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KW 06 | 2016
08.02.2016 Sorrow Plagues Sorrow Plagues
08.02.2016 Illusions Dead Celestial Decadence
Death/ Black Metal
08.02.2016 Stabbed Submerg EP
Post/ Sludge Metal
08.02.2016 My Silent Wake Un Unbroken Threnody
08.02.2016 Camel Of Doom Terrestrial
KW 05 | 2016
07.02.2016 Rot Nowhere
05.02.2016 Seven Sisters Of Sleep Ezekiel's Hags
05.02.2016 Zlang Zlut Crossbow Kicks
05.02.2016 Drowning Pool Hellelujah
05.02.2016 Painful Imagines Pestis
Black / Death Meta!
05.02.2016 Zanthropya EX Neuer Gott
Misanthropie Death Metal
05.02.2016 Striker Stand In The Fire
New Wave Of Heavy Metal
05.02.2016 Spitanger Spitanger
05.02.2016 Wishing Well Chasing Rainbows
Hard Rock
05.02.2016 Ekstasis The Book Of Longing
05.02.2016 Amoral In Sequence
05.02.2016 Defy Your Dreams Symphonies Of The Unknown
05.02.2016 Wolf Down Incite & Conspire
05.02.2016 Kaross Two
Stoner Rock / Metal / Doom
05.02.2016 Prong X - No Absolutes
05.02.2016 Obscura Akróasis
05.02.2016 Ad Vitam Stratosfear
Prog Death Metal
05.02.2016 Wishing Well featuring Graham Bonnet Hippie Heart Gypsy Soul
05.02.2016 Khtoniik Cerviiks SeroLogiikal Scars (Vertex of Dementiia)
05.02.2016 World Be Free The Anti-Circle
05.02.2016 Wicked Plan Out Of Fire
05.02.2016 Blackout Problems Holy
05.02.2016 Aluk Todolo Voix
05.02.2016 Tarchon Fist Celebration
Heavy Metal
05.02.2016 Product Of Hate Buried In Violence
05.02.2016 Desolated The End
05.02.2016 Voidcraeft ?ße?
05.02.2016 Ecferus Pangaea
05.02.2016 The Wakedead Gathering Fuscus: Strings of the Black Lyre
05.02.2016 One Morning Left Metalcore Superstars
05.02.2016 Ocerco A Desolação
05.02.2016 Seventh Veil Vox Animae
Modern Hard Rock
05.02.2016 NRT Ambition
05.02.2016 Hysterica All In
05.02.2016 Power From Hell Devil's Whorehouse
05.02.2016 Septagon Deadhead Syndicate
03.02.2016 The Beast Of Nod Arrival
Death Metal
02.02.2016 The Phoenix My Turn To Deal
Hard Rock/ Rock 'n' Roll
01.02.2016 Unborn Suffer Nihilist
Death Metal
01.02.2016 Eucharist Endarkenment
01.02.2016 Rikard Sjöblom The Unbendable Sleep
Progressive Rock
01.02.2016 Bosque Beyond
Doom Metal
01.02.2016 Reencarnacion 888 Metal
01.02.2016 Ostots Hil Argi
01.02.2016 Mons Veneris Sibilando com o Mestre Negro
KW 04 | 2016
31.01.2016 Primitiv Immortal & Vile
31.01.2016 Vanad Varjud
Black Metal/ambient
30.01.2016 Powered By Death It's only getting worse
Thrash Metal
29.01.2016 Forndom Dauðra Dura
29.01.2016 Tamas Kopf.Stein.Pflaster
29.01.2016 Emil Bulls XX
29.01.2016 Armoured Angel Communion
29.01.2016 Shakra High Noon
29.01.2016 Shell Beach Changes x Restless x Faithless
29.01.2016 Ian Fisher Nero
29.01.2016 Conan Revengeance
29.01.2016 Serenity Codex Atlanticus
29.01.2016 Absent/Minded Alight
29.01.2016 FT-17 Marcellin sen va-t-en guerre
29.01.2016 O.R.K. Inflamed Rides
29.01.2016 The 2930s Tell Me I`m Crazy
29.01.2016 Scarleth The Silver Lining
29.01.2016 Bury Tomorrow Earthbound
29.01.2016 Kaipa Solo (Remastered)
29.01.2016 GWLT Stein & Eisen
29.01.2016 Kaipa Händer (Remastered)
29.01.2016 Resurrection Kings Resurrection Kings
29.01.2016 Kaipa Nattdjurstid (Remastered)
29.01.2016 Nordic Union Nordic Union
29.01.2016 Cold Fusion Prototype Omega
Melodic Death Metal / Soundtrack/ lndustrial
29.01.2016 Kirk Fletcher Buning Blues
29.01.2016 Iron Jawed Guru Mata Hari
29.01.2016 Titaan Kadingir
29.01.2016 Eternal Of Sweden Heaven's Gate
Heavy Metal
29.01.2016 Bombs Of Hades Death Mask Replica
29.01.2016 Embedded Bloodgeoning
29.01.2016 Hexvessel When We Are Death
29.01.2016 Black Tusk Pillars of Ash
29.01.2016 Master An Epiphany Of Hate
29.01.2016 Lethal Steel Legion Of The Night
29.01.2016 Cauldron In Ruin
29.01.2016 Toothgrinder Nocturnal Masquerade
29.01.2016 Proll Guns Horseflesh BBQ
Thrash Metal Western Thrash ‚N’ Roll
29.01.2016 Wirbeley Barrierefreie Volksmusik
29.01.2016 Demon Taking The World By Storm
29.01.2016 Fall The Insatiable Weakness
Progressive/Melodic Death Metal
29.01.2016 Wildernessking Mystical Future
29.01.2016 Greybeards Longing To Fly
29.01.2016 Haven Shut Up And Listen
29.01.2016 Sinestar Evolve
27.01.2016 Tragic Cause No Restraint
27.01.2016 Yiek The Drive
Hard Rock
27.01.2016 Deathless Legacy Dance With Devils
27.01.2016 Fall Of Carthage The Longed-For Reckoning
27.01.2016 The Ruins Of Beverast Takitum Tootem!