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KW 15 | 2015
07.04.2015 Shawn James & The Shapeshifters The Gospel According to Shawn James & The Shapeshifters
07.04.2015 Ether Hymns of Failure
07.04.2015 Délétère Les Heures de la Peste
07.04.2015 Délétère De Ritibus Morbiferis – Demo Compendium
07.04.2015 Psychomancer Inject The Worms
07.04.2015 Grenouer Unwanted Today
07.04.2015 Incantation Entrantment of Evil MLP
06.04.2015 Malthusian Below the Hengiform
06.04.2015 III Omen Compendium Melificarum - Esoterica
06.04.2015 Khors Cold
Atmospheric Black Metal
06.04.2015 Mike Zero Catch 22
06.04.2015 Skyforger Senprūsija
Pagan/Folk Black Metal
KW 14 | 2015
04.04.2015 The Moth And Then Rise
03.04.2015 Light Your Anchor Homefires
03.04.2015 Royal Thunder Crooked Doors
03.04.2015 Minsk The Crash and The Draw
03.04.2015 The Crotals Fuel! Flames! Blast!
03.04.2015 Lichtgestalt Motorenherz
03.04.2015 Turbowolf Two Hands
03.04.2015 Beyond Obsession Pieces Of Machinery
03.04.2015 MainPain The Empirical Shape Of Pain
01.04.2015 SiXforNinE same
01.04.2015 Acid Witch Midnight Movies (12" MLP)
01.04.2015 Impalers Prepare For War
Thrash Metal
01.04.2015 Bitterness Resurrexodus
German Old School Thrash Metal
01.04.2015 Broken Rain Here Comes The Pain
Heavy Metal / Hard Rock
01.04.2015 Prophets Fail Prophecy
Female Fronted Synthcore
01.04.2015 Sterbhaus Necrostabbing the Corpsefinder (Single Edit)
Death Metal
01.04.2015 Chugger Human Plague
Groove Death Metal
31.03.2015 Nepente I Will Get Your Soul
Death Black Metal
31.03.2015 Blliigghhtted Zeroes
Black Metal
31.03.2015 Abhor Rituale Stramonium
31.03.2015 Where Evil Follows Portable Darkness
31.03.2015 Tristania Virtual Crime
31.03.2015 Cyrax Pictures
31.03.2015 Decayed Into The Depths Of Hell
31.03.2015 Viajando Counting Days
Doom/Stoner Metal
31.03.2015 Prong Songs From The Black Hole
31.03.2015 Ad Nauseam Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est
31.03.2015 Irreversible Mechanism Infinite Fields
Progressive Death Metal
31.03.2015 Vaijando Counting Days
Doom/ Stoner
31.03.2015 Crowbar Equilibrium
31.03.2015 De La Muerte same
30.03.2015 Harmorage Psychico Corrosif
Thrash Metal
30.03.2015 Arvas Black Satanic Mysticism
Black Metal
30.03.2015 Steve Hackett Wolflight
30.03.2015 Nyseius De Divinatione Daemonium?
Black Metal
30.03.2015 Ergot Victims of Our Same Dreams
Black Metal
30.03.2015 Eric Baule Revelations Adrift
Progressive Rock
30.03.2015 Katatonia Sanctitude
30.03.2015 KidBrother Angst (Single)
30.03.2015 Desert Never Regret
30.03.2015 Murg Varg & Björn
30.03.2015 Bloodrocuted Disaster Strikes Back
Thrash Metal
30.03.2015 Infernal Death Call To War
30.03.2015 Running Death Overdrive
30.03.2015 Never A Hero UnEvolution
30.03.2015 Spectral Darkwave First Last Contact
30.03.2015 Predatory Light MMXIV EP
30.03.2015 Pregierz Blood Sanctions double-7" EP
30.03.2015 Wrathage Discipline
Extreme Metal
30.03.2015 FlashFires Shy
30.03.2015 Hagl Lenket til Livet
30.03.2015 Rise Of Avernus Dramatis Personæ
30.03.2015 Infesting Swarm Desolation Road
30.03.2015 Temperance Limitless
30.03.2015 Tome Of The Unreplenished Innerstanding
30.03.2015 Antagoniste The Myth Of Mankind
30.03.2015 Akrotheism/ Septuagint Sphinx: The Great Enigma Of Times split CD
30.03.2015 Barren Earth On Lonely Towers
30.03.2015 Morgoth Ungod
KW 13 | 2015
29.03.2015 Despot Pictures Of The Void
Black Metal
28.03.2015 Disordered Carnal Materialism
Death Metal
28.03.2015 Asylum Escape Even If I'm Broken
Gothic Rock/ Metal
27.03.2015 Inculter Persisting Devolution
27.03.2015 Hot Water Music 20th Anniversary Collection
27.03.2015 Josh Smith Over Your Head
27.03.2015 Galar De Gjenlevende
27.03.2015 Gloomball The Quiet Monster
27.03.2015 Big Business Battlefields Forever
27.03.2015 Corrosion same
27.03.2015 Ritchies Kelly´s Overture Opus #1
27.03.2015 Nightwish Endless Forms Most Beautiful
27.03.2015 Vetten Äpärät Sydäntalven Viha
27.03.2015 Three Days Grace Human
27.03.2015 Parties Break Hearts Tides
27.03.2015 Fairytale Forest Of Summer
27.03.2015 Loch Vostok From These Waters
27.03.2015 Watch Them Fade Welcome To My Void
27.03.2015 Messenger Captain`s Loot
27.03.2015 Damnation Angels The Valiant Fire
27.03.2015 Texas Cornflake Massacre Natural Born Cereal Killers
Melodic Death Metal
27.03.2015 Voice Of The Soul Catacombs
Death Metal
27.03.2015 Empty Tremor Slice Of Live
Prog Metal
27.03.2015 Cynical Existence We Are The Violence
27.03.2015 Star Industry The Renegade
27.03.2015 The Poodles Devil in the Details
27.03.2015 Fortid 9
Extreme Pagan Metal
27.03.2015 K-X-P III Part 1
27.03.2015 The Legendary Tigerman Do Come Home

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