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KW 49 | 2015
04.12.2015 La Fleur Fatale When Darkness Fall
04.12.2015 Malrun Oblivion Awaits
04.12.2015 Scarecell New Horizons
04.12.2015 The Boyscout My Route 66
04.12.2015 Realms Of Odoric Realms Of Odoric
04.12.2015 Second Youth Second Youth
04.12.2015 Fortress Black I.N.R.I.
Post-Moderner Black Metal
03.12.2015 Kvltist Catechesis
Black Metal
03.12.2015 Perfect Beings The Love Inside (Radio Edit)
01.12.2015 Abominator Barbaran War Worship
01.12.2015 Ysengrin/Black Grail Nigrum Nigrius Nigro - Split LP
01.12.2015 Eshtadur Oblivion
01.12.2015 Grave Forsaken The Fight Goes On
Thrash Metal
01.12.2015 Odyssea Storm
Heavy Power Metal
30.11.2015 Mythra Warriors Of Time: The Anthology
30.11.2015 Surge Assault Lust & Misery
Black/Thrash Metal
30.11.2015 Psychotomy Antimonia
Death Metal
30.11.2015 In Malice's Wake Light Upon The Wicked
30.11.2015 Scala Mercalli New Rebirth
30.11.2015 Hellish Theurgist's Spell 7" EP
30.11.2015 Caecus Affliction 7" EP
30.11.2015 Morkesagn Where The Darkness Never Ends
Black Metal
30.11.2015 Womb Deception Through Your Lies
30.11.2015 Narcosis Road To Infinity
30.11.2015 Extreme Cold Winter Paradise Ends Here
30.11.2015 Pestilence The Dysentry Penance
30.11.2015 Sunless Rise Unrevealed
Melodic Death Metal.
30.11.2015 Raptor King Dinocracy EP
KW 48 | 2015
27.11.2015 Abysmal Lord Disciples of the Inferno
27.11.2015 Resuscitation Eviscerated Divinity 7" EP
27.11.2015 Hällas Hällas
Classic Rock, Rock, Progressive Rock, NWOBHM
27.11.2015 Eucharist Demise Rites
27.11.2015 Watercolour Ghosts Watercolour Ghosts
27.11.2015 Furze Baphomet Wade
27.11.2015 Ghostlights Zero Dark One
Heavy Metal
27.11.2015 Voodoo Circle Whisky Fingers
27.11.2015 New Device Devils On The Run
27.11.2015 The Gloria Story Greetings From Electric Wasteland
27.11.2015 Zgard Totem
27.11.2015 Danzig Skeletons
27.11.2015 Callejon Live in Köln
27.11.2015 Fatum Aeternum The Darkest Hour
27.11.2015 Standing Ovation Gravity Beats Nuclear
27.11.2015 Alphastate Out Of The Black
27.11.2015 Al-Namrood Diaji Al Joor
Occult Black Metal
27.11.2015 Despite Exile Disperse
27.11.2015 Crippled Black Phoenix New Dark Age Tour EP 2015 A.D.
27.11.2015 Mano Humana Sombras
27.11.2015 Forbidden Seed From Sand To Eternity
Heavy/ Power Metal
27.11.2015 Shotgunz Based On A True Story
Heavy Rock
27.11.2015 Osta Love Isle Of The Dog
27.11.2015 The Moth Gatherer The Earth Is The Sky
27.11.2015 Phased Aeon
Psychedelic Doom
27.11.2015 Körgull The Exterminator Reborn From The Ashes
27.11.2015 Human Touch Mental Chill
27.11.2015 Sergeant Steel Riders Of The Worm
Hard Rock
27.11.2015 Gloria Tory Greetings From Electric Wastelands
27.11.2015 Necronomicon Pathfinder ... Between Heaven And Hell
Thrash/ Heavy Metal
27.11.2015 Booze Bug Booze Your Illusion
27.11.2015 Serocs And When the Sky Was Opened
Death Metal
27.11.2015 Tales Of The Tomb Volume One: Morpras
Death Metal
27.11.2015 Antyra Pentachronist
Epic metal
27.11.2015 Whiskey Ritual Blow With The Devil
27.11.2015 A.R.G. Redemption from Refaim
27.11.2015 Mörbid Vomit Doctrine Of Violence
27.11.2015 Blackosh Whores, Booze & Black Metal
26.11.2015 Violent X Chemical Insomnia
Death Thrash
26.11.2015 Wows Aion
Doom Metal/Post Metal
25.11.2015 Verräter/Sxuperion Verräter/Sxuperion
Black Metal and Atmospheric Deathmetal
24.11.2015 Falling Dice Restless
24.11.2015 Teach Your Soul With Fire Vol. IV
Death Black Grind
KW 47 | 2015
20.11.2015 Steak Number Eight Kosmokoma
20.11.2015 Neronoia Mi Piaceva una Vita
20.11.2015 Solution .45 Nightmares In The Waking State - Part I
20.11.2015 Manimal Trapped In The Shadows
20.11.2015 Escarnium Godless Shrine Of Decay
Death Metal
20.11.2015 Punching Moses Humanity Pandemic
20.11.2015 Syndro-Sys Corporation
Industrial Electro Metal
20.11.2015 Fatal Embrace Slaughter To Survive
Thrash Metal
20.11.2015 Björn Kleinhenz Ursa Minor
20.11.2015 The Carburetors Laughing In The Face Of Death
20.11.2015 Man Made Predator Of Decay and Collapse
20.11.2015 Psychopunch Sweet Baby Octane
20.11.2015 Lion Sheperd Hiraeth
Ethno Prog Rock
20.11.2015 Null'O'Zero Enemy Within
20.11.2015 Giuda Speaks Evil
20.11.2015 Rex Shachath Revocation Of The Blood Elect
20.11.2015 Steelwing Reset, Reboot, Redeem
20.11.2015 Late Night Venture Tychonians
Stoner Rock, Shoegaze, Neo-Psychedelia
20.11.2015 Kid Harlequin Wired
20.11.2015 Sekoria Im Reich der Schatten
20.11.2015 Lord Vigo Under Carpathian Sun
20.11.2015 Alicewell Young Hearts EP
20.11.2015 Darkest Era Gods and Origins (EP)
20.11.2015 Magic Circle Journey Blind
20.11.2015 Spock's Beard The First Twenty Years
20.11.2015 Enforcer Live By Fire
20.11.2015 Serotonin Syndrome Sarajas
20.11.2015 Them Stones Them Stones

…und wenn Behörden nicht mitspielen wollen...

Gelungene Premiere der Stadt aus Eisen

Piggy wird nicht vergessen werden, loyal, wie die Fans nun einmal sind

Einmal mehr exklusive Clubshow im Turock

"Es geht um die Kunst und ums Gesamtkonzept"

Hail fucking Satan!

Gelungener Auftakt zum großen Festivalbruder