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KW 34 | 2015
21.08.2015 Vaee Solis Adversarial Light
21.08.2015 Dark Sermon The Oracle
21.08.2015 Buckcherry Rock'n'Roll
21.08.2015 Adversarial Death, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of Nihilism
21.08.2015 Kaledon Chapter IV: Twilight Of The Gods
21.08.2015 Susie Asado State of Undress
21.08.2015 Re-Armed Total Lack of Communication
21.08.2015 The Terraces Empire
21.08.2015 Barrows Barrows
21.08.2015 Ghost Meliora
21.08.2015 Hate Eternal Infernus
21.08.2015 Oceans Of Slumber Blue (EP)
21.08.2015 Myrkur M
21.08.2015 Vardan Between the Fog and Shadows
21.08.2015 Imperial State Machine Honk Machine
21.08.2015 Wolfheart Shadow World
21.08.2015 Draugurinn Ísavetur
21.08.2015 Scythian (UK) Hubris in Excelsis
Death Metal
21.08.2015 P.O.D. The Awakening
21.08.2015 Nekro Drunkz Absolute Filth
21.08.2015 Bonehunter Evil Triumphs Again
21.08.2015 Heldmaschine Lügen
21.08.2015 Spock’s Beard The Oblivion Particle
21.08.2015 Crossing Edge Breakout
20.08.2015 Darkyra Fool
20.08.2015 Il Vuoto Weakness
Funeral Doom Metal
19.08.2015 Kraanium Chronicles of Perversion
18.08.2015 Bury The Memory Viewpoint (Single)
18.08.2015 Shit Fucking Shit Life of Excess
17.08.2015 Hedfuzy Hedfuzy
17.08.2015 Kyy Travesty Of Light
Black Metal
KW 33 | 2015
16.08.2015 Eternal Mortification Awakening of the Dead
Death Metal
15.08.2015 Elysian Fields Adelain
15.08.2015 Dark Witch The Circle Of Blood
14.08.2015 Pressure Points False Lights
Heavy Metal
14.08.2015 Saltatio Mortis Zirkus Zeitgeist
14.08.2015 Deathwhite Solitary Martyr
14.08.2015 Antropofago Æra Dementiæ
14.08.2015 Effa Lente The Effa Lente Configuration: Parts 1-4
14.08.2015 Eisregen Marschmusik
14.08.2015 The Good Life Everybody's Coming Down
14.08.2015 Pyogenesis A Century In The Curse Of Time
14.08.2015 9mm Nitro Killers
14.08.2015 Hammerhead The Sin Eater
14.08.2015 C.R.O.W.N. Natron
10.08.2015 Kodiak Jack Scars EP
10.08.2015 Istengoat Atlas Shrugged
10.08.2015 Blasphmachine Salvation
Death/ Black
KW 32 | 2015
07.08.2015 Nachtgeschrei Staub und Schatten
07.08.2015 Weird Fate Cycle Of Naught
Black Metal
07.08.2015 Enabler Fail To Feel Safe
07.08.2015 New Light Choir Volume II
07.08.2015 Cianide Death, Doom and Destruction
07.08.2015 Second Relation Abiona
07.08.2015 The Mynabirds Lovers Know
07.08.2015 Krisiun Forged In Fury
07.08.2015 terror The 25th Hour
07.08.2015 Agent Fresco Destrier
07.08.2015 Barbatos Straight Metal War
07.08.2015 Wombbath Downfall Rising
Death Metal
07.08.2015 Majestic Downfall
Blackened Doom / Death
07.08.2015 InAeona Force Rise The Sun
07.08.2015 Skeletal Remains Condemned To Misery
Death Metal
07.08.2015 Istapp Frostbiten
Black Metal
07.08.2015 Black Fast Terms of Surrender
07.08.2015 The Antichrist Imperium The Antichrist Imperium
07.08.2015 Deiphago Into the Eye of Satan
07.08.2015 Unzucht Schweigen / Seelenblind
05.08.2015 Axis No Man's Land
04.08.2015 Soulfly Archangel
04.08.2015 Synapses Devoutness
03.08.2015 Crimson Sun Towards the Light
03.08.2015 Throaat Black Speed
KW 31 | 2015
02.08.2015 Vinnie Jonez Band Supernothing
01.08.2015 Space Mirrors Stella Polaris
Progressive/Dark Metal
01.08.2015 The Green River Burial Blight
01.08.2015 Ogotay Dead God's Prophet
01.08.2015 Forte Ruin Forte Ruin EP
31.07.2015 MadHouse You Want More
31.07.2015 My Hollow On Borrowed Time
31.07.2015 Månegarm Vargaresa - The Beginning (Re-Mastered)
31.07.2015 Oomph! XXV
31.07.2015 Shroud Of The Heretic Unorthodox Equilibrium
31.07.2015 Ingrimm Ungeständig (MCD)
31.07.2015 Nebiros VII
31.07.2015 Linie What We Make Our Demons Do
31.07.2015 Mastiphal For A Glory of All Spirits, Rise for Victory
30.07.2015 Toxic Trap Blood Omen
Thrash Metal
30.07.2015 chILL Artificially Alive
30.07.2015 Naked/Mother Moon Naked//Moon
29.07.2015 In Malice's Wake The Thrashening
27.07.2015 An Elegy Embrace The Rain
27.07.2015 Perversor Anticosmocrator
27.07.2015 Atheist Unquestionable Presence
Progressive Death Metal
27.07.2015 Ultimate Holocaust Blackmail The Nation
KW 30 | 2015
26.07.2015 Once Was Never Lighthouse In The Abyss
24.07.2015 Sacri Monti Sacri Monti
Psychedelic Heavy Rock
24.07.2015 Profezia Black Misanthropic Elite - Moon Anthem
24.07.2015 Stimmkraft Niemals
24.07.2015 Bult Bult

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