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KW 42 | 2015
16.10.2015 Zombi Shape Shift
16.10.2015 Steve Moore CUB - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
16.10.2015 Voodoo Hill Waterfall
16.10.2015 Joel Hoekstra's 13 Dying To Live
16.10.2015 Stryper Fallen
16.10.2015 Pagan's Mind Full Circle
16.10.2015 Atomwinter Iron Flesh
16.10.2015 The Catafalque Sgùrr
16.10.2015 Black Tide Chasing Shadows
16.10.2015 Bellusira The Healing
16.10.2015 Perfect Beings Perfect Beings II
16.10.2015 Mortal Torment Cleaver Redemption
Brutal Death Metal
16.10.2015 Sadist Hyaena
Progressive Death Metal
16.10.2015 Void Of Sleep New World Order
16.10.2015 Intrinsic Nails
Power/Thrash Metal
16.10.2015 Crimson Day Order of the Shadows
Heavy Metal
16.10.2015 Satan Atom by Atom
16.10.2015 Gorod A Maze of Recycled Creeds
16.10.2015 LIK Mass Funeral Evocation
16.10.2015 Murashita Inescapable Damnation
16.10.2015 Muncie Girls/Sandlotkids Split Single
16.10.2015 Flight Flight
16.10.2015 All Hell The Red Sect
16.10.2015 Counting Days Liberated Sounds
16.10.2015 Skythen Silverowls
16.10.2015 Hyne MMXV
16.10.2015 Scavanger Rise of the Scarab
Nu Metal
16.10.2015 Ivanhoe 7 Days
16.10.2015 So Hideous Laurestine
16.10.2015 Sorrowful Angels Remedie
16.10.2015 Coheed And Cambria The Color Before The Sun
16.10.2015 Pussy Sisster Arrogance
16.10.2015 No Rules Never Give Up
Heavy Metal
16.10.2015 Martina Edoff Unity
Nordic Rock
16.10.2015 Caligula’s Horse Bloom
16.10.2015 Grave Out Of Respect For The Dead
16.10.2015 Nad Sylvan Courting the Widow
16.10.2015 Vasa Colours
Instrumental Post-Rock
16.10.2015 Sailing To Nowhere To The Unknown
16.10.2015 Housebreaking Against All Odds
15.10.2015 Aosoth/Order Of Orias Split 12"MLP
15.10.2015 Nashorn Echoes of war
15.10.2015 Tranquillizer Des Endes Anfang
15.10.2015 Sadistik Exekution 30 Years of Agonizing the Dead
15.10.2015 Enfeeble Momentum of Tranquility
14.10.2015 Forefather The fighting man
13.10.2015 Maverick Break It Up
13.10.2015 Dean Wallace Metal Family
Hard Rock
12.10.2015 Lowburn Doomsayer
Stoner Rock
KW 41 | 2015
10.10.2015 Lucid Dreams Build And Destroy
09.10.2015 Zardonic Anti Hero
09.10.2015 Gloria Story Beast Of A Notrthern Light
09.10.2015 Bloodred Hourglass Where The Oceans Burn
09.10.2015 Isenblast Altars Of Blood
Black Metal
09.10.2015 Heimdalls Wacht Ut de graute olle Tied (Deel II) - Land der Nebel
09.10.2015 Michael Monroe Blackout State
09.10.2015 Placenta XV - Greatest Hits
09.10.2015 If I Die Today Cursed
09.10.2015 Seamount Nitro Jesus
09.10.2015 Alucarda Raw Howls
09.10.2015 Charing Cross Pain & Gain
Heavy Metal
09.10.2015 Kowloon Walled City Grievances
09.10.2015 Cain Johnson Reset
09.10.2015 Thyrgrim Dekaden
Black Metal
09.10.2015 War Agenda Night Of Disaster
09.10.2015 James Stevenson Everything’s Getting Closer To Being Over
09.10.2015 Varg Rotkäppchen - EP
09.10.2015 Power Theory Driven By Fear
US Metal
07.10.2015 D.A.R.K. In the name of evil
06.10.2015 John Dallas Wild Life
Hard Rock
06.10.2015 Mono Inc. An klaren Tagen (EP)
05.10.2015 La Horde Dystopie
KW 40 | 2015
02.10.2015 Puff Purple Puff Purple in Rock
Heavy Metal
02.10.2015 Solanum I.T.S.C.
02.10.2015 Rendezvous Point Solar Storm
02.10.2015 Tetragrammacide Typhonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulæ
02.10.2015 Essence Prime
02.10.2015 Denial (Mexico) 11°22?.?4'N 142°35?.?5'E 7" EP
02.10.2015 Pentagram (Chile) / Unaussprechlichen Kulten Ritual Human Slaughter / La Mujer, El Diablo y El Permiso de Dios - split 7" EP
02.10.2015 The Maension Aevolution
02.10.2015 Black Grail Misticismo Regrisivo
02.10.2015 Cultus Ferox Nette Jungs
02.10.2015 Australasia Notturno
02.10.2015 Hills Have Eyes Antebellum
02.10.2015 Death Dealer Hallowed Ground
02.10.2015 Dawn Of Destiny To Hell
Metal / Hardrock
02.10.2015 Temple Of Baal Mysterium
Death/ Black Metal
02.10.2015 Great Collapse Holy War
02.10.2015 Marasmus Conjuring Enormity
02.10.2015 Nerlich Eternity´s Gate
Death Metal
02.10.2015 Demon Incarnate Demon Incarnate
02.10.2015 Venefixion Defixio
02.10.2015 Fit For An Autopsy Absolute Hope Absolute Hell
02.10.2015 For Today Wake
02.10.2015 Evil Army Violence and War
02.10.2015 Queensryche Condition Hüman
02.10.2015 Allison Weiss New Love
02.10.2015 New Years Day Malevolence
02.10.2015 Jimm Incan[des]cence
02.10.2015 One Year Delay Deep Breath

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