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KW 51 | 2015
18.12.2015 Imperial State Electric Anywhere Loud
18.12.2015 Bootcamp Origins Bootcamp Origins
18.12.2015 Jack Frost Mélaina Cholé
18.12.2015 Ice War Battle Zone 7" EP
18.12.2015 Andy Summers Metal Dog
18.12.2015 Baroness Purple
18.12.2015 Nachtzeit Där Föddes En Längtan
17.12.2015 zZz Juggernaut
15.12.2015 Dark The Suns Life Eternal
Gothic Metal
15.12.2015 Chaos Echoes A Voiceless Ritual
15.12.2015 Chaos Echoes Duo Experience / Spectral Affinities
15.12.2015 Chaos Echoes Parisian Sessions / Rehearsal I
15.12.2015 Auðn Auðn
Atmospheric Black Metal
15.12.2015 Ekstasis Wirklichkeitsraster
Progressive Black Metal
14.12.2015 Morth Towards The Endless Path
Epic Atmospheric Black Metal
14.12.2015 Neuronia Under The Same Sky
Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal
14.12.2015 Zvi Zvi II: Death Stops Us All
14.12.2015 Akatechism Dripping Flames
14.12.2015 Serpents Athrist Heralding Ceremonial Mass Obliteration
KW 50 | 2015
13.12.2015 Hooded Eagle Nightscapes from the Abyssal Plane
Doom/ Extreme
12.12.2015 Nihilosaur Icebreaker Hope
Death Metal/Hardcore
12.12.2015 Pile Of Priests Void to Enlightenment
Progressive Death Metal
11.12.2015 Triumvir Foul Triumvir Foul
11.12.2015 Monolithe Epsilon Aurigae
11.12.2015 Sarcofago Die...Hard
11.12.2015 Centrilia Memento Mori
Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore
11.12.2015 Sharky Sharky Super Awsome Mega Rock
11.12.2015 Overdose Supreme Dosage
Thrash Metal
11.12.2015 Invocation Spells Descendent The Black Throne
11.12.2015 Diavolos You Lived, Now Die
11.12.2015 Instigator Bad Future (EP)
11.12.2015 Tarot The Warrior's Spell
Hard Rock
11.12.2015 Thirteen Stars The White Raven
11.12.2015 Chase The Ace Hell Yeah
11.12.2015 Mortal Infinity Final Death Denied
11.12.2015 Wheel In The Sky Heading For The Night
Rock, Garage Rock, Psychedelic-rock
11.12.2015 Saligia Fønix
11.12.2015 Hellhead Niemals zurück
07.12.2015 Ur Draugr With Hunger Undying
07.12.2015 Voltumna Disciplina Etrusca
07.12.2015 Mettadone Invisible Disease
07.12.2015 Nachtlieder The Female Of The Species
07.12.2015 Nar Mattaru Ancient Atomic Warfare
07.12.2015 Spectral Lore Gnosis
KW 49 | 2015
05.12.2015 Raze Mankind's Heritage
04.12.2015 Hoiter Dipoiter Mit Dem Kopf Durch Die Wand
04.12.2015 Sadism Alliance
Death Metal
04.12.2015 Coronatus Raben Im Herz
04.12.2015 VoidCeremony Cyclical Descent of Causality
04.12.2015 Gallower The Witch Hunt Is On
04.12.2015 Sikth Opacities
04.12.2015 Pyriphlegethon Night of Consecration
04.12.2015 Worthless Grim Catharsis
Death Metal
04.12.2015 Messenger Starwolf - Pt. II: Novastorm
04.12.2015 Bed Of A Nun Waiting For A Visit
Poetic Rock
04.12.2015 Vorna Ei valo minua seuraa
04.12.2015 An Ocean Of Void The Great Escape
04.12.2015 Last Frontier Theta Healing (Through the poison)
Heavy Prog Metal
04.12.2015 Ensight Hybrid
Prog Metal
04.12.2015 Divided Multitude Divided Multitude
04.12.2015 Headless Crown Time For Revolution
Heavy Metal
04.12.2015 Necrosemen Vglns
04.12.2015 Helheim raunijaR
04.12.2015 Violent Divine Hyperactivity Disorder
04.12.2015 Secrets Of The Moon Sun
04.12.2015 Amber Asylum Sin Eater
04.12.2015 Conflicted Under Bio-lence
04.12.2015 Some Skeletons Vigils
04.12.2015 Megaherz Erdwärts
04.12.2015 Jess And The Ancient Ones Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes
04.12.2015 Night Viper Night Viper
Heavy Metal
04.12.2015 Tombstones Vargariis
04.12.2015 Machinae Clockwork
04.12.2015 WEH Ingenmannsland
04.12.2015 Khymera The Grand Design
04.12.2015 Find Me Dark Angel
04.12.2015 Blood Red Saints Speedway
04.12.2015 Starblind Dying Son
Heavy Metal
04.12.2015 Harem Scarem Live at the Phoenix
04.12.2015 Harm Devil (Re-Release)
Thrash Metal
04.12.2015 Final Story Carpathia
04.12.2015 La Fleur Fatale When Darkness Fall
04.12.2015 Malrun Oblivion Awaits
04.12.2015 Scarecell New Horizons
04.12.2015 The Boyscout My Route 66
04.12.2015 Realms Of Odoric Realms Of Odoric
04.12.2015 Second Youth Second Youth
04.12.2015 Fortress Black I.N.R.I.
Post-Moderner Black Metal
03.12.2015 Kvltist Catechesis
Black Metal
03.12.2015 Perfect Beings The Love Inside (Radio Edit)
01.12.2015 Abominator Barbaran War Worship
01.12.2015 Ysengrin/Black Grail Nigrum Nigrius Nigro - Split LP
01.12.2015 Eshtadur Oblivion
01.12.2015 Grave Forsaken The Fight Goes On
Thrash Metal
01.12.2015 Odyssea Storm
Heavy Power Metal
30.11.2015 Mythra Warriors Of Time: The Anthology
30.11.2015 Surge Assault Lust & Misery
Black/Thrash Metal
30.11.2015 Psychotomy Antimonia
Death Metal
30.11.2015 In Malice's Wake Light Upon The Wicked
30.11.2015 Scala Mercalli New Rebirth