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KW 04 | 2016
29.01.2016 Bombs Of Hades Death Mask Replica
29.01.2016 Embedded Bloodgeoning
29.01.2016 Hexvessel When We Are Death
29.01.2016 Black Tusk Pillars of Ash
29.01.2016 Master An Epiphany Of Hate
29.01.2016 Lethal Steel Legion Of The Night
29.01.2016 Cauldron In Ruin
29.01.2016 Toothgrinder Nocturnal Masquerade
29.01.2016 Proll Guns Horseflesh BBQ
Thrash Metal Western Thrash ‚N’ Roll
29.01.2016 Wirbeley Barrierefreie Volksmusik
29.01.2016 Demon Taking The World By Storm
29.01.2016 Fall The Insatiable Weakness
Progressive/Melodic Death Metal
29.01.2016 Wildernessking Mystical Future
29.01.2016 Greybeards Longing To Fly
29.01.2016 Haven Shut Up And Listen
29.01.2016 Sinestar Evolve
27.01.2016 Tragic Cause No Restraint
27.01.2016 Yiek The Drive
Hard Rock
27.01.2016 Deathless Legacy Dance With Devils
27.01.2016 Fall Of Carthage The Longed-For Reckoning
27.01.2016 The Ruins Of Beverast Takitum Tootem!
25.01.2016 Deathraid Submit to the Will of Chaos
25.01.2016 Xantam LifeDeathBeyond
Black Death
25.01.2016 Motus Tenebrae Deathrising
Gothic Doom metal
25.01.2016 Baphomet's Blood In Satan We Trust
25.01.2016 Rabid Bitch Of The North Green Eyes
25.01.2016 Critical Solution Sleepwalker
25.01.2016 Horrid Reborn In Sin (Reissue)
25.01.2016 Schizo Main Frame Collapse
KW 03 | 2016
24.01.2016 Faustkampf Faustkamp EP
22.01.2016 Latitudes Old Sunlight
22.01.2016 Slægt Beautiful and Damned 12" MLP
22.01.2016 Widower The Unholy Oath
Blackened Thrash Metal
22.01.2016 Ice War Dream Spirit
22.01.2016 Stevn Wilson 4 1/2
22.01.2016 The Resistance Coup De Grace
22.01.2016 Megadeth Dystopia
22.01.2016 Conrad Keely Original Machines
22.01.2016 The Mute Gods Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
22.01.2016 Scanner Terminal Earth
22.01.2016 Primal Fear Rulebreaker
22.01.2016 Sir Donkey's Revenge Retrosexual
22.01.2016 Chthonic Cult I Am the Scourge of Eternity
22.01.2016 Borknagar Winter Thrice
22.01.2016 Wrathrone Born Beneath
Brutal Old School Death Metal
22.01.2016 Seer Vol. 1 & 2
22.01.2016 Hell In The Club Shadow Of The Monster
22.01.2016 Agoraphobic Nosebleed Arc
22.01.2016 Wolfhorde Towards The Gates of North
22.01.2016 Peace Killers Peace Killers
22.01.2016 Escalane The Days of Decay
22.01.2016 Black Blood Black Blood
22.01.2016 Naðra Allir Vegir Til Glötunar
22.01.2016 Abbath Abbath
Black Metal
22.01.2016 The Casualties Chaos Sound
22.01.2016 V.A. 4 Doors To Death
22.01.2016 Refusal We Rot Within
22.01.2016 Pil & Bue Forget The Past, Let’s Worry About the future
22.01.2016 Temple Below The Dark Goddess
22.01.2016 Mourning Beloveth Rust & Bone
22.01.2016 Chronos Zero Hollowlands
22.01.2016 theAngelcy Exist Inside
22.01.2016 Groove Therapist Mr Funker The Myth
22.01.2016 Push This Is Cruel. This Is Life
Hardcore/Old School Metal
20.01.2016 Dirty Horse Dark Rumors
Classic Rock, Hard Rock
19.01.2016 Charming Timur So Much So Little So Little So Much
19.01.2016 Angel Dust Into The Dark Past
19.01.2016 Angel Dust To Dust You Will Decay
19.01.2016 Auriga VII - Dimensions of Asymmetry
Cosmic Black Metal
18.01.2016 Mortuary Nothingless Than Nothingness
Death Metal/ Thrash Metal
18.01.2016 A Thousand Sufferings Burden
Doom, Death and Black Metal
18.01.2016 Justice Theory Necessary Evil
Thrash Metal
KW 02 | 2016
16.01.2016 Fleshcrawl & Skinned Alive Tales Of Flesh And Skin
Death Metal
16.01.2016 Flood Strangers With Memories
Punk Rock
16.01.2016 Show Me Wolves The World They Took Over
Black Metal
16.01.2016 Tendonitis Stormreaper
Thrash/Heavy metal
16.01.2016 Jacob Lizotte For The Fallen Ones
Heavy Metal
15.01.2016 Casualties Of Cool Casualties Of Cool
15.01.2016 Get Out. Let Me In
15.01.2016 Aborted Termination Redux - EP
15.01.2016 The Young Revelators All I See
15.01.2016 Lutece From Glory Towards Void
Black Metal
15.01.2016 Isbells Billy
15.01.2016 Varg The End Of All Lies
15.01.2016 Kaross Borderline / TWO (Single)
Stoner Rock / Metal / Doom
15.01.2016 Lycus Chasms
15.01.2016 Bloodiest Bloodiest
15.01.2016 Opprobrium Serpent Temptation (Reissue)
15.01.2016 Dog Days Heat
15.01.2016 El Caco 7
15.01.2016 Nocturne Nocturne
Black Metal
15.01.2016 Ecliptica Ecliptified
Hard Rock
15.01.2016 Kosmokrator To The Svmmit
15.01.2016 RAW Battalion of Demons
Thrash Metal
15.01.2016 Ocean Mind Underwater
15.01.2016 Sacrocurse Destroying Chapels 7" EP
Black/ DeathMetal
15.01.2016 Witchcraft Nucleus
15.01.2016 Throwsers Loss
15.01.2016 The Temperance Movement White Bear
15.01.2016 Drawing Memories Portraits

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