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KW 09 | 2016
04.03.2016 Avitas Pioneers
Black Metal
04.03.2016 Muncie Girls From Caplan To Belsize
04.03.2016 Pictures Of Pain World Demise
04.03.2016 Mortiis The Great Deceiver
04.03.2016 Inverloch Distance / Collapsed
04.03.2016 Wolvserpent Aporia:Kala:Ananta
04.03.2016 Oceans Of Slumber Winter
04.03.2016 Abscendent Decaying Human Condition
Death Metal
04.03.2016 Black Priest Of Satan Element Of Destruction
04.03.2016 Psycho From The Asylum
04.03.2016 Filth In My Garage Songs from the Lowest Floor
Post Hardcore / Noise Rock
04.03.2016 Soon Vol. 1
04.03.2016 Temple Of Lies From Sand
04.03.2016 Tragacanth Anthology of the East
Symphonic Black Death Metal
04.03.2016 Love Sex Machine Asexual Anger
04.03.2016 Casket Robbery Evolution of Evil
04.03.2016 Driving Mrs. Satan Did You Mrs. Me?
04.03.2016 Church Of Misery And Then There Were None....
04.03.2016 Dream Death Dissemination
04.03.2016 New Keepers Of The Water Towers Infernal Machine
04.03.2016 Temple Of Gnosis De Secretis Naturae Alchymica
04.03.2016 Simmer Paper Prisms
04.03.2016 Shredhammer Patch Over
03.03.2016 Unhoped Sonic Violence
Fast 'n Heavy Thrash/Death
02.03.2016 Hollow Sunshine Coward/Leader/Omega
01.03.2016 Megascavenger As Dystopia Beckons
Death Metal / Industrial
01.03.2016 Die Choking III
01.03.2016 Victorient The Old Curiosity Shop
01.03.2016 Dead Procession Rituais e Mantras do Medo
01.03.2016 Mangled Involuntary Organ Donor
01.03.2016 Xibalba (Xibalba Itzaes) Ah Tza! 7" EP
01.03.2016 Hitten State Of Shock
01.03.2016 Moth's Circle Flight My Entropy
Metalcore/Groove Metal
29.02.2016 Hollow Illusion Hollow Illusion
Hard Rock
29.02.2016 Goatpsalm Downstream
Dark Ambient Metal
29.02.2016 Grandmother Corn Daphne
29.02.2016 Exarsis Under Destruction (Reissue)
29.02.2016 Onirik Ab Initio
29.02.2016 Carnac Frail Sight
Death Metal
KW 08 | 2016
28.02.2016 Abyssus Once Entombed
28.02.2016 Fabiano Andreacchio and The Atomic Factory Living Dead Groove
Progressive metal / Industrial
28.02.2016 Second To Sun Vasilisa
28.02.2016 Necrosavant Aniara MMXIV
Blackened Death Metal
28.02.2016 Total Hate Lifecrusher
Black Metal
27.02.2016 Underground Groove Front ASEBEIA.ATARAXIS.
27.02.2016 Cursus Bellum Accusing The Dead
Blackened Death Metal
27.02.2016 Waste Pipes Fake Mistake
Rock N Roll/Hard Rock
26.02.2016 Greenleaf Rise Above The Meadow
26.02.2016 The Unguided Lust and Loathing
26.02.2016 The New Roses Dead Man's Voice
26.02.2016 Foul Body Autopsy Perpetuated By Greed
26.02.2016 Todtgelichter Rooms
26.02.2016 Beehover Primitive Powers
26.02.2016 Black Twilight Circle Desert Dances and Serpent Sermons
26.02.2016 L'Âme Immortelle Unsterblich
26.02.2016 Frozen Ocean The Prowess Of Dormition
26.02.2016 Maze Of Terror Ready To Kill
26.02.2016 Headspace All That You Fear Is Gone
26.02.2016 Hopelezz Sent To Destroy
26.02.2016 Sinbreed Master Creator
26.02.2016 Andromeda Zoo Andromeda Zoo
26.02.2016 Devotion Words and Crystals
26.02.2016 Surtur Descendant Of Time
Thrash Metal
26.02.2016 Magnum Sacred Bllod "Divine" Lies
26.02.2016 Temisto Temisto
26.02.2016 Bombus Repeat Until Death
26.02.2016 Entombed A.D. Dead Dawn
26.02.2016 Voivod Post Society (EP)
26.02.2016 L’Âme Immortelle Unsterblich – 20 Jahre L’Âme Immortelle
26.02.2016 Mars Red Sky Apex III (Praise for the Burning Soul
26.02.2016 Nasty Farmers The Strawman Fallacy
26.02.2016 Altarage NIHL
26.02.2016 Folteraar Vertellingen van een donkere eeuw
26.02.2016 Abyssic A Winter's Tale
26.02.2016 Rogash Malevolence
26.02.2016 Thrashit Kaiser Of Evil
Thrash Metal
26.02.2016 Oranssi Pazuzu Värähtelijä
26.02.2016 Sarissa Nemesis
26.02.2016 Black Cobra Imperium Simulacra
26.02.2016 Deströyer 666 Wildfire
26.02.2016 Deathless Legacy The Gathering
26.02.2016 Efpix Evil Sides
Melodic Death Metal/ Industrial
26.02.2016 Ekram Last Man Standing
Metal / Rock / Grunge
26.02.2016 Drunken Swallows Im Sturzflug Durch Die Republik
26.02.2016 Destructor Back in Bondage
Speed/Thrash Metal
26.02.2016 Black Sleep The Whales of the Grey Sea
26.02.2016 Karma To Burn Mountain Czar
26.02.2016 Kitty In A Casket Kiss & Hell
26.02.2016 Devilskin We Rise
26.02.2016 Raff Sangiorgio Rebirth
26.02.2016 Overunit Machine Aldaraja
Metal / Experimental
26.02.2016 Omnium Gatherum Grey Heavens
26.02.2016 Coffins/Ilsa Split
26.02.2016 Cherubs Fist In The Air
26.02.2016 Onslaught Live At The Slaughterhouse
26.02.2016 Thunder Lord Prophecies Of Doom
Heavy Metal
26.02.2016 Minipax 1984
26.02.2016 Anvil Anvil Is Anvil
26.02.2016 High Priest Of Saturn Son of Earth and Sky
26.02.2016 Protector Cursed And Coronated

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