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KW 18 | 2016
02.05.2016 Beaumont Nothing
02.05.2016 Prisoner Of War Rot
02.05.2016 Lucifericon Brimstone Altar
02.05.2016 Nocturnal Hollow Deathless and Fleshless
KW 17 | 2016
01.05.2016 Hatespirit Blood & Poetry
01.05.2016 Ordem Satanica Ventos de Odio
30.04.2016 Hexenizer Witches Mentors Cult
30.04.2016 Qrixkuor Three Devils Dance
30.04.2016 Ithaqua The Black Mass Sabbath Pulse 7" EP
30.04.2016 Sxuperion Cosmic Void
Death/Black Metal
29.04.2016 Black Pestilence Carry On The Black Flame
29.04.2016 Bellgrave Panzerherz
29.04.2016 Purson Desire`s Magic Theatre
29.04.2016 Massive Wagons Welcome To The World
29.04.2016 Garmarna 6
29.04.2016 Afenginn Opus
29.04.2016 Angelwarrior Ace Magic
29.04.2016 Forged In Black Fear Reflecting Fear EP
Heavy Metal
29.04.2016 Discharge End Of Days
29.04.2016 Fallujah Dreamless
Progressive Metal
29.04.2016 Valley Of The Sun Volume Rock
29.04.2016 Herbst in Peking Splitter der Schöpfung
29.04.2016 Cosmic Tribe Gravity
29.04.2016 Abhomine Larvae Offal Swine
29.04.2016 Darkestrah Turan
29.04.2016 Wrong Wrong
29.04.2016 Savior From Anger Temple Of Judgment
29.04.2016 Rob Zombie The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser
29.04.2016 Salem Dark Days
29.04.2016 Devils Gun Dirty n Damned
Heavy Metal
29.04.2016 Atomikylä Keräily
29.04.2016 Kawir Father Sun Mother Moon
29.04.2016 Tremonti Dust
29.04.2016 Psychedelic Witchcraft The Vision
29.04.2016 Svarttjern Dødsskrik
29.04.2016 Venerea Last Call For Adderall
29.04.2016 Burden Of Life In Cycles
Melodic Death Metal
29.04.2016 Abrogation Urstant
Melodic Death Metal
29.04.2016 Slaughterday Laws Of The Occult
29.04.2016 Hypnos Cold Winds
29.04.2016 Painted Wives Obsessed With The End
29.04.2016 Haken Affinity
29.04.2016 Long Distance Calling TRIPS
29.04.2016 Devil's Gun Dirty´n´Damned
29.04.2016 Sixx A.M. Prayers For The Damned (Vol. 1)
29.04.2016 Joy Ride Along!
29.04.2016 Crucial Fix Crucial Fix
Thrash Metal
29.04.2016 Germ Escape
29.04.2016 Wöljager Van't Liewen Un Stiäwen
29.04.2016 Uttertomb Sempiternal
29.04.2016 Vidargängr A World That Has To Be Opposed
29.04.2016 Castaways Roaming The Middle End
29.04.2016 Körsbärsfettera Inuti Finns Utopi
Punk Rock
29.04.2016 Nemesea Uprise
29.04.2016 Graveyard ...for thine is the darkness
Death Metal
29.04.2016 Colt 45 Snakes & Ladders
28.04.2016 Trautonist Trautonist
black metal, shoegaze, blackgaze, post black metal
26.04.2016 Balance 3
26.04.2016 Human Cerebral Inwardness
26.04.2016 Node Cowards Empire
26.04.2016 Mindwars Sworn To Secrecy
26.04.2016 Horror Department Horror Department (EP)
25.04.2016 Darkend The Canticle Of Shadows
25.04.2016 Occult Burial Hideous Obscure
25.04.2016 Malokarpatan Stridžie dni
25.04.2016 Gluttony/Sordid Flesh split album 2016
25.04.2016 Ides Sun of the Serpents Tongue
25.04.2016 Burning Hatred Carnage
25.04.2016 Infernal Majesty Nigrescent Years Of Chaos
25.04.2016 Chains/Suton Balkanian Narko Doom
KW 16 | 2016
23.04.2016 Mortal Terror Creating Destruction
Thrash Metal
22.04.2016 Superikona Zuckervater
22.04.2016 Mirrors For Psychic Warfare Mirrors For Psychic Warfare
22.04.2016 Mütterlein Orphans Of The Black Sun
22.04.2016 Messenger Threnodies
22.04.2016 Dominhate Emissaries of Morning
22.04.2016 Jet Banana Master Is The Enemy
22.04.2016 Blackmail Snaps 'When One Door Closes, Smash A Window'
22.04.2016 The 69 Eyes Universal Monsters
Hard Rock
22.04.2016 Aborted Retrogore
22.04.2016 Mortichnia Heir To Scoria And Ash
Black Metal
22.04.2016 The Blackmail Snaps When One Door Closes, Smash A Window
22.04.2016 NH3 Hate & Hope
22.04.2016 Muschio Zeda
Noise Rock, Fuzz, Post Hardcore
22.04.2016 Devilz By Definition The Devilution
22.04.2016 Human Fortress Defenders Of The Crown (Re-Release)
22.04.2016 Prag 83 Metamorphoses
22.04.2016 Egokills Creation
22.04.2016 Knifeworld Bottled Out Of Eden
22.04.2016 Doomsday Ceremony Black Heart
22.04.2016 Implode Implode The Anti Cimex EP
Rock /Punk/Metal/Death metal
22.04.2016 Dead Letter Circus Aesthesis
22.04.2016 Magick Touch Electrick Sorcery
22.04.2016 Putrisect / Scorched Final State of Existence
Death Metal
22.04.2016 Savage Master With Whips And Chains
22.04.2016 Stam1na Elokuutio
22.04.2016 The Vision Bleak The Kindred Of The Sunset
22.04.2016 Minotaur Beast Of Nations
22.04.2016 Reptilian Perennial Void Traverse
22.04.2016 Dust Bowl Jokies Dust Bowl Jokies