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KW 39 | 2015
25.09.2015 Bloodway Mapping The Moment With The Logic Of Dreams
25.09.2015 Mare Cognitum An Extraconscious Lucidity
25.09.2015 Veiled Omniscient Veil
25.09.2015 VI De Praestigiis Angelorum
Black Metal
25.09.2015 Tambours Du Bronx Corros
25.09.2015 Idle Class Of Glass And Paper
25.09.2015 (DOLCH) I & II
25.09.2015 Abhorrent Decimation Miasmic Mutation
25.09.2015 Sivyj Yar Burial Shrouds
Black Metal / Pagan Epic Black Metal
25.09.2015 Ruach Raah Hate Fanaticism
25.09.2015 Grainne Duffy Live
25.09.2015 Golden Void Berkana
25.09.2015 Dark Buddha Rising Inversum
25.09.2015 The Raven Self Destruct
Gothic / Cyberelektro
25.09.2015 Wucan Sow The Wind
25.09.2015 Haudegen Lichtblick
25.09.2015 Narbeleth Through Blackness, and Remote Places
25.09.2015 Flatfoot 56 / 6'10 Split CD
25.09.2015 Hanging Garden Blackout Whiteout
25.09.2015 The 3rd Attempt Born In Thorns
25.09.2015 AmoK Necrospiritual Deathcore
25.09.2015 Deathless Creation Thrash’n’Roll
Thrash Metal/Rock'n'Roll
25.09.2015 Deth Enemy Unmovable
25.09.2015 Tantrum Devirginized
25.09.2015 21Octayne 2.0
25.09.2015 Boysetsfire Boysetsfire
25.09.2015 Division Speed Division Speed
25.09.2015 One OK Rock 35xxxv
22.09.2015 Mountain Man Rumination
22.09.2015 Infall Nitecomes
22.09.2015 Iniquitous Savagery Subversions of the Psyche
Death Metal
22.09.2015 Horna Hengen Tulet
22.09.2015 Shrine of Insanabilis Disciples of the Void
21.09.2015 Krallice Ygg Huur
KW 38 | 2015
20.09.2015 Haunted By Destiny Aria For An Angel
Alternative Rock
19.09.2015 Black-Bone Blessing in Disguise
18.09.2015 Tsjuder Antiliv
18.09.2015 Ritual Killer Exterminance
18.09.2015 Metal Allegiance Metal Allegiance
18.09.2015 Slayer Repentless
18.09.2015 Skepticism Ordeal
18.09.2015 Atila V
18.09.2015 Saturday's Heroes Hometown Serenade
18.09.2015 Horisont Odyssey
18.09.2015 Atreyu Long Live
18.09.2015 TesseracT Polaris
18.09.2015 Hatred War Of Words
18.09.2015 Moon Render of the Veils
18.09.2015 Grift Syner
18.09.2015 Chemia Let Me
18.09.2015 The Jokers Hurricane
18.09.2015 Tyranny Aeons In Tectonic Interment
18.09.2015 42 Decibel Rolling In Town
18.09.2015 Blackmore's Night All Our Yesterdays
18.09.2015 Operation Mindrime: The Key
18.09.2015 Ohrenfeindt Motor an!
18.09.2015 Godsleep Thousand Sons of Sleep
18.09.2015 Ares Kingdom The Unburiable Dead
18.09.2015 Yast My Dreams Did Finally Come True
18.09.2015 Arreat Summit Frostburn
Death Metal/Deathcore
18.09.2015 Windhand Grief's Infernal Flower
18.09.2015 Christian Mistress To Your Death
18.09.2015 Lurid Memory Dematerializing
Prog Death Metal
18.09.2015 Märvel The Hills Have Eyes
18.09.2015 VLY I / [Time]
18.09.2015 Witchsorrow No Light, Only Fire
18.09.2015 One Machine The Final Cull
18.09.2015 Kill Ritual Karma Machine
18.09.2015 Meat Wave Delusion Moon
18.09.2015 Psychosomatic Clicking Sound Of A Hammer Pulled Back
Thrash Metal
18.09.2015 Steven Wilson Transience
18.09.2015 Mosfet Screwing The Devil
18.09.2015 My Dying Bride Feel The Misery
18.09.2015 Mustasch Testosterone
17.09.2015 88 Mile Trip Through The Thickest Haze
Stoner Rock/Metal
15.09.2015 The Hudson Horror Nemesis
Melodic Death Metal
15.09.2015 Islay Angels` Share
Death Metal
15.09.2015 Funeral Throne Threshold
15.09.2015 Thy Worshiper Ozimina
Pagan Metal
15.09.2015 Pneuma Hagion Trinity I
15.09.2015 When Bitter Spring Sleeps Spirit In Flames
Pagan Black Metal
15.09.2015 A.C.O.D II - The Maelstrom
14.09.2015 Necroblasphème Belleville
Death / Black Metal
14.09.2015 End Of Daze Ascension
14.09.2015 Swamp/Fetid Zombie
Black Thrash/ Death Thrash
KW 37 | 2015
12.09.2015 Overcharger All That We Had
12.09.2015 Fates Prophecy The Cradle Of Life
11.09.2015 Darkness Light Living With The Danger
Hard Rock
11.09.2015 Alfahanne Blod Eld Alfa
11.09.2015 Speedtrap Straight Shooter
11.09.2015 macBeth Imperium
11.09.2015 Acid Death Hall of Mirrors
Death Metal
11.09.2015 Human Desolation Mind Grind Paradigm
Melodic Death Metal
11.09.2015 Dieversity - Re/Awakening
Melodic Metal
11.09.2015 Atomic Symphony Redemption
Prog Metal
11.09.2015 Nightfell Darkness Evermore
11.09.2015 Rivulets I Remember Everything
11.09.2015 Deceased Cadaver Traditions
11.09.2015 Weak Dark Desires
11.09.2015 Orkan Livlaus

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