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KW 47 | 2015
16.11.2015 Dystrophy Wretched Host
16.11.2015 Sturmovik Destination Nowhere
16.11.2015 Weeping Birth The Crushed Harmony
Melodic & Brutal Black/Death Metal
16.11.2015 Atrorum Structurae
Avantgarde Black Metal
16.11.2015 Second To Sun The First Chapter
KW 46 | 2015
15.11.2015 Pityhole Last Breath On Earth
14.11.2015 Lonely Spring Truth Be Told
13.11.2015 Devin Townsend Project Devin Townsend Presents: Ziltoid Live at the Royal Albert Hall
13.11.2015 Awe Providentia
13.11.2015 Maryann Cotton lnto Eternity
13.11.2015 Mundtot Wir
Alternative Rock
13.11.2015 Vision Of Disorder Razed To The Ground
13.11.2015 Kampfar Profan
13.11.2015 Deadmen Get Lost
Post Core
13.11.2015 Vanity Blvd. Wicked Temptation – Dirty Edition
13.11.2015 Der Noir A Certain Idea Of Love
13.11.2015 Chaos Mortality Makes The Humanity
13.11.2015 Deville Make It Belong To Us
13.11.2015 Helmut Bite!
Stoner Rock
13.11.2015 Isanity Visions of Apocalypse
Tech Death/Thrash Metal
13.11.2015 Smokey Bastard Back To The Drawing Room
13.11.2015 Arkentype Disorientated
Progressive Metal
13.11.2015 Marius Danielsen's Legend Of Valley Doom Marius Danielsen's Legend Of Valley Doom
Epic Power Metal
13.11.2015 Sulamith The Manhunt Begins
Modern Death Metal
13.11.2015 Funeral Marmoori The Deer Woman
13.11.2015 Traitor Venomizer
Thrash Metal
13.11.2015 Trans-Siberian Orchestra Letters From The Labyrinth
13.11.2015 Hegemon The Hierarch
13.11.2015 Revenge Behold.Total.Rejection
13.11.2015 Austral/Cold The Exalted Shadows of Death are Dancing
13.11.2015 Kála Thesis
13.11.2015 The Fright Rising Beyond
Nu Metal
13.11.2015 Otargos Xeno Kaos
13.11.2015 Memento Architects of Destruction
13.11.2015 Sacrilege Behind The Realms of Madness (Reissue)
13.11.2015 Pretty Useless Suit Up And Break Down
Hard Rock
13.11.2015 The Order Of Chaos Apocalpyse Moon
Heavy Metal
13.11.2015 Shallow Ground Embrace The Fury
Thrash Metal
13.11.2015 Ashby Fragmental
Progressive Rock/Metal
13.11.2015 Ghost Machinery Evil Undertow
Melodic Heavy Metal
13.11.2015 Revolted Masses Age Of Descent
13.11.2015 Tausend Löwen Unter Feinden Machtwort
13.11.2015 [P.U.T,] Like Animals
Sludge, Noise, Punk
13.11.2015 Mercutio Back to Nowhere
13.11.2015 Nocturnal Blood Abnormalities Prevail
13.11.2015 Zenith Union Entropy
13.11.2015 Karma Violens Skin Of Existence
13.11.2015 Insanity Visions of Apocalypse
13.11.2015 Other Houses Bad Reputation
13.11.2015 Vhod Dreamcleaver
13.11.2015 Swallow The Sun Songs From The North I, II & III
13.11.2015 Dragged Into Sunlight/Gnaw Their Tongues N.V.
13.11.2015 Reject The Sickness Chains Of Solitude
Melodic death metal
13.11.2015 Djano 3000 Live
13.11.2015 ImPuls Ration Rock
13.11.2015 Firespawn Shadow Realms
13.11.2015 Intronaut The Direction Of Last Things
13.11.2015 AJK What`s Good For You
13.11.2015 Death Hawks Sun Future Moon
12.11.2015 Hacking The Wave Circuit Breakers
11.11.2015 Phrenetix Fear
Thrash Metal
10.11.2015 Reverend Hound Release The Hounds
Old School Heavy Metal
09.11.2015 GrueßAugust Strophe Bridge Refrain
09.11.2015 Ixion Enfant de la Nuit
09.11.2015 Return From The Grave Three(p)
Stoner Doom Metal
09.11.2015 Khadaver Exstinctio Mundi
Blackened Cyber / Industrial Metal
09.11.2015 Infection Code 00:15 l'avanguardia industriale
Noisecore / Post Metal
KW 45 | 2015
08.11.2015 Afsky Afsky
Depressive Black Metal
07.11.2015 Bode Preto Mystic Massacre
07.11.2015 Sons Of Providence A Conscious End to Suffering
Metal - Industrial - Avant-Garde
06.11.2015 Necrosphere The end of all Flesh
06.11.2015 Sabiendas Column of Skulls
06.11.2015 Gonoreas Destructive Ways
Heavy Metal
06.11.2015 Hangman’s Chair This is not supposed to be positive
06.11.2015 Eldritch Underlying Issues
06.11.2015 Dark Moor Project X
06.11.2015 Los Bastardos Finlandeses Bad Motherfucker's Ball
06.11.2015 Mammoth Storm Fornjot
06.11.2015 Shane Gaalaas Bitter Suites From The Red Room
06.11.2015 Miranda Danger
06.11.2015 The Dahmers Demons
06.11.2015 Flayed Monster Man
06.11.2015 Nucleus Torn Neon Light Eternal
06.11.2015 City Light Thief Shame
06.11.2015 Infinight Apex Predator
06.11.2015 Police State Mind Collapse
06.11.2015 Elarmir Human Wisdom
Prog Death
06.11.2015 Gorelem Part II
Heavy Rock
06.11.2015 Tiebreaker We Come From The Mountains
06.11.2015 Breathe Me In Inhale Exhale
06.11.2015 Killson In Limbo
06.11.2015 Phase Reverse Phase III: Youniverse
06.11.2015 Pale Moon Music Sorgsendömet Fobos
06.11.2015 Stone Cold Dead Lava Flows
06.11.2015 Kamikaze Kings Ungebrochen
06.11.2015 Hyems Devianz - Dem Menschen Ein Wolf
06.11.2015 Broken Fate The Bridge Between
06.11.2015 Talco Silent Town
06.11.2015 Dead Among The Dead Men Extreminate! Annihilate! Destroy!
06.11.2015 From Ashes To New Downfall EP

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