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KW 20 | 2016
16.05.2016 Toxicrose Total Tranqulity
16.05.2016 Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus Madness Incarnate
Ambient Black Metal
16.05.2016 Nothing Tired Of Tomorrow
KW 19 | 2016
15.05.2016 Toska Toska
13.05.2016 Hells Paradise EP
13.05.2016 Realm Of The Damned Tenebris Deos
13.05.2016 Sylvaine Wistful
13.05.2016 Soilid Into The Ruins
13.05.2016 Gorguts Pleiades' Dust
Progressive / Technical Death Metal
13.05.2016 Imperial State Electric Read Me Wrong
13.05.2016 Helhorse Helhorse
13.05.2016 The Matter of China ZILA
Melodic Metalcore
13.05.2016 Spell For None and All
13.05.2016 Bailout .As The Winds Blow On
13.05.2016 Agonizer Visions Of The Blind
Melodic Heavy Metal
13.05.2016 Black Space Riders Refugeeum EP
13.05.2016 Mistur In Memoriam
13.05.2016 Darth Frogger Fun Gothic
13.05.2016 Demob Happy Dream Soda
13.05.2016 Hypersonic Existentia
Symphonic Power Metal
13.05.2016 Modern Baseball Holy Ghost
13.05.2016 Breathe Atlantis Golden Messiah
13.05.2016 Vega Who We Are
13.05.2016 Phantom 5 Phantom 5
13.05.2016 Realm Of The Damned Realm Of The Damned
13.05.2016 Ted Poley Beyond the Fade
13.05.2016 Sunstorm Edge of Tomorrow
13.05.2016 Planning For Burial/Stress Waves Split 7"
13.05.2016 Grand Magus Sword Songs
Heavy Metal
13.05.2016 Destruction Under Attack
Thrash Metal
13.05.2016 Hatebreed The Concrete Confessional
13.05.2016 Warfect Scavengers
Thrash Metal
13.05.2016 DevilDriver Trust No One
13.05.2016 Planet Of Zeus Loyal to the Pack
13.05.2016 Subliminal Fear Escape From Leviathan
13.05.2016 I Am Noah The Verdict
13.05.2016 Zoax Zoax
13.05.2016 Thränenkind King Apathy
13.05.2016 Nikki Puppet Puppet on a String
13.05.2016 Coffin Lust Manifestation of Inner Darkness
13.05.2016 Cold Truth Grindstone
13.05.2016 Blakk Old Blood Greed
13.05.2016 Blakk Old Blood / Black Devotion Split 7"
13.05.2016 Open Parachine Did You See The Hunter
Rock / Alternative
13.05.2016 Phobocosm Bringer Of Drought
13.05.2016 Yak Alas Salvation
12.05.2016 Eversin Flagellum Dei
Thrash Metal
12.05.2016 Peekaboo Primate Misanthropical
Alternative Metal
10.05.2016 Wall Of Water WallOof Water
10.05.2016 Ethereal Riffian I Am Deatless
Psychedelic Doom / Stoner
09.05.2016 Cypecore Identity
09.05.2016 Sepvlcrvm Vox in Rama
KW 18 | 2016
07.05.2016 Imperium Titanomachy
07.05.2016 Eleanora Allure
06.05.2016 Polar No Cure No Saviour
06.05.2016 Inferior The Red Beast
Thrash Metal
06.05.2016 Alaric End Of Mirrors
06.05.2016 Au Champ Du Morts Le Jour Se Lève
06.05.2016 Andy Black The Shadow Side
06.05.2016 Perturbator The Uncanny Valley
06.05.2016 Satyricon Nemesis Divina
06.05.2016 Power From Hell Sadismo
06.05.2016 Glorior Belli Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes)
06.05.2016 TheClosedCircle Love, Shine & Die
06.05.2016 Mhönos Miserere Nostri
Doom Metal
06.05.2016 anorak. enthusiasts and collectors
06.05.2016 Broken Teeth HC At Peace Amongst Chaos
06.05.2016 Apologies, I Have None/Luca Brasi Split EP
06.05.2016 The Order Rock'n'Rumble
06.05.2016 Aiming For Enrike Segway Nation
06.05.2016 Near Own Sun
06.05.2016 CardiaCSangrar Hasta Lograrlo
06.05.2016 Gamma Ray Lust For Live (Anniversary Edition)
06.05.2016 Gamma Ray "Insanity And Genius (Anniversary Edition)
06.05.2016 Hellsodomy Chaostorm
old school Death Metal
06.05.2016 Tendagruta Ensalmo Do Sargaço
06.05.2016 Sinnery A Feast of Fools
06.05.2016 Pathways Passout Paradise
06.05.2016 Love's Labour's Lost In The Night... In The Dark...
Gothic Rock
06.05.2016 Grave Miasma Endless Pilgrimage
06.05.2016 Merciless Death Taken Beyond
06.05.2016 The Levitation Hex Cohesion
06.05.2016 Vandallus On The High Side
06.05.2016 CardiaC Sangrar Hasta Lograrlo
06.05.2016 Messa Belfry
06.05.2016 Fear Of Domination Atlas
06.05.2016 Electric Citizen Higher Time
06.05.2016 Tides From Nebula Safehaven
06.05.2016 Marauder Bullethead
06.05.2016 Kratos Arlechino
Dark Metal
06.05.2016 Maleficence Realms of Mortification
05.05.2016 Dark Haunters To Persevere is Diabolical
Death Black Metal
05.05.2016 The Hypthesis Origin
Modern Melodic Metal
05.05.2016 The Hypothesis Origin
Modern Melodic Metal
05.05.2016 Belvedere The Revenge of The Fifth
05.05.2016 Rebaelliun The Hell's Decrees
Death Metal
05.05.2016 Drought Rudra Bhakti
Black Metal
05.05.2016 Astral Path An Oath to the Void
Atmospheric Black Metal
02.05.2016 Gottweist Future Is In Our Hands
02.05.2016 Cadaveric Fumes Dimensions Obscure

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