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KW 19 | 2015
08.05.2015 Seremonia Kristalliarkki
07.05.2015 Mriya Zhyttya Feel
Hard Rock
07.05.2015 Antigama The Insolent
Grind / Grindcore / Progressive / Metal
06.05.2015 Heathen Beast The Carnage Of Godhra
Black Metal
05.05.2015 Lucifer's Fall same
05.05.2015 Sercati In The Shadow Of Sidewalk
Melodic Black Metal
05.05.2015 House Of Atreus The Spear and the Ichor that Follows
05.05.2015 Disruptive Minds Emetic
Alternative Rock/Punk
05.05.2015 Auras Crestfallen
04.05.2015 Cave Of Swimmers Reflection
04.05.2015 Sunlight My Own Truth
Hard'n'Heavy/Power Metal
04.05.2015 The Citizen Curtain Call
Indie Rock
04.05.2015 Orphans Of Dusk Revenant
04.05.2015 Nethertale Abyssal Throne
04.05.2015 Dienamic Afterlife
04.05.2015 Gylley Beggar Silence & Tears
04.05.2015 Nordic Giants A Seance Of dark Delusions
04.05.2015 Obsidian No Self To Sue
Thrash-Metal / Hardcore
04.05.2015 Tovarish This Terrible Burden
Drone Doom Noise
04.05.2015 Somehow Jo! Satans Of Swing
Alternative Rock
04.05.2015 Druzhina Third Henosis
Death Folk/Black Metal
04.05.2015 Funerary Bell Graveyard Séance (EP)
Black Metal
04.05.2015 Corpore She Came Like A Hurricane
04.05.2015 The Lidocaine Chicken Cage Of Horror
Progressive Metal
04.05.2015 Pitbulls In The Nursery Equanimity
04.05.2015 Hogslayer Defacer
04.05.2015 Cold In Berlin The Comfort Of Loss & Dust
KW 18 | 2015
03.05.2015 We Are Dust We Are Dust
03.05.2015 OssO Osso
02.05.2015 Feign Into The Void
Atm,ospheric Black Metal
02.05.2015 Kings Destroy same
Stoner Rock/ Doom
01.05.2015 Sect Pig Self Reversed
01.05.2015 Marginal Chaos and Anarchy
Death Crust
01.05.2015 Deadspace The Promise Of Oblivion
01.05.2015 Timeshares Already Dead
01.05.2015 Imperial State Electric All Over My Head
01.05.2015 BOAR Veneficae
01.05.2015 Satyricon Live At The Opera DVD
01.05.2015 Aion Verses of Perdition
01.05.2015 Goatblood Adoration Of Blasphemy And War
Death/ Black
01.05.2015 Kamelot Haven
30.04.2015 Kesä same
30.04.2015 Unhallowed Enter Damnation
30.04.2015 Larceny Into Darkness
Melodie Death Metal
30.04.2015 Djevel Saa Raa og Kald
Black Metal
29.04.2015 Örök Übermensch
28.04.2015 The Insight White Noise
28.04.2015 Furor Gallico same
28.04.2015 Vardan Despicable Broken Hope
28.04.2015 GosT Behemoth
28.04.2015 Secret Sphere A Time Never Come [Re-recorded]
27.04.2015 Drown In Blood Addicted To Murder
27.04.2015 Saturnian Mist Chaos Magick
27.04.2015 Raging Death Raging Death
27.04.2015 Borknagar The Olden Domain (Reissue)
27.04.2015 Gazpacho Night Of The Demon
27.04.2015 Emerged Letting Go of Certainties
27.04.2015 Mordenial Where The Anges Fall
27.04.2015 Carbonized For The Security
27.04.2015 Grà/ Gnosis Of The Witch Split 7"
27.04.2015 Radioactive Vomit Ratsflesh 7"
27.04.2015 kommandant The Architects Of Extermination
27.04.2015 Sigh Graveward
27.04.2015 Axel Rudi pell Magic Moments -25th Anniversary Special Show
27.04.2015 Ninkharsag Blood Of Celestial Kings
27.04.2015 Raven Extermination
27.04.2015 Spite Trapped In The Pentagram 7" EP
27.04.2015 Fat.Mo.Mac same
27.04.2015 Gift Giver Shitlife
27.04.2015 Deez Nuts Word Is Bond
27.04.2015 Freedom Call 666 Weeks Beyond Eternity
27.04.2015 Seagrave Stabwound
KW 17 | 2015
26.04.2015 Inner Sanctum Legions Awake
Death/Thrash Metal
25.04.2015 Apollo Ra Ra Pariah
25.04.2015 Mendes Prey The Never Ending Road
25.04.2015 Bloodbeat Into Death
25.04.2015 Insane Mind Stripclub Cannibal
Death Metal
25.04.2015 Acrania Fearless
Experimental Death Metal
24.04.2015 Celtachor Nuada Of The Silver Arm
24.04.2015 Traces Of You Deliverance
24.04.2015 Voice Of Ruin Consumed
24.04.2015 Schwarzer Engel Imperium I - Im Reich Der Götter
24.04.2015 Nomans Land Last Crusade
24.04.2015 Heathen Foray Into Battle
24.04.2015 Unleashed Dawn Of The Nine
24.04.2015 Implode I Of Everything
Derath Thrash Metal
24.04.2015 Speedwhore The Future Is Now
Black/Speed/Thrash metal
24.04.2015 Ereb Altor Nattramn
Epic Viking Doom Metal
24.04.2015 Shakhtyor Tunguska
Instr. Doom Sludge Post Metal
24.04.2015 S.M.G. Siberian Meet Grinder
24.04.2015 Oblivious Out Of Wilderness
24.04.2015 Bonfire Glörious
24.04.2015 Simon Frick Solo
24.04.2015 Soulline Welcome My Sun
24.04.2015 Blackwelder Survival Of The Fittest
Golden Core/ZYX
24.04.2015 Demonical Black Flesh Redemption
Death Metal
24.04.2015 Lustre Blossom
Black Metal
24.04.2015 Cryptex Madeleine Effect
Progressive Folk
24.04.2015 Whorion The Reign Of The 7th Sector
Tech Death
24.04.2015 Ages Malefic Miasma
Black Metal