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KW 07 | 2016
19.02.2016 Nameless Day Ritual Birth
19.02.2016 Among The Prey Only For The Blinded Eyes
Melodic Death Metal
19.02.2016 Canterra First Escape
Gothic Rock
19.02.2016 KIAMA Sign of IV
Progressive / Classic Rock
19.02.2016 Charm Designer Everlasting
Gothic Metal
19.02.2016 Lazuli Nos Âmes Saoules
Progressive Rock
19.02.2016 Sleepy Hollow Tales Of Gods And Monsters
US Metal
19.02.2016 Inglorious Inglorious
19.02.2016 Last In Line Heavy Crown
19.02.2016 Rick Springfield Rocket Science
19.02.2016 Eva Far Enough
19.02.2016 Inquisitor Dungeons of Fear, Demo 2016
19.02.2016 Thornbridge What Will Prevail
19.02.2016 Ra Ra Riot Need Your Light
19.02.2016 Soulhound Myllennium
19.02.2016 Hemelbestormer Aether
19.02.2016 The Burning Dogma No Shores Of Hope
19.02.2016 Seventh The Herald
Post Metal
19.02.2016 Desert Dragon Before The Storm
Progressive Rock/Hard Rock
19.02.2016 Black Magic Fools Soul Collector
Folk Metal
19.02.2016 Kuoleman Galleria Kärsimys Kunniaan
19.02.2016 anorak. Kalter Frieden EP
19.02.2016 The Ruts Babylons Burning
19.02.2016 Dead Edition Network Failure
19.02.2016 Raubtier Bärsärkargång
19.02.2016 Factory Brains Hard Labor
19.02.2016 Infa Riot The Best Of
19.02.2016 King Prawn Got The Thirst
19.02.2016 External Menace The Process Of Elimination
19.02.2016 Fireleaf Behind The Mask
Power Metal
19.02.2016 Hypno5e Shores Of The Abstract Line
19.02.2016 Hardholz Herzinfarkt
19.02.2016 The Tips Twists`n`Turns
19.02.2016 Frequency Drift Last
18.02.2016 War Inside S.U.T.U.R.E
16.02.2016 Loudguns Sunset Runaway
15.02.2016 Ethereal Riffian Youniversal Voice
15.02.2016 Cirith Gorgor Visions Of Exalted Lucifer
15.02.2016 Eyestral Beware The Rat King
Progressive Thrash metal
15.02.2016 Barbaric Horde Gasmask Perpetrators
KW 06 | 2016
14.02.2016 OP3 Hope
13.02.2016 Löbo Alma
12.02.2016 Deathtale Whole World Burns
Death/ Thrash Metal
12.02.2016 Cedron Valence
12.02.2016 Chili and the Whalekillers Words On Tuesday
12.02.2016 Magrudergrind II
12.02.2016 Elyria Reflection and Refraction
12.02.2016 Inishmore The Lemming Project
12.02.2016 Zippo After Us
12.02.2016 Sacrament SuperNova
12.02.2016 All Them Witches Dying Surfer Meets His Maker
12.02.2016 Throne Of Heresy Antioch
12.02.2016 Holy Grail Times of Pride and Peril
12.02.2016 Toxigen Lebenszeichen
12.02.2016 Odious Skin Age
12.02.2016 Urgehal Aeons in Sodom
Black Metal
12.02.2016 Rotting Christ Rituals
12.02.2016 Valyria Steel Inquisition
12.02.2016 Constraint Enlightened By Darkness
Symphonic metal
12.02.2016 Mountain Tamer Mountain Tamer
Heavy Psych Rock
12.02.2016 Zephaniah Reforged
12.02.2016 Skeletoon The Curse of the Avenger
Power Metal
12.02.2016 Within Destruction Void
12.02.2016 The Erkonauts I Did Something Bad
Punk (Prog) Rock / Metal
12.02.2016 Life's December Colder
12.02.2016 Craigh Of Dreams & Wishes
12.02.2016 Bifröst Mana Ewah
Epic Pagan Metal
12.02.2016 Apathy Noir Across Dark Waters
Progressive Death Doom
12.02.2016 Siamese Siamese
12.02.2016 DeWolff Roux-Ga-Roux
12.02.2016 Duel Fears Of The Dead
12.02.2016 Blackwood As The World Rots Away
12.02.2016 Naechte Irrlichter
12.02.2016 Michel Anoia Plethora
11.02.2016 Revenience Daedalum
11.02.2016 Ragestorm The Thin Line Between Hope And Ruin
Death Metal
10.02.2016 Cultus Gezeteld in zegeruïnen
09.02.2016 Phobous Realm Of Disorder
Melodic Death/ Symphnic Black Metal
09.02.2016 Onirism Cosmic Dream
Black Metal
09.02.2016 Feeding Fingers Attend
08.02.2016 Sorrow Plagues Sorrow Plagues
08.02.2016 Illusions Dead Celestial Decadence
Death/ Black Metal
08.02.2016 Stabbed Submerg EP
Post/ Sludge Metal
08.02.2016 My Silent Wake Un Unbroken Threnody
08.02.2016 Camel Of Doom Terrestrial
KW 05 | 2016
07.02.2016 Rot Nowhere
05.02.2016 Seven Sisters Of Sleep Ezekiel's Hags
05.02.2016 Zlang Zlut Crossbow Kicks
05.02.2016 Drowning Pool Hellelujah
05.02.2016 Painful Imagines Pestis
Black / Death Meta!
05.02.2016 Zanthropya EX Neuer Gott
Misanthropie Death Metal
05.02.2016 Striker Stand In The Fire
New Wave Of Heavy Metal
05.02.2016 Spitanger Spitanger
05.02.2016 Wishing Well Chasing Rainbows
Hard Rock
05.02.2016 Ekstasis The Book Of Longing
05.02.2016 Amoral In Sequence
05.02.2016 Defy Your Dreams Symphonies Of The Unknown
05.02.2016 Wolf Down Incite & Conspire
05.02.2016 Kaross Two
Stoner Rock / Metal / Doom
05.02.2016 Prong X - No Absolutes

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