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KW 32 | 2015
03.08.2015 Throaat Black Speed
KW 31 | 2015
02.08.2015 Vinnie Jonez Band Supernothing
01.08.2015 Space Mirrors Stella Polaris
Progressive/Dark Metal
01.08.2015 The Green River Burial Blight
01.08.2015 Ogotay Dead God's Prophet
01.08.2015 Forte Ruin Forte Ruin EP
31.07.2015 MadHouse You Want More
31.07.2015 My Hollow On Borrowed Time
31.07.2015 Månegarm Vargaresa - The Beginning (Re-Mastered)
31.07.2015 Oomph! XXV
31.07.2015 Shroud Of The Heretic Unorthodox Equilibrium
31.07.2015 Ingrimm Ungeständig (MCD)
31.07.2015 Nebiros VII
31.07.2015 Linie What We Make Our Demons Do
31.07.2015 Mastiphal For A Glory of All Spirits, Rise for Victory
30.07.2015 Toxic Trap Blood Omen
Thrash Metal
30.07.2015 chILL Artificially Alive
30.07.2015 Naked/Mother Moon Naked//Moon
29.07.2015 In Malice's Wake The Thrashening
27.07.2015 An Elegy Embrace The Rain
27.07.2015 Perversor Anticosmocrator
27.07.2015 Atheist Unquestionable Presence
Progressive Death Metal
27.07.2015 Ultimate Holocaust Blackmail The Nation
KW 30 | 2015
26.07.2015 Once Was Never Lighthouse In The Abyss
24.07.2015 Sacri Monti Sacri Monti
Psychedelic Heavy Rock
24.07.2015 Profezia Black Misanthropic Elite - Moon Anthem
24.07.2015 Stimmkraft Niemals
24.07.2015 Bult Bult
24.07.2015 Awaken The Empire Aurora
24.07.2015 Tracer Water for Thirsty Dogs
24.07.2015 Lamb Of God Sturm und Drang
24.07.2015 Last Days Of Fall Saints & Sinners
24.07.2015 Ivan & The Parazol Mode Bizarre
24.07.2015 Brunhilde Dollhouse
24.07.2015 Proxillian But Sorrow Remains
24.07.2015 King Savage Full Speed Ahead
24.07.2015 Sonick Plague Sonick Plague
24.07.2015 Locrian Infinite Dissolution
24.07.2015 Hope Drone Cloak of Ash
24.07.2015 Agusa Agusa 2
24.07.2015 Destruktor Opprobrium
24.07.2015 Deathrite Revelation of Chaos
24.07.2015 We Came As Romans We Came As Romans
24.07.2015 Black Space Riders Refugeeum
24.07.2015 Circus Of Fools Raise The Curtain
24.07.2015 Orpheus Omega Partum Vita Mortem
Melodcs Death Metal
24.07.2015 Symphony X Underworld
24.07.2015 Kaiju Audiofokus
Melodic Death Metal
24.07.2015 Doomentor The Second Ceremony 7" EP
21.07.2015 Darktribe The Modern Age
Scarlet Records
21.07.2015 Yellowtooth Crushed by the Wheels of Progress
21.07.2015 Kore Rozzik Rock Star [single]
21.07.2015 Urðun Horror & Gore
20.07.2015 To The Pain 7
20.07.2015 demona 2015 (7"EP)
20.07.2015 Cinnamun Beloved The Weird Moment
Symphonic/ Gothic Metal
20.07.2015 Blasphemic Cruelty Crucible of the Infernum
20.07.2015 Nuclear Formula For Anarchy
20.07.2015 Prowler From The Shadows
KW 29 | 2015
17.07.2015 Disaster In The Universe Coconut Message
17.07.2015 Orchid Sign Of The Witch
17.07.2015 Kellerkommando Belzebub
17.07.2015 Ragnaröek Dornig
17.07.2015 Mordaça Sempre A Lutar
17.07.2015 Dan Adriano In The Emergency Room Party Adjacent
17.07.2015 Reverie Bliss
15.07.2015 Victor Love The Network
15.07.2015 Norylsk Catholic Dictatorship
Grind / Grindcore
15.07.2015 Vorzug Call Of The Vultures
Death Metal
15.07.2015 Crisalida Terra Ancestral
Progressive Metal
14.07.2015 Organ Dealer Visceral Infection
14.07.2015 Torchia Ending Beginning
13.07.2015 Anfel Icy World
13.07.2015 Serrabulho Star Whores
Gore Grind/ Death Metal /Party Grind
KW 28 | 2015
12.07.2015 Burning Point Burning Point
11.07.2015 Klamm Ernte
Dark Atmospheric Sophisticated Black Metal
10.07.2015 Nostalgist Of Love and Days Ago
10.07.2015 Vardan Winter Woods
10.07.2015 Bone Gnawer Cannibal Crematorium
10.07.2015 Dysentery Fragments
10.07.2015 Undergang Døden Læger Alle Sår
10.07.2015 Armageddon Eternal Mystery
Prog Metal
10.07.2015 Raise Hell Six Feet Under (Single)
10.07.2015 Eisregen Brummbär EP
10.07.2015 Evo/ Algy Damned Unto Death
10.07.2015 DragonForce In The Line Of Fire
10.07.2015 Dagoba Tales Of The Black Dawn
10.07.2015 The Lonon Souls Here Come The Girls
10.07.2015 Gutalax Shit Happens
10.07.2015 Cradle Of Filth Hammer Of The Witches
Black Metal
10.07.2015 Debauchery Fuck Humanity
Death Metal
10.07.2015 Shardborne Living Bridges
Instrumental Prog Metal
10.07.2015 Necromantic Worship Spirit of the Entrance Unto Death
09.07.2015 Thera Roya Unraveling
Post Metal/Sludge Metal
09.07.2015 Turbocharged Militant
07.07.2015 Deathstorm The Gallows EP
Thrash Metal
07.07.2015 Coheed And Cambria You Got Spirit Kid Single
06.07.2015 Svärta Sepultus
06.07.2015 The Negation Memento Mori
Black Metal
06.07.2015 Evemaster III
Dark Metal / Melodic Death Black Metal

Dieses Jahr gleich fünf Bands am Start

Oster-Schlachtfest zur Vordisco-Zeit

Zwischenstopp zur ultimativen „The Ultimate Incantation“-Show

Mit „Adrenalin“ zur Hochtour aufgelaufen

„Ist halt so - Rock'n'Roll und fertig“

„Aber man weiß schon, wenn man Architects Of Chaoz hört, wo die Reise hingeht“