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KW 45 | 2015
06.11.2015 Bodyfarm Battle Breed
Old School Death Metal
06.11.2015 Austaras Prisoner of Sunlight
06.11.2015 Dorje Catalyst
06.11.2015 Vanden Plas Chronicles Of The Immortals: Netherworld II
06.11.2015 Billy Sherwood Citizen
06.11.2015 Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall Kingdom of Rock
06.11.2015 Junkstars This Means War
06.11.2015 Vastum Hole Below
06.11.2015 Supreme Carnage Sentenced by the Cross
06.11.2015 Aelement Neonschwarz
05.11.2015 Zombieslut Undead Commando
Death Metal
04.11.2015 Dark Symphonica Immersion
Symphonic Metal
03.11.2015 Survival No Grief
02.11.2015 Dick Venom & The Terrortones SnakeOil for Snakes
02.11.2015 Sound Of Memories To Deliverance
02.11.2015 Pathologic Noise Gore Aberration
02.11.2015 O.S.I.R.I.S. The Conquest of Planet Death - Vol 2
KW 44 | 2015
01.11.2015 Healer Healer EP
Hard Rock
01.11.2015 The Burning (Lustre) Summoning the Lost Energy
01.11.2015 Rebaelliun At War
01.11.2015 Absolutus Pugnare In Iis Quae Obtinere Non Possis
01.11.2015 Sig:Ar:Tyr Beyond The North Wind
01.11.2015 Sig:Ar:Tyr Godsaga
01.11.2015 Weeping Silence Opus IV Oblivion
01.11.2015 Sig:Ar:Tyr Sailing The Seas Of Fate
31.10.2015 Hautajaisyö Hautajaisyö
31.10.2015 Hertz Kankarok Livores
Avant-garde gothic metal
31.10.2015 Bevar Sea Invoke the Bizarre
Stoner/Doom Metal
31.10.2015 Ceifador Heavy Metal 666
Speed / Thrash Metal
31.10.2015 Urania Hieros Gamos
Doom / Death Metal
31.10.2015 Dead United X Part 1 Unalive & X Part 2 Horrorhymns
31.10.2015 Pessimist Slaughtering the Faithful [reissue]
Death Metal
30.10.2015 Seed Husk Seed Husk
30.10.2015 Nicki Puppet Disco Inferno
30.10.2015 Rapture Crimes Against Humanity
Death/ Thrash Metal
30.10.2015 Port Noir Neon EP
30.10.2015 Our Survival Depends On Us Scouts On The Borderline Between The Physical And Spiritual World
30.10.2015 Undiluted The Withering Path
Doom Metal
30.10.2015 Greay Heaven Fall Black Wisdom
Hypnotic Black/Death Metal
30.10.2015 The Oliver Stones Yalla Tschüss
Alternative Rock
30.10.2015 Be The Wolf Imago
30.10.2015 Shrines Shrines
30.10.2015 Draconian Sovran
30.10.2015 Skindred Voluime
30.10.2015 Saviours Palace of Vision
30.10.2015 Xul Malignance
30.10.2015 Sacrificium Carmen Ikuisen Tulen Kammiossa
30.10.2015 Escape The Fate Hate Me
Rock / Metal / Alternative
30.10.2015 Midge Ure Breathe Again: Live and Extended
30.10.2015 Unherz Jetzt oder nie
30.10.2015 Nyx Home
Extreme Metal/Black Metal
30.10.2015 Cryptopsy The Book of Suffering Tome 1
30.10.2015 Teramaze Her Halo
Prog Metal
30.10.2015 The Shrine Rare Breed
30.10.2015 '77 Nothing's Gonna Stop Us
30.10.2015 Subsignal The Beacons of Somewhere Sometime
30.10.2015 Horrendous Anareta
30.10.2015 Abhorrent Deformity Entity of Malevolence
30.10.2015 Lost Soul Atlantis: The New Beginning
30.10.2015 Visceral Throne Those Who Have Fallen Beyond the Grace of God
30.10.2015 Cold Northern Vengeance Maelstrom
30.10.2015 Crytopsy The Book of Suffering Tome 1
30.10.2015 Invoker Aeon
30.10.2015 Zaibatsu Zero
30.10.2015 Ektomorf Aggressor
30.10.2015 Hong Faux A Message From Dystopia
30.10.2015 Diablo Silver Horizon
30.10.2015 Allehackbar Play It Fucking Loud
30.10.2015 Visionary666 Into Abeyance
Death Metal
30.10.2015 Throne The Full Moon Sessions
30.10.2015 Deadheads Loadead
30.10.2015 Ambush Desecrator
30.10.2015 Under The Church Rabid Armageddon
30.10.2015 Bastard Grave What Lies Beyond
30.10.2015 Therapy? Deathstimate (Single)
30.10.2015 Grave Ritual Morbid Throne
Death Metal
30.10.2015 Nikki Puppet Disco Inferno
30.10.2015 Amaranthe Breaking Point: B-Sites 2011-2015
30.10.2015 Panzerballett Breaking Brain
30.10.2015 Anne Haigis 15 Companions
30.10.2015 Lunar Mantra Genesis
30.10.2015 Sunder Sunder
30.10.2015 The Neighbourhood Wiped Out!
30.10.2015 Abigail Williams The Accuser
30.10.2015 Certo Porcos Odio 666
30.10.2015 Rose'n Wake Up
Heavy Metal
30.10.2015 Sterbhaus Bloodbarf
Death Metal
30.10.2015 Panopticon Autumn Eternal
30.10.2015 Hooded Menace Darkness Drips Forth
30.10.2015 Pinkish Black Bottom of the Morning
30.10.2015 The Great Tyrant The Trouble WIth Being Born
30.10.2015 Canyon Of The Skull Canyon of the Skull
Instrumental Blackened Doom
30.10.2015 Repulsive Aggression Preachers Of Death
30.10.2015 As Darkness Dies As Darkness Dies
US Metal
30.10.2015 Time Killers Dead City Dreams
28.10.2015 Hell-O-Matic Hell-O-Matic
Gothic Metal
28.10.2015 Blisterhead Hide And Seek (radio single)
26.10.2015 Invokation Ascending from aeons passed
Death Metal
26.10.2015 Jac Dalton Powderkeg
26.10.2015 Grumo Fallimento

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