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KW 19 | 2017
12.05.2017 Meatwound Largo
KW 18 | 2017
05.05.2017 Sideburn #Eight
Rock, Hard Rock
05.05.2017 Herzparasit Parakropolis
05.05.2017 Morfin Consumed By Evil
05.05.2017 Alchimia Musa
03.05.2017 Comity A Long Eternal Fall
Noise, Extreme Rock'n'Roll
KW 17 | 2017
28.04.2017 M. W. Wild The Third Decade
Gothic Rock
28.04.2017 Psygnosis Neptune
Instrumental Symphonic Metal
28.04.2017 Harpyie Anima
28.04.2017 Dimmu Borgir Forces Of The Northern Night
Black Metal
28.04.2017 Aborted Fetus The Art of Violent Torture
28.04.2017 Prayers Of Sanity Face of the Unknown
28.04.2017 Days Of Jupiter New Awakening
28.04.2017 Astral Doors Black Eyed Children
27.04.2017 Enisum Seasons of Desolation
26.04.2017 Gut-Scrapers Getting Through
KW 16 | 2017
21.04.2017 Descendants Of Cain Conversations With Mirrors
Alternative Rock
21.04.2017 Resurgency No Worlds... Nor Gods Beyond
21.04.2017 Sollertia Light
21.04.2017 Amiensus All Paths Lead to Death
21.04.2017 Slate Grey World Turns To Black
21.04.2017 Platonic Solids Shady Deals
19.04.2017 Fireback Theory Of Happiness
KW 15 | 2017
16.04.2017 Moonlight Prophecy Spellbound
15.04.2017 Bitterness Memories Of A Dying Past
14.04.2017 Controlled Collapse Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Electro Rock, Industrial
14.04.2017 Resurrected Resurrected
Death Metal
14.04.2017 Dynfari The Four Doors of the Mind
12.04.2017 Karma Zero Monsters
Rock, Metal
KW 14 | 2017
08.04.2017 Diana Rising Stars Can‘t Shine Without Darkness
07.04.2017 Soulmatic Silverliner
Classic Rock
07.04.2017 Örth Nocturno Inferno
07.04.2017 The Sirens Of Titan Apocalypse Sessions
07.04.2017 Scritikall Draft
Rock, Metal
07.04.2017 High Brian Hi Brain
70s Psych, Stoner Rock
07.04.2017 Ethmebb La Quete du Saint Grind
07.04.2017 Deez Nuts Binge & Purgatory
07.04.2017 Beast Modulus Being
07.04.2017 Regulus Quadralith
04.04.2017 Gloom Catharsis
Gothic Metal
03.04.2017 Perversity Idolatry
Death Metal
KW 13 | 2017
31.03.2017 Duality Archeology
Metalcore, Progressive Metal
31.03.2017 Winfield Rock'n'Roll ist Krieg
31.03.2017 The Royal Seven
31.03.2017 Don't Try This Wireless Slaves
Modern Metal/Metalcore
31.03.2017 Digir Gidim I Thought There Was the Sun Awaiting My Awakening
31.03.2017 Vestfalia's Peace Loneliness
Dark Wave
31.03.2017 Chronosphere Red N' Roll
31.03.2017 Beyond Description The Robotized World
31.03.2017 Crimson Dawn Chronicles Of An Undead Hunter
31.03.2017 Arch Enemy:s The Stages Burn!
31.03.2017 Bestial Warlust Storming Bestial Legions LIVE '96
31.03.2017 The River Of The Lost Souls The Midnight Album
31.03.2017 In.Si.Dia Denso Inganno
31.03.2017 Thiago Bianchis Arena
31.03.2017 Toseland Fingers Burned
KW 12 | 2017
24.03.2017 Les Anges De La Nuit Darkness Looms
24.03.2017 Shock Therapy Theatre Of Shock Therapy (1985-2008)
24.03.2017 Venereal Baptism Deviant Castigation Liturgy
24.03.2017 Fubar Weltschmerz
24.03.2017 Obscure Infinity Dawn Of Winter re-issue
24.03.2017 The Vicious Head Society Abject Tomorrow
24.03.2017 Heavy Tiger Glitter
24.03.2017 Steve Hackett The Night Siren
24.03.2017 Blood Moon Through the Scarlet Veil
24.03.2017 Stormage Dead Of Night
21.03.2017 Aima / Supremative Blood Chalices From the Impure - split 7" EP
20.03.2017 Acrimonious Eleven Dragons
KW 11 | 2017
18.03.2017 Délétère Per Aspera Ad Pestilentiam
17.03.2017 Bonafide Flames
17.03.2017 Arrested Mind Frontal
17.03.2017 Anomalie Visions
17.03.2017 Saile Gnosis
17.03.2017 Venenum Trance Of Death
17.03.2017 Allochiria Throes
17.03.2017 Saille Gnosis
17.03.2017 Locust Leaves A Subtler Kind Of Light
17.03.2017 Fell Ruin To The Concrete Drifts
17.03.2017 Celestial Bodies Spit Forth From Chaos
17.03.2017 Iron Magazine Queen of Hell
17.03.2017 Crime First Crime
17.03.2017 Sammy Berell Passion Dreams
Heavy Metal
17.03.2017 Lantern II: Morphosis
17.03.2017 Ruxt Behind The Masquerade
17.03.2017 Decaying Days The Fire Of A Thousand Suns
16.03.2017 Entartung Baptised into the Faith of Lust
15.03.2017 Panikk Discarded Existence
13.03.2017 Apostate Viaticum Before the Gates of Gomorrah
13.03.2017 Consummation Ritual Severance
KW 10 | 2017
10.03.2017 Oceanwake Earthen
10.03.2017 Unholy Baptism ...On the Precipice of the Ancient Abyss
10.03.2017 Atlas Pain What The Oak Left
Epic/Folk Metal
10.03.2017 Temptation's Wings Skulthor Ebonblade
10.03.2017 PH Eternal Hayden
10.03.2017 Tommy Vitaly Indivisible
10.03.2017 Anvil Strykez Anvil Strykez
10.03.2017 Veonity Into The Void
Power Metal
10.03.2017 Scum Humana
Death Metal/ Thrash Metal
10.03.2017 Cellador Off The Grid
10.03.2017 Black Cilice Banished From Time

Dieses Jahr gleich fünf Bands am Start

Oster-Schlachtfest zur Vordisco-Zeit

Zwischenstopp zur ultimativen „The Ultimate Incantation“-Show

Mit „Adrenalin“ zur Hochtour aufgelaufen

„Ist halt so - Rock'n'Roll und fertig“

„Aber man weiß schon, wenn man Architects Of Chaoz hört, wo die Reise hingeht“