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KW 48 | 2015
27.11.2015 Mano Humana Sombras
27.11.2015 Forbidden Seed From Sand To Eternity
Heavy/ Power Metal
27.11.2015 Shotgunz Based On A True Story
Heavy Rock
27.11.2015 Osta Love Isle Of The Dog
27.11.2015 The Moth Gatherer The Earth Is The Sky
27.11.2015 Phased Aeon
Psychedelic Doom
27.11.2015 Körgull The Exterminator Reborn From The Ashes
27.11.2015 Human Touch Mental Chill
27.11.2015 Sergeant Steel Riders Of The Worm
Hard Rock
27.11.2015 Gloria Tory Greetings From Electric Wastelands
27.11.2015 Necronomicon Pathfinder ... Between Heaven And Hell
Thrash/ Heavy Metal
27.11.2015 Booze Bug Booze Your Illusion
27.11.2015 Serocs And When the Sky Was Opened
Death Metal
27.11.2015 Tales Of The Tomb Volume One: Morpras
Death Metal
27.11.2015 Antyra Pentachronist
Epic metal
27.11.2015 Whiskey Ritual Blow With The Devil
27.11.2015 A.R.G. Redemption from Refaim
27.11.2015 Mörbid Vomit Doctrine Of Violence
27.11.2015 Blackosh Whores, Booze & Black Metal
26.11.2015 Violent X Chemical Insomnia
Death Thrash
26.11.2015 Wows Aion
Doom Metal/Post Metal
25.11.2015 Verräter/Sxuperion Verräter/Sxuperion
Black Metal and Atmospheric Deathmetal
24.11.2015 Falling Dice Restless
24.11.2015 Teach Your Soul With Fire Vol. IV
Death Black Grind
KW 47 | 2015
20.11.2015 Steak Number Eight Kosmokoma
20.11.2015 Neronoia Mi Piaceva una Vita
20.11.2015 Solution .45 Nightmares In The Waking State - Part I
20.11.2015 Manimal Trapped In The Shadows
20.11.2015 Escarnium Godless Shrine Of Decay
Death Metal
20.11.2015 Punching Moses Humanity Pandemic
20.11.2015 Syndro-Sys Corporation
Industrial Electro Metal
20.11.2015 Fatal Embrace Slaughter To Survive
Thrash Metal
20.11.2015 Björn Kleinhenz Ursa Minor
20.11.2015 The Carburetors Laughing In The Face Of Death
20.11.2015 Man Made Predator Of Decay and Collapse
20.11.2015 Psychopunch Sweet Baby Octane
20.11.2015 Lion Sheperd Hiraeth
Ethno Prog Rock
20.11.2015 Null'O'Zero Enemy Within
20.11.2015 Giuda Speaks Evil
20.11.2015 Rex Shachath Revocation Of The Blood Elect
20.11.2015 Steelwing Reset, Reboot, Redeem
20.11.2015 Late Night Venture Tychonians
Stoner Rock, Shoegaze, Neo-Psychedelia
20.11.2015 Kid Harlequin Wired
20.11.2015 Sekoria Im Reich der Schatten
20.11.2015 Lord Vigo Under Carpathian Sun
20.11.2015 Alicewell Young Hearts EP
20.11.2015 Darkest Era Gods and Origins (EP)
20.11.2015 Magic Circle Journey Blind
20.11.2015 Spock's Beard The First Twenty Years
20.11.2015 Enforcer Live By Fire
20.11.2015 Serotonin Syndrome Sarajas
20.11.2015 Them Stones Them Stones
20.11.2015 Devil In Me Soul Rebel
20.11.2015 Imperia Tears Of Silence
20.11.2015 Hatesphere New Hell
20.11.2015 A Sickness Unto Death The Great Escape
Doom Metal
20.11.2015 Benefactor Disease Anatomy of an Angel
Thrash Metal/ Crossover
20.11.2015 Honeymoon Disease The Transcendence
20.11.2015 Phantasma The Deviant Hearts
20.11.2015 Manegarm Manegarm
20.11.2015 Ephyra Along The Path
Melodic Death Metal
20.11.2015 Jonbar Hinge Jonbar Hinge
20.11.2015 Anomalie Refugium
20.11.2015 Coraxo Neptune
20.11.2015 Dodsferd Wastes of Life
20.11.2015 Hiems Cold Void Journey (The Forsaken Crimes)
17.11.2015 Khazaddum In Dwarven Halls
17.11.2015 Drakarium DrakariuM
Progressive Power Metal
16.11.2015 Dystrophy Wretched Host
16.11.2015 Sturmovik Destination Nowhere
16.11.2015 Weeping Birth The Crushed Harmony
Melodic & Brutal Black/Death Metal
16.11.2015 Atrorum Structurae
Avantgarde Black Metal
16.11.2015 Second To Sun The First Chapter
KW 46 | 2015
15.11.2015 Pityhole Last Breath On Earth
14.11.2015 Lonely Spring Truth Be Told
13.11.2015 Devin Townsend Project Devin Townsend Presents: Ziltoid Live at the Royal Albert Hall
13.11.2015 Awe Providentia
13.11.2015 Maryann Cotton lnto Eternity
13.11.2015 Mundtot Wir
Alternative Rock
13.11.2015 Vision Of Disorder Razed To The Ground
13.11.2015 Kampfar Profan
13.11.2015 Deadmen Get Lost
Post Core
13.11.2015 Vanity Blvd. Wicked Temptation – Dirty Edition
13.11.2015 Der Noir A Certain Idea Of Love
13.11.2015 Chaos Mortality Makes The Humanity
13.11.2015 Deville Make It Belong To Us
13.11.2015 Helmut Bite!
Stoner Rock
13.11.2015 Isanity Visions of Apocalypse
Tech Death/Thrash Metal
13.11.2015 Smokey Bastard Back To The Drawing Room
13.11.2015 Arkentype Disorientated
Progressive Metal
13.11.2015 Marius Danielsen's Legend Of Valley Doom Marius Danielsen's Legend Of Valley Doom
Epic Power Metal
13.11.2015 Sulamith The Manhunt Begins
Modern Death Metal
13.11.2015 Funeral Marmoori The Deer Woman
13.11.2015 Traitor Venomizer
Thrash Metal
13.11.2015 Trans-Siberian Orchestra Letters From The Labyrinth
13.11.2015 Hegemon The Hierarch
13.11.2015 Revenge Behold.Total.Rejection
13.11.2015 Austral/Cold The Exalted Shadows of Death are Dancing
13.11.2015 Kála Thesis

Vigilance, Erazor & Spiker im Konzert (Essen, Oktober 2017)

„Bisschen Bier, bisschen Headbangen, bisschen Metal“

Insgesamt gelungener Tourauftakt im verregneten Hamburg