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KW 18 | 2015
27.04.2015 Mordenial Where The Anges Fall
27.04.2015 Carbonized For The Security
27.04.2015 Grà/ Gnosis Of The Witch Split 7"
27.04.2015 Radioactive Vomit Ratsflesh 7"
27.04.2015 kommandant The Architects Of Extermination
27.04.2015 Sigh Graveward
27.04.2015 Axel Rudi pell Magic Moments -25th Anniversary Special Show
27.04.2015 Ninkharsag Blood Of Celestial Kings
27.04.2015 Raven Extermination
27.04.2015 Spite Trapped In The Pentagram 7" EP
27.04.2015 Fat.Mo.Mac same
27.04.2015 Gift Giver Shitlife
27.04.2015 Deez Nuts Word Is Bond
27.04.2015 Freedom Call 666 Weeks Beyond Eternity
27.04.2015 Seagrave Stabwound
KW 17 | 2015
26.04.2015 Inner Sanctum Legions Awake
Death/Thrash Metal
25.04.2015 Apollo Ra Ra Pariah
25.04.2015 Mendes Prey The Never Ending Road
25.04.2015 Bloodbeat Into Death
25.04.2015 Insane Mind Stripclub Cannibal
Death Metal
25.04.2015 Acrania Fearless
Experimental Death Metal
24.04.2015 Celtachor Nuada Of The Silver Arm
24.04.2015 Traces Of You Deliverance
24.04.2015 Voice Of Ruin Consumed
24.04.2015 Schwarzer Engel Imperium I - Im Reich Der Götter
24.04.2015 Nomans Land Last Crusade
24.04.2015 Heathen Foray Into Battle
24.04.2015 Unleashed Dawn Of The Nine
24.04.2015 Implode I Of Everything
Derath Thrash Metal
24.04.2015 Speedwhore The Future Is Now
Black/Speed/Thrash metal
24.04.2015 Ereb Altor Nattramn
Epic Viking Doom Metal
24.04.2015 Shakhtyor Tunguska
Instr. Doom Sludge Post Metal
24.04.2015 S.M.G. Siberian Meet Grinder
24.04.2015 Oblivious Out Of Wilderness
24.04.2015 Bonfire Glörious
24.04.2015 Simon Frick Solo
24.04.2015 Soulline Welcome My Sun
24.04.2015 Blackwelder Survival Of The Fittest
Golden Core/ZYX
24.04.2015 Demonical Black Flesh Redemption
Death Metal
24.04.2015 Lustre Blossom
Black Metal
24.04.2015 Cryptex Madeleine Effect
Progressive Folk
24.04.2015 Whorion The Reign Of The 7th Sector
Tech Death
24.04.2015 Ages Malefic Miasma
Black Metal
24.04.2015 Hardcore Superstar HCSS
24.04.2015 Zeit Trümmer
Black Metal
24.04.2015 Nightrage The Puritan
24.04.2015 Jaded Star Memories From The Future
24.04.2015 A Secret Revealed The Bleakness
24.04.2015 Sirenia The Seventh Of Life
23.04.2015 Blessed With Rage And The Shadows Followed Him
21.04.2015 Entropy O.A.C. Dark Clouds and Clarity
21.04.2015 Mirror Queen Scaffolds Of The Sky
21.04.2015 The Atomic Bitchwax Gravitron
21.04.2015 Deathblow The Other Side of Darkness
Thrash Metal
21.04.2015 Gruesome Savage Land
21.04.2015 Zombi The Zombi Anthology
20.04.2015 Tribulation The Children Of The Night
20.04.2015 Aelter Aelter IV: Love Eternal
20.04.2015 Camel Of Doom Psychodramas
20.04.2015 The Tangent A Spark In The Aether
20.04.2015 Kult Of Taurus Adversarial Paths: The Sinister Essence
20.04.2015 Shining IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends
20.04.2015 Antiversum Total Vacuum
20.04.2015 Hellrad Things Never Change
Sludge Metal
20.04.2015 Chaos Echoes Transient
20.04.2015 Pavillon Rouge Legio Axis Ka
Black Metal/ Industrial
20.04.2015 FlashFires Play EP
20.04.2015 Khors Night Falls Onto The Front Of Ours
20.04.2015 Kontinuum Kyrr
KW 16 | 2015
18.04.2015 Soulthern Rock You 'Till Die
Heavy Metal
18.04.2015 Amenra Live II
17.04.2015 Forgotten Tomb Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love
Doom/Black Metal
17.04.2015 Third Ear Resilience
Progressive Rock/ Modern Metal
17.04.2015 Zodiac Road Tapes Vol. 1
17.04.2015 Spitfire Fuel To Burn
Hard Rock
17.04.2015 Woodbridge The Fire Inside
17.04.2015 Olten Mode
17.04.2015 Cemetary Dust To Rule Them All
17.04.2015 Infernal War Axiom
17.04.2015 Nowhere Train Tape
17.04.2015 Apocalyptica Shadowmaker
17.04.2015 The Leather Nun Whatever
17.04.2015 Acid King Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere
17.04.2015 Nocternity Harps of the Ancient Temples
17.04.2015 Impellitteri Venom
17.04.2015 Peterik/ Scherer Risk Everything
17.04.2015 FM Heroes And Villains
17.04.2015 Kiske/ Somerville City Of Heroes
17.04.2015 Parzivals Eye Defragments
17.04.2015 The Beauty Of Gemina Live At Moods DVD
17.04.2015 Blizzen Time Machine
16.04.2015 Dogbane When Karma Comes Calling
16.04.2015 Electric Vengeance Manic Possession
15.04.2015 Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus The Child Must Die
Black Metal
15.04.2015 Black Witchery/ Revenge Holocaustic Death March to Humanity's Doom - split MLP/MCD
14.04.2015 Wende Vorspiel einer Philosophie der Zukunft
14.04.2015 Infernus Grinding Christian Flesh
14.04.2015 M.O.A.T.A. Omen & The Rorschach Garden
14.04.2015 Outre Ghost Chants
Black Metal
14.04.2015 Starsick System Daydreamin'