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KW 29 | 2015
14.07.2015 Torchia Ending Beginning
13.07.2015 Anfel Icy World
13.07.2015 Serrabulho Star Whores
Gore Grind/ Death Metal /Party Grind
KW 28 | 2015
12.07.2015 Burning Point Burning Point
11.07.2015 Klamm Ernte
Dark Atmospheric Sophisticated Black Metal
10.07.2015 Nostalgist Of Love and Days Ago
10.07.2015 Vardan Winter Woods
10.07.2015 Bone Gnawer Cannibal Crematorium
10.07.2015 Dysentery Fragments
10.07.2015 Undergang Døden Læger Alle Sår
10.07.2015 Armageddon Eternal Mystery
Prog Metal
10.07.2015 Raise Hell Six Feet Under (Single)
10.07.2015 Eisregen Brummbär EP
10.07.2015 Evo/ Algy Damned Unto Death
10.07.2015 DragonForce In The Line Of Fire
10.07.2015 Dagoba Tales Of The Black Dawn
10.07.2015 The Lonon Souls Here Come The Girls
10.07.2015 Gutalax Shit Happens
10.07.2015 Cradle Of Filth Hammer Of The Witches
Black Metal
10.07.2015 Debauchery Fuck Humanity
Death Metal
10.07.2015 Shardborne Living Bridges
Instrumental Prog Metal
10.07.2015 Necromantic Worship Spirit of the Entrance Unto Death
09.07.2015 Thera Roya Unraveling
Post Metal/Sludge Metal
09.07.2015 Turbocharged Militant
07.07.2015 Deathstorm The Gallows EP
Thrash Metal
07.07.2015 Coheed And Cambria You Got Spirit Kid Single
06.07.2015 Svärta Sepultus
06.07.2015 The Negation Memento Mori
Black Metal
06.07.2015 Evemaster III
Dark Metal / Melodic Death Black Metal
KW 27 | 2015
05.07.2015 Elvenstorm Soulreaper
05.07.2015 Tentation Tentation
03.07.2015 Wilson Right To Rise
Rock / Metal
03.07.2015 Illness Trumna
03.07.2015 After All Rejection Overruled
03.07.2015 Yes Like It is - At the Mesa Arts Center
03.07.2015 Dimino Old Habits Die Hard
03.07.2015 Chaos Magic Chaos Magic
03.07.2015 Kelly Keeling Mind Radio
03.07.2015 The V Now Or Never
03.07.2015 Arctic Sunrise A Smarter Enemy
03.07.2015 Lower Than Atlantis Lower Than Atlantis
03.07.2015 Abyssion Luonnon harmonia ja vihreä liekki
03.07.2015 Being As An Ocean Being As An Ocean
01.07.2015 Jameson Raid Uninvited Guests
01.07.2015 Tengger Cavalry / Nine Treasures / Ega Fall Mongol Metal
01.07.2015 Blasphemy Fallen Angel of Doom...
01.07.2015 Ysengrin Liber Hermetis
01.07.2015 Insulter Blood Spits, Violences and Insults
01.07.2015 Black Feast Larenuf Jubileum
01.07.2015 Black Angus Forevermore
30.06.2015 I Am The Trireme Gnosis: Never Follow the Light
Black Metal
30.06.2015 Tulsadoom Storms of the Netherworld
30.06.2015 Lothlöryen Principles of a Past Tomorrow
Folk Prog Power Metal
30.06.2015 Deathhammer Evil Power
29.06.2015 Next To None A Light In The Dark
29.06.2015 Hyades The Wolves Are Getting Hungry
29.06.2015 In Malice's Wake Eternal Nightfall
29.06.2015 My Silent Wake Damnatio Memoriae
Doom Death
29.06.2015 Spin My Fate A Promo EP
Alternative Rock
29.06.2015 Demoncy Empire of the Fallen Angel (Eternal Black Dominion)
29.06.2015 Harrow Fallow Fields
Atavistic Folk Black Metal
29.06.2015 Dystopia Na Dweller on the Threshold
Progressive Black Metal
29.06.2015 OHHMS Cold
29.06.2015 Azavatar Azavatar
29.06.2015 Thornesbreed GTRD
29.06.2015 Vattnet Viskar Settler
KW 26 | 2015
28.06.2015 Designs Of Chaos The Darkest Storm
Modern Thrash Metal
26.06.2015 Månegarm Månegarm Dödsfärd (Re-Mastered)
26.06.2015 Way To Bodhi Eyed And Spied
26.06.2015 Kadavrik Grimm I & II
26.06.2015 Milking The Goatmachine Goatgrind
26.06.2015 The Under The Under
Progressive Metal
26.06.2015 Blaze Of Perdition Near Death Revelations
26.06.2015 North Metanoia EP
26.06.2015 North Siberia
26.06.2015 Hevilan The End Of Time
26.06.2015 To/Die/For Cult
26.06.2015 4Bitten Rewind and Erase
26.06.2015 Sinister Dark Memorials
26.06.2015 District 97 In Vaults
26.06.2015 Kingcrow Eidos
26.06.2015 As Light Dies Gea
26.06.2015 Way To Bodhi Die tiefste Band der Welt
26.06.2015 Steel Raiser Unstoppable
Heavy/Speed Metal
26.06.2015 Trucker Diablo Rise Above the Noise
26.06.2015 Ecstatic Vision Sonic Praise
26.06.2015 Goblin Rebirth Goblin Rebirth
26.06.2015 Unbound Wicked World
26.06.2015 Isvind Gud
26.06.2015 Gloria Volt Recharged
26.06.2015 Rain Kite 'n Roll
Hard Rock
26.06.2015 Grillmaster Flash Andere Leude My Ass
26.06.2015 Unleash The Archers Time Stands Still
26.06.2015 Glowsun Beyond The Wall Of Time
26.06.2015 Nox Interna Spiritual Havoc
23.06.2015 Versus The World Homesick/Roadsick
23.06.2015 Humangled Prodromes Of A Flatline
23.06.2015 My Refuge A Matter Of Supremacy
22.06.2015 The Fiend Greed Power Religion War
22.06.2015 High On Fire Luminiferous