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KW 23 | 2015
01.06.2015 Incolors The Unchained
01.06.2015 The Darkness Last Of Our Kind
01.06.2015 Paradise Lost The Plague Within
01.06.2015 Obese Kali Yuga
Stoner Rock / Sludge Metal
01.06.2015 Ebonillumini Arktos
01.06.2015 Matt Skiba And The Sekrets KUTS
KW 22 | 2015
30.05.2015 Siren A Kingdom Aflame
Blackened Doom
30.05.2015 Exit Smashed The Total Extent Of Pure Excess
Thrash Metal
30.05.2015 Metabolic Eraser
Thrash Metal
30.05.2015 Distant Sun Dark Matter
29.05.2015 The Vibes Standing At Your Own Grave
29.05.2015 Skiltron The Highland Way (Re-Release)
29.05.2015 Skiltron Beheading The Liars (Re-Release)
29.05.2015 Deuil Shock/Deny
29.05.2015 Turbine Weststadt Wir sind zurück
29.05.2015 Midriff Doubts & Fears
29.05.2015 Setanera New Era
Melodic Death Metal
29.05.2015 Ered Night of Eternal Doom
29.05.2015 Månegarm Månegarm Havets Vargar (Re-Mastered)
29.05.2015 My Sleeping Karma Moksha
29.05.2015 Karlahan Exile
Death Metal
29.05.2015 Skiltron The Clans Have United (Re-Release)
29.05.2015 DiabolicuM Ia Pazuzu
Black Metal
29.05.2015 Burial Vault Unity In Pluralism
29.05.2015 Grey Attack Grey Attack
Hard Rock
29.05.2015 Paralell Minds Headlong Disaster
Melodie Heavy Metal
29.05.2015 Maruta Remain Dystopian
29.05.2015 Mörglbl Tea Time For Pünks
29.05.2015 Feral Where Dead Dreams Dwell
Old School Death Metal
29.05.2015 No Altars Chambers Of Eternal Punishment
29.05.2015 Helloween My God-Given Right
29.05.2015 My Reflection Dead Musician
29.05.2015 The Alfas Day After Day
29.05.2015 Sassy Society Lipstick Love Affair
Glam Rock/ Metal
29.05.2015 Cult Of Endtime In Charnel Lights
29.05.2015 Festerday ...The Four Stages Of Decomposition...
29.05.2015 VoidCeremony Dystheism 7" EP
29.05.2015 Defloration Created To Kill
Death Metal
29.05.2015 Kaipa Kaipa
29.05.2015 Kaipa Inget Nytt Under Solen
29.05.2015 The Riptide Movement Getting Through
29.05.2015 Love Amongst Ruin Lose Your Way
29.05.2015 Fall Of Carthage Behold
29.05.2015 Autokrator same
29.05.2015 Dan Patlansky Dear Silence Thieves
29.05.2015 Das Erwachen A oder B
29.05.2015 Mörgbl Tea Time For Pünks
29.05.2015 Vanhelga Ångest
Black Metal
28.05.2015 Amestigon Thier
26.05.2015 Agahast Afterglow Imaging
Symphonic Gothic Metal
25.05.2015 Galvano Trail Of The Serpent
25.05.2015 Anatomy Of I Substratum
25.05.2015 Ashbringer Vcant
Epic Folk Black Metal
25.05.2015 Lucifer Lucifer I
25.05.2015 Cro-Mags Near Death Experience (Reissue)
25.05.2015 Bloodrocuted Doomed To Annihilation (Reissue)
25.05.2015 Third Ion 13/8Bit
25.05.2015 Cold Cell Lowlife
Dark Black Metal
25.05.2015 Nordfrost Naturgewalten
Pagan Black Metal
25.05.2015 GigimXul Beyond The Grave
Black Metal
25.05.2015 Dan Deagh Wealcan Who Cares What Music Is Playing In My Headphones?
25.05.2015 Feared Synder
25.05.2015 Leprous The Congregation
25.05.2015 Third Iron 13/8Bit
KW 21 | 2015
23.05.2015 Aeveron VVD Destination Annihilation
Melodic Death/Black Metal
23.05.2015 Fierce Justice Fierce Justice
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
22.05.2015 Adramelch Opus
Progressive Rock/Metal
22.05.2015 Revolting Visages Of The Unspeakable
22.05.2015 Discreation Procreation Of The Wretched
22.05.2015 Anti-Flag American Spring
22.05.2015 Wolf Down Liberation EP
22.05.2015 Worldview The Chosen Few
Melodic Metal
22.05.2015 Weird Candle Regeneration
22.05.2015 Coal Chamber Rivals
22.05.2015 Neck Of The Woods Neck of The Woods
22.05.2015 Teethgrinder Misanthropy
Metal/ Grindcore
22.05.2015 Thinner Paintime and Glory
HC/ Punkrock
22.05.2015 Vidunder Oracles And Prophets
22.05.2015 Livhzuena Dark Mirror Neurons
22.05.2015 Subconscious Veil
22.05.2015 Crystal Ball LifeRider
22.05.2015 V.A. A Light In The Black (A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio)
22.05.2015 Vile Caliber Tomorrow's For Those Who Dare
Hard Rock
22.05.2015 Bloodlost Evil Origins
22.05.2015 Proll Guns Fucking Troublemaker (EP)
22.05.2015 Mono Inc. Terlingua
22.05.2015 Rusty Pacemaker's Ruins
22.05.2015 Katechon Coronation
22.05.2015 Big Balls Cowgirl From First To Last
Heavy Rock
22.05.2015 Emerald Sun Metal Dome
22.05.2015 Kamchatka Long Road Made Of Gold
22.05.2015 The Legendary Tigerman True
21.05.2015 Apneica Pulsazioni... Conversione
Post Doom Metal
20.05.2015 Skip Rock Take It Or Leave It
Hard Rock
20.05.2015 Implexi Safest Shelter
Progressive/Power Metal
20.05.2015 Amken/ maze Of Terror Split CD
19.05.2015 Vulcano Bloody Vengeance
Death Metal
19.05.2015 Artaius Torn Banners
19.05.2015 Mystifier Goetia
19.05.2015 Fairy Vinterverv
Melodic Rock/ Metal

Bundeswehr-Musikkorps und U.D.O. für den guten Zweck

Delirious und Terrorblade im Rausch der Kanalfahrt

Darkness Drummer Lacky beim Selbstversuch mit dabei