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KW 26 | 2017
30.06.2017 Vintersorg Till Fjälls del II
30.06.2017 Traumer The Great Metal Storm
30.06.2017 Cellar Darling This Is The Sound
26.06.2017 Perished Kark
KW 25 | 2017
23.06.2017 Dying Fetus Wrong One to Fuck With
23.06.2017 Ex Eye Ex Eye
23.06.2017 Erudite Stoner Erudite Stoner
23.06.2017 Mt. Wolf Aetherlight
23.06.2017 Gates Of Ishtar A Bloodred Path
23.06.2017 Infernal Majesty Unholier Than Thou
23.06.2017 Assorted Heap Mindwaves
23.06.2017 Silver Dust The Age Of Decadence
23.06.2017 Municipal Waste Slime And Punishment
Thrash Metal
23.06.2017 Pristine Ninja
23.06.2017 Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons Live At Solothurn
Hard Rock
23.06.2017 Les Chants Du Hasard Les Chants du Hasard
23.06.2017 In Human Form Opening of the Eye by the Death of I
23.06.2017 Selcouth Heart Is The Star Of Chaos
KW 24 | 2017
17.06.2017 Owerstolz Die Sterne von Victoria
Punk Rock
16.06.2017 Currents The Place I Feel Safest
16.06.2017 Suffocation ...of The Dark Light
Technical Death Metal
15.06.2017 Wastes Into the Void of Human Vacuity
Extreme Funeral DOOM metal
14.06.2017 Hypnotic Drive Full Throttle
KW 23 | 2017
09.06.2017 Suffering Hour In Passing Ascension
09.06.2017 The Brandos Los Brandos
09.06.2017 Foscor Les Irreals Visions
09.06.2017 Merrimack Omegaphilia
09.06.2017 Rebellious Spirit New Horizons
09.06.2017 Sataninchen Panda Metal Party
Parody Black Metal
08.06.2017 Knogjärn Marscherar & Förstör
06.06.2017 Thus Defiled A Return To The Shadows
Black Metal
06.06.2017 Klabautamann Smaragd
Progressive Black Metal
KW 22 | 2017
02.06.2017 Shadow Of Doubt No Mercy
02.06.2017 vallenfyre Fear Those Who Fear Him
02.06.2017 Timeworn Venomous High
02.06.2017 Juratory Dark Works In Progress
02.06.2017 Völur Ancestors
02.06.2017 An Erotic End Of Times Chapter One
02.06.2017 Wednesday 13 Condolences
02.06.2017 Tankard One Foot In The Grave
Thrash Metal
02.06.2017 Miss May I Shadows Inside
02.06.2017 Akerbeltz Satanic
Black Metal
02.06.2017 Marthyrium Beyond the Thresholds
02.06.2017 Dead Asylum Death Always Wins
Melodic Death/Thrash
02.06.2017 Gridfailure Scathed
01.06.2017 By Brute Force We Declare War
KW 21 | 2017
26.05.2017 Nocte Obducta Totholz
26.05.2017 Thalamus Hiding From Daylight
26.05.2017 Sólstafir Berdreyminn
26.05.2017 In Hearts Wake Ark
26.05.2017 In Reverence The Selected Breed
26.05.2017 Patent Pending Other People's Greatest Hits
26.05.2017 Smash Hit Combo L33T
26.05.2017 Lichtgestalt Tempus Fugit
26.05.2017 Nachtgreif Dunkle Materie
26.05.2017 Avatarium Hurricanes And Halos
26.05.2017 Nad Sylvan The Bride Says No
25.05.2017 Soulspell The Second Big Bang
22.05.2017 Black Track Lane In Fine
Gothic Metal / Dark Rock
KW 20 | 2017
19.05.2017 Reptil Throne Of Collapse
19.05.2017 Die Negation Herrschaft der Vernunft
19.05.2017 Haniwa Helleven
19.05.2017 Damanek On Track
19.05.2017 Blisterhead Border Control
19.05.2017 Soul Demise Thin Red Line
15.05.2017 Freak Injection Freak Is Fashion
Electro Rock
KW 19 | 2017
13.05.2017 Saule Saule
13.05.2017 Mountains Crave As We Were When We Were Not
12.05.2017 Bloodrocuted For The Dead Travel Fast
12.05.2017 Apocalypse Orchestra The End Is Nigh
12.05.2017 Oversense The Storyteller
12.05.2017 Purpendicular Venus To Volcanus
12.05.2017 Meatwound Largo
KW 18 | 2017
05.05.2017 Sideburn #Eight
Rock, Hard Rock
05.05.2017 Herzparasit Parakropolis
05.05.2017 Morfin Consumed By Evil
05.05.2017 Alchimia Musa
03.05.2017 Comity A Long Eternal Fall
Noise, Extreme Rock'n'Roll
KW 17 | 2017
28.04.2017 M. W. Wild The Third Decade
Gothic Rock
28.04.2017 Psygnosis Neptune
Instrumental Symphonic Metal
28.04.2017 Harpyie Anima
28.04.2017 Dimmu Borgir Forces Of The Northern Night
Black Metal
28.04.2017 Aborted Fetus The Art of Violent Torture
28.04.2017 Prayers Of Sanity Face of the Unknown
28.04.2017 Days Of Jupiter New Awakening
28.04.2017 Astral Doors Black Eyed Children
27.04.2017 Enisum Seasons of Desolation
26.04.2017 Gut-Scrapers Getting Through
KW 16 | 2017
21.04.2017 Descendants Of Cain Conversations With Mirrors
Alternative Rock
21.04.2017 Resurgency No Worlds... Nor Gods Beyond
21.04.2017 Sollertia Light
21.04.2017 Amiensus All Paths Lead to Death
21.04.2017 Slate Grey World Turns To Black
21.04.2017 Platonic Solids Shady Deals
19.04.2017 Fireback Theory Of Happiness
KW 15 | 2017
16.04.2017 Moonlight Prophecy Spellbound
15.04.2017 Bitterness Memories Of A Dying Past
14.04.2017 Controlled Collapse Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Electro Rock, Industrial
14.04.2017 Resurrected Resurrected
Death Metal
14.04.2017 Dynfari The Four Doors of the Mind

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