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KW 01 | 2016
09.01.2016 Mangog Mangog Awakens
Doom Metal
08.01.2016 Venomous Concept Kick My Silly
08.01.2016 The Lion's Daughter Existence Is Horror
American Metal
08.01.2016 Ignite A War Against You
08.01.2016 A Feast For Crows Let the feast begin
Modern Metal
08.01.2016 Shotgun Justice State Of Desolation
08.01.2016 Christian Death Atrocities (1986)
08.01.2016 Christian Death The Scriptures (1987)
08.01.2016 Dvalin Aus Dem Schatten
07.01.2016 Temple Of Evil The 7th Awakening
Black Metal
06.01.2016 Powerwolf Blessed & Possessed Tour Edition
05.01.2016 Foret D' Orient Venetia
05.01.2016 Affliction Gate Dying Alone
05.01.2016 Blackhour Sins Remain
KW 53 | 2016
01.01.2016 Terror Legion of Gore (7" EP)
01.01.2016 Heimsgard Ördrag
Pagan Folk Metal
01.01.2016 Terror (Cleveland) Legion of Gore (7" EP)
Death Thrash
01.01.2016 Coffins Perpetual Penance
30.12.2015 Syranic The Coriolis Delusion
Progressive Metal( Metalcore
29.12.2015 The Fading Till Life Do Us Part
28.12.2015 Hulduefni / I Am Esper / Paleozoic / Satanath Aliens VS Dinosaurs
Dark Ambient
KW 52 | 2015
27.12.2015 Costin Chioreanu The Quest For A Morning Star
Avantgarde / Experimental Music
25.12.2015 Dram/ Perdition Winds Split
Black Metal
25.12.2015 Degial Savage Mutiny
Death Metal
25.12.2015 Zafakon Release
25.12.2015 Nidafjoll Einar
Symphonic Pagan Black Metal
24.12.2015 Endless recovery Revel in Demise
Thrash Metal
24.12.2015 Abysmal Grief Strange Rites Of Evil
24.12.2015 War Atrocities Necromantical Legions
Black Thrash Metal
21.12.2015 Sad Theory Vérmina Audioclastia Póstuma
Death Metal
21.12.2015 Natvre's Wrath
Black metal
21.12.2015 Rotting Flesh Infected Purity
Atmospheric Black/Death Metal
21.12.2015 Bloodlash Rain EP
KW 51 | 2015
20.12.2015 Senescence Endoomed
Doom Metal
19.12.2015 Electric Love Heroine
19.12.2015 Cryostasium / Thor Maillet CTM3
Dark Ambient
19.12.2015 Debunker The Invisible Disorder
Incorporative Thrash Metal
19.12.2015 Saintorment Well Of Sins
Thrash Metal
18.12.2015 Taphos Nomos West Of Everything Lies Death
Death Metal
18.12.2015 Windfaerer Tenebrosum
18.12.2015 Carthaun Staub und Schatten
Black Metal
18.12.2015 Against The Plagues Purified Through Devastation
18.12.2015 Ripping Death Tales of the Ripper
18.12.2015 Imperial State Electric Anywhere Loud
18.12.2015 Bootcamp Origins Bootcamp Origins
18.12.2015 Jack Frost Mélaina Cholé
18.12.2015 Ice War Battle Zone 7" EP
18.12.2015 Andy Summers Metal Dog
18.12.2015 Baroness Purple
18.12.2015 Nachtzeit Där Föddes En Längtan
17.12.2015 zZz Juggernaut
15.12.2015 Dark The Suns Life Eternal
Gothic Metal
15.12.2015 Chaos Echoes A Voiceless Ritual
15.12.2015 Chaos Echoes Duo Experience / Spectral Affinities
15.12.2015 Chaos Echoes Parisian Sessions / Rehearsal I
15.12.2015 Auðn Auðn
Atmospheric Black Metal
15.12.2015 Ekstasis Wirklichkeitsraster
Progressive Black Metal
14.12.2015 Morth Towards The Endless Path
Epic Atmospheric Black Metal
14.12.2015 Neuronia Under The Same Sky
Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal
14.12.2015 Zvi Zvi II: Death Stops Us All
14.12.2015 Akatechism Dripping Flames
14.12.2015 Serpents Athrist Heralding Ceremonial Mass Obliteration
KW 50 | 2015
13.12.2015 Hooded Eagle Nightscapes from the Abyssal Plane
Doom/ Extreme
12.12.2015 Nihilosaur Icebreaker Hope
Death Metal/Hardcore
12.12.2015 Pile Of Priests Void to Enlightenment
Progressive Death Metal
11.12.2015 Triumvir Foul Triumvir Foul
11.12.2015 Monolithe Epsilon Aurigae
11.12.2015 Sarcofago Die...Hard
11.12.2015 Centrilia Memento Mori
Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore
11.12.2015 Sharky Sharky Super Awsome Mega Rock
11.12.2015 Overdose Supreme Dosage
Thrash Metal
11.12.2015 Invocation Spells Descendent The Black Throne
11.12.2015 Diavolos You Lived, Now Die
11.12.2015 Instigator Bad Future (EP)
11.12.2015 Tarot The Warrior's Spell
Hard Rock
11.12.2015 Thirteen Stars The White Raven
11.12.2015 Chase The Ace Hell Yeah
11.12.2015 Mortal Infinity Final Death Denied
11.12.2015 Wheel In The Sky Heading For The Night
Rock, Garage Rock, Psychedelic-rock
11.12.2015 Saligia Fønix
11.12.2015 Hellhead Niemals zurück
07.12.2015 Ur Draugr With Hunger Undying
07.12.2015 Voltumna Disciplina Etrusca
07.12.2015 Mettadone Invisible Disease
07.12.2015 Nachtlieder The Female Of The Species
07.12.2015 Nar Mattaru Ancient Atomic Warfare
07.12.2015 Spectral Lore Gnosis
KW 49 | 2015
05.12.2015 Raze Mankind's Heritage
04.12.2015 Hoiter Dipoiter Mit Dem Kopf Durch Die Wand
04.12.2015 Sadism Alliance
Death Metal
04.12.2015 Coronatus Raben Im Herz
04.12.2015 VoidCeremony Cyclical Descent of Causality
04.12.2015 Gallower The Witch Hunt Is On
04.12.2015 Sikth Opacities
04.12.2015 Pyriphlegethon Night of Consecration
04.12.2015 Worthless Grim Catharsis
Death Metal
04.12.2015 Messenger Starwolf - Pt. II: Novastorm
04.12.2015 Bed Of A Nun Waiting For A Visit
Poetic Rock
04.12.2015 Vorna Ei valo minua seuraa
04.12.2015 An Ocean Of Void The Great Escape

Dieses Jahr gleich fünf Bands am Start

Oster-Schlachtfest zur Vordisco-Zeit

Zwischenstopp zur ultimativen „The Ultimate Incantation“-Show

Mit „Adrenalin“ zur Hochtour aufgelaufen

„Ist halt so - Rock'n'Roll und fertig“