/70’s' Psychedelic Rock
23.03.2015 Therapy? Disquiet
23.03.2015 Lay Siege hopeisnowhere
Metal / Hardcore
KW 12 | 2015
22.03.2015 Frosthelm The Endless Winter
21.03.2015 Malphas Occult Propaganda
Black Metal
21.03.2015 Sacral Rage Illusions in Infinite Void
Heavy/Speed Metal
20.03.2015 Mors Subita Degeneration
20.03.2015 Under Destruction Vanguard
Melo Death
20.03.2015 Eskimo Callboy Crystals
20.03.2015 Von Hertzen Brothers New Day Rising
20.03.2015 Sathanas Worship The Devil
20.03.2015 Annisokay Enigmatic Smile
20.03.2015 While She Sleeps Brainwashed
20.03.2015 Necrotic Woods The Nameless Dark
20.03.2015 Antagonism Dishonor Able und Sepolcral: Reborn -VI- (Split CD)
Death Metal
20.03.2015 Gorilla Monsoon Firegod - Feeding The Beast
20.03.2015 NevBorn Five Horizons
Post Metal/ Hardcore
20.03.2015 Joe Bonamassa Muddy Wolf At Red Rocks
20.03.2015 Toto Toto XIV
20.03.2015 Death by Chocolate Among Sirens
20.03.2015 Vamps Bloodsuckers
20.03.2015 Fateful Finality Battery
Thrash Metal
20.03.2015 Heidevolk Velua
20.03.2015 Weak Aside The Next Offensive
Death Metal
20.03.2015 Omega Soul Void
20.03.2015 Powernap Oreosmith
20.03.2015 Iris Divine Karma Sown
US Progressive Power Metal
20.03.2015 Lesoir Luctor Et Emergo
20.03.2015 Your Army Sicker Than Us
20.03.2015 Stone Diamond Phoenix
17.03.2015 The Kahless Clone An Endless Loop
17.03.2015 BAT Cruel Discipline (7" EP)
17.03.2015 Mercy Brown Mercy Brown
Groove/Death/Black Metal
16.03.2015 Simbiose Trapped
16.03.2015 Beautality Einfallen: A Tale Ov Torment & Triumph
Atmospheric Black / Post-Metal
16.03.2015 The Slow Death Ark
16.03.2015 Zoner Euharmonic Elevation
16.03.2015 Lago Tyranny
16.03.2015 Dynfari Vegferð Tímans
16.03.2015 Drakkar Run With The Wolf
Epic Power Metal
16.03.2015 Like A Storm Awaken The Fire
KW 11 | 2015
15.03.2015 Katavasia Sacrilegious Testament
Greek Black Metal
14.03.2015 Dead Earth Politics Men Become Gods
14.03.2015 Black Rainbows Hawkdope
13.03.2015 Oceanwake Sunless
13.03.2015 Bulldozing Bastard Under The Ram
13.03.2015 Yorblind Blind...But Alive
Melodic Death Metal
13.03.2015 Negative Self same
13.03.2015 Attack Vertical The Great Waste
13.03.2015 Crimson Swan Unlit
13.03.2015 Ranger Where Evil Dweils
Old School Speed Metal
13.03.2015 Andreas Vockrodt Adventures From Foggyland
13.03.2015 Nocturnus The Science of Horror
13.03.2015 Paperstreet Empire Heat
13.03.2015 Soilwork Live In The Heart Of Helsinki (DVD)
13.03.2015 Macabre Omen Gods of War - At War
13.03.2015 Crom Dubh Heimweh
13.03.2015 Forty Shades Camera Silens
Melodic Death Metal
13.03.2015 Dead Lucky Sons Of Lazarus
13.03.2015 Adamas Heavy Thoughts
Thrash Metal
13.03.2015 No Bros Ready For The Action
Heavy Metal
13.03.2015 No Bros Heavy Metal Party
Hard Rock/ Classic Rock
13.03.2015 Eden's Curse Live With The Curse
13.03.2015 Thormesis Freier Wille - Freier Geist
13.03.2015 My Funeral Violence Academy
Thrash Metal
13.03.2015 Ranger Where Evil Dwells
13.03.2015 Excimer Thrash From Fire
Thrash Metal
13.03.2015 The Lords Now More Than Ever!
13.03.2015 I Miti Eterni Historia Cumae
Power Prog Metal
13.03.2015 Plague Upon The Ocean Havarie
13.03.2015 Traitor Thrash Command
11.03.2015 RA Scandinavia
10.03.2015 Tormention Chaotic Delusions
Death Metal
10.03.2015 Conceived By Hate/ Akheron Coalition of Death
10.03.2015 Conceicved By Hate/ Akheron Coalition of Death
10.03.2015 Norilsk The Idea of North
10.03.2015 Gouge Beyond Death

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