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KW 12 | 2016
25.03.2016 Ragnarok Psychopathology
25.03.2016 Deadsmoke Deadsmoke
25.03.2016 Phazm Scornful of Icons
25.03.2016 Rimfrost Rimfrost
25.03.2016 Fake Moss Under The Great Black Sky
25.03.2016 Ifrinn Ifrinn
25.03.2016 Dennis Hormes Six String Therapy
25.03.2016 The Fog Perpetual Blackness
25.03.2016 Schizo Rotten Spiral
25.03.2016 Black Mood Squalid Garden
25.03.2016 Devilicious Phoenix
25.03.2016 SOV Aklamerad Kalamitet
24.03.2016 Edy Edwards Medienapplaus
24.03.2016 Stangala Klañv
21.03.2016 Carapax Murder & Arson
Black Thrash Metal
21.03.2016 Alexanred Zombie Virus
KW 11 | 2016
20.03.2016 Blood O Agios Pethane
20.03.2016 Ono Reconstruction And Synthesis
Psychedelic / Industrial / Doom / Death Metal
20.03.2016 Goddess The Withering
Progressive Doomrock
19.03.2016 Earths Collide
18.03.2016 Tusmørke Ført Bak Lyset
18.03.2016 D.A.M. Premonitions....
18.03.2016 Blessed Hellride Bastards & Outlaws
18.03.2016 Fahrenheit 212 Vaka Teatea
Deutschrock, Hardrock
18.03.2016 Heimatt With You I Will Dance All the Way Through the Night. I Will Tie Your Hands and Go Blind. If You Just Let Me
18.03.2016 Highrider Armageddon Rock
Heavy Metal
18.03.2016 The Temple Forevermourn
Doom Metal
18.03.2016 As I Rise As I Rise
18.03.2016 Monomyth Exo
18.03.2016 Convulse Cycle of Revenge
18.03.2016 Das Scheit A Darker Kind Of Black
18.03.2016 Godslave Welcome To The Green Zone
18.03.2016 Amenophis Demos 1991-1992
Death / Thrash Metal
18.03.2016 Decrepit Soul The Command of War!!
18.03.2016 K-X-P III Part 2
18.03.2016 Talmud Beach Chief
18.03.2016 Purgatory Omega Void Tribvnal
18.03.2016 Cliteater From Enslavement to Clitoration
18.03.2016 Scarlet Anger Freak Show
18.03.2016 Epitaph Fire From The Soul
18.03.2016 Remain In Silence ...And The Souls Goes On
Rock / Darkwave
18.03.2016 In Strict Confidence Somebody Else's Dream
18.03.2016 Jartse Tuominen Untold Stories
18.03.2016 Killerpilze High
18.03.2016 Dante When We Were Beautiful
18.03.2016 Birth Control Here And Now
18.03.2016 Heavy Breath Jumps The Shark
18.03.2016 Mystic Prophecy War Brigade
18.03.2016 10 Code Swiftlets
18.03.2016 Poem Skein Syndrome
18.03.2016 Holy Grove Holy Grove
18.03.2016 Monolith Mountain
18.03.2016 Destroyers Of All Bleak Fragments
Progressive Death Metal
18.03.2016 Mr. Bison Asteroid
18.03.2016 Deathkings All that is Beautiful
18.03.2016 Cilver Not The End Of The World
18.03.2016 Morte Incandescente ...o mundo morreu!
18.03.2016 A Perfect Day The Deafening Silence
18.03.2016 Spiritual Beggars Sunrise To Sundown
18.03.2016 Surgikill Sanguinary Revelations
18.03.2016 Demigod Slumber of Sullen Eyes
18.03.2016 Paragon Hell Beyond Hell
18.03.2016 Existence Startschuss
18.03.2016 Tusmörke Fort Bak Lyset
18.03.2016 Forks II
Garage Rock/Stoner
18.03.2016 Boris With Merzbow Gensho
18.03.2016 Mob Rules Tales From Beyond
18.03.2016 Red Eleven Collect Your Scars
18.03.2016 Wicked Maraya Lifetime In Hell
18.03.2016 Wormed Krighsu
Sci-Fi Tech Death Metal
18.03.2016 Universe 2017 Change
18.03.2016 Rotten Sound Abuse to Suffer
18.03.2016 Necronomicon Advent of the Human God
Death Metal
18.03.2016 Ruach Raah / Ordem Satanica Tradição Decadente
18.03.2016 Bridgeville Aftershock
Hard Rock
18.03.2016 Mother Misery Deadication
18.03.2016 Obsidian Sea Dreams, Illusions, Obsessions
18.03.2016 Funeral Whore Phantasm
18.03.2016 Surgkill Sanguinary Revelation
18.03.2016 The Treatment Generation Me
18.03.2016 Lords Of Black II
18.03.2016 Curse The Son Isolator
Doom Metal
18.03.2016 Circus Maximus Havoc
18.03.2016 Royal Hunt Cargo
18.03.2016 Nova-Spes A Dog And His Boy
Synthpop / EBM
18.03.2016 Curse The Sun Isolator
18.03.2016 Talmund Beach Chief
18.03.2016 Vredehammer Violator
18.03.2016 Wyrd Death Of The Sun
17.03.2016 Separation of Sanity The Crucible
17.03.2016 The Corona Lantern Consuming The Tempest
16.03.2016 Skox Years Of Legions
Thrash Death Metal
15.03.2016 Bestial Deform ...Ad Leones
15.03.2016 Bound By Fate Steadfast
15.03.2016 Creep Innerland
15.03.2016 Angertea Snakes in Blossom
14.03.2016 Dperd V
Atmospheric Dark Wave
KW 10 | 2016
13.03.2016 Funeral Moth Transience
11.03.2016 Snake Tongue Raptors Breath
11.03.2016 Sulphur Omens Of Doom

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