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KW 21 | 2015
22.05.2015 Worldview The Chosen Few
Melodic Metal
22.05.2015 Weird Candle Regeneration
22.05.2015 Coal Chamber Rivals
22.05.2015 Neck Of The Woods Neck of The Woods
22.05.2015 Teethgrinder Misanthropy
Metal/ Grindcore
22.05.2015 Thinner Paintime and Glory
HC/ Punkrock
22.05.2015 Vidunder Oracles And Prophets
22.05.2015 Livhzuena Dark Mirror Neurons
22.05.2015 Subconscious Veil
22.05.2015 Crystal Ball LifeRider
22.05.2015 V.A. A Light In The Black (A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio)
22.05.2015 Vile Caliber Tomorrow's For Those Who Dare
Hard Rock
22.05.2015 Bloodlost Evil Origins
22.05.2015 Proll Guns Fucking Troublemaker (EP)
22.05.2015 Mono Inc. Terlingua
22.05.2015 Rusty Pacemaker's Ruins
22.05.2015 Katechon Coronation
22.05.2015 Big Balls Cowgirl From First To Last
Heavy Rock
22.05.2015 Emerald Sun Metal Dome
22.05.2015 Kamchatka Long Road Made Of Gold
22.05.2015 The Legendary Tigerman True
21.05.2015 Apneica Pulsazioni... Conversione
Post Doom Metal
20.05.2015 Skip Rock Take It Or Leave It
Hard Rock
20.05.2015 Implexi Safest Shelter
Progressive/Power Metal
20.05.2015 Amken/ maze Of Terror Split CD
19.05.2015 Vulcano Bloody Vengeance
Death Metal
19.05.2015 Artaius Torn Banners
19.05.2015 Mystifier Goetia
19.05.2015 Fairy Vinterverv
Melodic Rock/ Metal
19.05.2015 Skinless Only The Ruthless Remain
19.05.2015 Valborg Romantik
18.05.2015 Death Alley Black Magick Boogieland
18.05.2015 Eversin Trinity -The Annihilation
Violent Thrash Metal
18.05.2015 Inquisition Nefarious Dismal Orations (2007)
18.05.2015 Impurity Into the Ritual Chamber
18.05.2015 Vorum Current Mouth
18.05.2015 TesseracT Odyssey
18.05.2015 Weedeater Goliathan
18.05.2015 Will Haven Open The Mind To Discomfort
18.05.2015 Nibiru Padmalotus
Psych Ritual Sludge
KW 20 | 2015
16.05.2015 Sorrowfield The Great Abduction
16.05.2015 Sammal Myrskyvaroitus
15.05.2015 The Vintage Caravan Arrival
15.05.2015 Lapko Freedom
15.05.2015 Corpse Garden Entheogen
15.05.2015 Valkyrie Shadows
15.05.2015 Tau Cross Tau Cross
15.05.2015 Beach Slang Broken Thrills
15.05.2015 Alcoholator Escape From Reality
Thrash Metal
15.05.2015 Ars Irae Dunkle Klänge
15.05.2015 Hackneyed Inhabitants Of Carcosa
15.05.2015 Everlake Restless Repeat
15.05.2015 Goatlord The Last Sodomy of Mary
15.05.2015 Goatlord Reflections of the Solstice
15.05.2015 Dead Sun Halo Crusade Against Myself
Thrash Metal
15.05.2015 Cain's Offering Stormcrow
15.05.2015 Nelson Peace Out
15.05.2015 Whitesnake The Purple Album
15.05.2015 King Parrot Dead Set
Thrash Metal/Grindcore/Punk Rock
15.05.2015 Hypothermia Svartkonst
Rock/Black Metal
15.05.2015 Groteskh Code End
Black Metal
15.05.2015 Goatlord Demo '87 / Reh. '88 DLP
15.05.2015 Goatlord Sodomize the Goat DLP
14.05.2015 Varang Nord Fire Of The North
14.05.2015 Gestalt Infinite Regress
Black Metal
13.05.2015 Vinegar Hill Monophobia
13.05.2015 Klogr Make Your Stand
13.05.2015 Dysteria Fuck The Future
12.05.2015 Luciferian Rites When the Light Dies
11.05.2015 Magnum Escape From The Shadow Garden - Live 2014
11.05.2015 Brunel Smash On
11.05.2015 Orpheus Blade Wolf's Cry
Progressive Metal
11.05.2015 Graveyard Johnnys Dead Transmission
11.05.2015 Charlie Barnes More Stately Mansions
11.05.2015 Maleficence Journey to the Depths TAPE
11.05.2015 Ascended Dead The Advent TAPE
11.05.2015 The Bloodline We Are One
11.05.2015 Run, Melos! For Realsies
11.05.2015 Obsequiae Aria Of Vernal Tombs
11.05.2015 The Magick Way Curve Sternum
11.05.2015 Ribozyme Grinding Tune
11.05.2015 Ozric Tentacles Technicians Of The Sacred
11.05.2015 Nashville Pussy Ten Years Of Pussy
11.05.2015 Full Devil Jacket Valley Of Bones
11.05.2015 The Magik Way Curve Sternum
11.05.2015 Enlighten Phösphorvs Paramovnt
KW 19 | 2015
09.05.2015 Ebony Wall Time
Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal
08.05.2015 Superheaven Ours Is Chrome
08.05.2015 Birdpen In The Company of Imaginary Friends
Alternative / Indie / Rock
08.05.2015 Sworn In The Lovers / The Devil
08.05.2015 My Grimace Grim Serenades
08.05.2015 Brothers In Arms Warlord
08.05.2015 Way To Bodhi Living on H
08.05.2015 Domovoyd same
08.05.2015 Demon Eye Tempora Infernalia
08.05.2015 Mist Inan'
08.05.2015 Paper Arms Great Mistakes
08.05.2015 Wiegedood De Doden Hebben Het Goed
08.05.2015 Hop Along Painted Shut
08.05.2015 Mr. Irish Bastard The World, The Flesh & The Devil

„Weil wir einfach wissen, dass wir als Band nur funktionieren, wenn wir uns nicht verbiegen“