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KW 26 | 2015
26.06.2015 Isvind Gud
26.06.2015 Gloria Volt Recharged
26.06.2015 Rain Kite 'n Roll
Hard Rock
26.06.2015 Grillmaster Flash Andere Leude My Ass
26.06.2015 Unleash The Archers Time Stands Still
26.06.2015 Glowsun Beyond The Wall Of Time
26.06.2015 Nox Interna Spiritual Havoc
23.06.2015 Versus The World Homesick/Roadsick
23.06.2015 Humangled Prodromes Of A Flatline
23.06.2015 My Refuge A Matter Of Supremacy
22.06.2015 The Fiend Greed Power Religion War
22.06.2015 High On Fire Luminiferous
22.06.2015 Bloom Offering Death Bed
22.06.2015 Satanic Ripper Southern Black Spells
22.06.2015 Pro-Pain Voice Of Rebellion
22.06.2015 Dolentia Iniciação Eversiva
22.06.2015 Nahtrunar Symbolismus
22.06.2015 Virgin Steele Nocturnes of Hellfire & Damnation
22.06.2015 Fogg High Testament
22.06.2015 Vennart The Demon Joke
22.06.2015 Névoa The Absence of Void
22.06.2015 Officum Triste Reason
22.06.2015 Korsakov Unique Remains
22.06.2015 Cromm Cruac Senecio
22.06.2015 Bluuurgh Suffer Within (25 years of suffering)
22.06.2015 Suicide Watch Global Warning
22.06.2015 Abattoir Vicious Attack
KW 25 | 2015
21.06.2015 Isenmor Land Of The Setting Sun
Folk Metal
20.06.2015 Lady Beast Lady Beast II
20.06.2015 Prime Evil Blood Curse Resurrection
20.06.2015 Riotor Rusted Throne
19.06.2015 The Other Fear Itself
19.06.2015 Borealis Purgatory
Dark Melodic Metal
19.06.2015 Kain Seele
19.06.2015 Rhapsody Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus
19.06.2015 Feline & Strange Lies
19.06.2015 Donald Cumming Out Calls Only
Alternative / Indie / Rock
19.06.2015 Forndom Flykt
19.06.2015 Forgotten Horror Aeon of the Shadow Goddess
19.06.2015 Nekromanteion Cosmic Horrors 7" EP
19.06.2015 Stray Cats Live At Rockpalast - Loreley 1983 + Cologne 1981
19.06.2015 Heavens Gate Best For Sale!
Melodic Power Metal
19.06.2015 Krayenzeit Auf Dunklen Schwingen
19.06.2015 Red Sun Revival Identities
18.06.2015 The Hillinoise My Sleeping Butterfly
Alternative Gothic Rock
16.06.2015 Tempel The Moon Lit Our Path
16.06.2015 Total Negation Zeitzeuge
16.06.2015 Atavismo Desintegración
16.06.2015 NMBRSTTN Energy and Entropy
15.06.2015 KEN mode Success
15.06.2015 Demon Lung A Dracula
Doom Metal
15.06.2015 Doom Snake Cult Love Sorrow Doom
15.06.2015 Mefitic Woes of Mortal Devotion
15.06.2015 Inquisition Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm
15.06.2015 Iwretledabearonce Hail Mary
15.06.2015 Atreides Cosmos
15.06.2015 Ataraxie Slow Transcending Agony
KW 24 | 2015
13.06.2015 Achemoron Sulphur and Fire
Black Metal
13.06.2015 Archemoron Sulphur and Fire
Black Metal
12.06.2015 Tyrant Goatgaldrakona Horns in the Dark
12.06.2015 Coyotes Only To Call It Home
12.06.2015 The Exploding Eyes Orchestra I
12.06.2015 Closet Disco Queen same
12.06.2015 Mandowar Hellboys From Cow
12.06.2015 Dying Humanity Deadened
12.06.2015 From What We Believe Sink Or Swim
12.06.2015 Desasterkids 030
12.06.2015 Child Of Caesar Love In Black
12.06.2015 Curse Upon A Prayer Rotten Tongues
Black Metal
12.06.2015 Stormhammer Echoes Of A Lost Paradise
Power Metal
12.06.2015 The Exploding Eyes Orchstra I
12.06.2015 hard Action Sinister Vibes
12.06.2015 Funeral For A Friend Hours - Live at Islington Academy
12.06.2015 Gorgoroth Instinctus Bestialis
Black Metal
12.06.2015 A:S:Örchestra Winter Rain
12.06.2015 Birth Of Joy Live at Ubu
12.06.2015 Turbobier Irokesentango
12.06.2015 Scythe For Sore Eyes Dawn Of a Darker Horizon
12.06.2015 Palace Of The King White Bird - Burn The Sky
12.06.2015 Carnalation Ghosts
12.06.2015 Carthagods Carthagods
12.06.2015 Graveyard Shifters High Heels & Broken Bones
12.06.2015 Osukaru Transition
Melodic Rock
12.06.2015 Amanita Virosa Asystole
12.06.2015 Amandas Nadel Sticht
Deutschrock, Darkrock
12.06.2015 Basilisk Traumland
Meta!, Rock, Dark
12.06.2015 Horrizon Dwelling Within
12.06.2015 Luna Rise Dark Days & Bright Nights
09.06.2015 Withering Soul Adverse Portrait
Melodic Black Metal
09.06.2015 Barbelith Mirror Unveiled
09.06.2015 Drowse Soon Asleep
09.06.2015 Hollow Haze Memories Of An Ancient Time
08.06.2015 Art Of Anarchy Art Of Anarchy
08.06.2015 Ashtar Ilmasaari
Black Metal, Doom & Sludge
08.06.2015 Midnight Odyssey Shards Of Silver Fade
08.06.2015 Absconditus Kat?ßas??
08.06.2015 Leere Bleak
Black Metal
08.06.2015 No Consequence Vimana
08.06.2015 Shrapnel Storm Mother War
Old School Death Metal
08.06.2015 FlashFires 31

Vigilance, Erazor & Spiker im Konzert (Essen, Oktober 2017)

„Bisschen Bier, bisschen Headbangen, bisschen Metal“

Insgesamt gelungener Tourauftakt im verregneten Hamburg