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KW 25 | 2016
24.06.2016 Hawk Eyes Everything Is Fine
24.06.2016 Monsterworks Black Swan Annihilation
24.06.2016 Diffracture Oneiros
Progressive Djent Metal
24.06.2016 These Handsome Conspire Sword Of Kohan
24.06.2016 Countless Skies New Dawn
24.06.2016 Black Fucking Cancer Black Fucking Cancer
24.06.2016 GGU:LL Dwaling
24.06.2016 Waxen Weihung Auf Satan
24.06.2016 Comet Control Center Of The Maze
24.06.2016 Head Of The Demon Sathanas Transmigestos
24.06.2016 Sheidim Shrines of the Void
24.06.2016 Violent Scum Festering in Endless Decay
24.06.2016 My Jerusalem A Little Death
24.06.2016 Broken Bones Broken Bones (CD1 - Dem Bones / Decapitated)
24.06.2016 Broken Bones Broken Bones (CD2 FOAD / Bonecrusher)
24.06.2016 Heavenwood Redemption (Re-Release)
24.06.2016 Gabriels Fist of the Seven Stars Act 1
24.06.2016 Esther As One
24.06.2016 Front Iron Overkill
24.06.2016 Völur Disir
24.06.2016 Old Fire Songs From The Haunted South
24.06.2016 Anderson/Stolt Invention Of Knowledge
24.06.2016 One For Sorrow Blood Songs
22.06.2016 Corps Sans Organes Deleuze Edition
Technical Death Metal
21.06.2016 Void King There is Nothing
20.06.2016 Angry Nation The Fail Decade
20.06.2016 Cloak Cloak
KW 24 | 2016
18.06.2016 Mausoleum Gate Metal And The Might (7'' EP)
17.06.2016 The Answer Rise - 10th Anniversary Edition
17.06.2016 Promt! Strom der Zeit
17.06.2016 Wayfarer Old Souls
17.06.2016 Saltatio Mortis Licht und Schatten - Best Of 2000-2014
17.06.2016 Blut aus Nord/Aevangelist Codex Obscura Nomina
17.06.2016 Gojira Magma
17.06.2016 Terra Tenebrosa The Reverses
17.06.2016 Cepheide Respire
17.06.2016 Sink Ark of Contempt and Anger
17.06.2016 Sven Hammond IV
17.06.2016 Vulture Victim To The Blade
17.06.2016 Walter Pietsch Once You Rock, Never Forget
17.06.2016 Stray Train Just 'Cause You Go The Monkey Off Your Back Doesn't Mean The Circus Has Left Town
Blues Rock
17.06.2016 For I Am King Daemons
17.06.2016 Netherlands Audubon
17.06.2016 Hammercult Legends Never Die
17.06.2016 Art Of Deception Shattered Delusions
Melodic Death Metal
17.06.2016 Pentagram First Daze Here (2016 Reissue)
17.06.2016 Pentagram First Daze Here Too (2016 Reissue)
17.06.2016 Beldam Still The Wretched Linger
17.06.2016 Sintax Sway For A Better Day
17.06.2016 Winterhymn Blood & Shadow
17.06.2016 Chelsea Right To Work - The Singles
17.06.2016 GBH Punk Singles 1981-1984
17.06.2016 Discharge Grave New World
17.06.2016 Discharge Massacre Divine
17.06.2016 Dementia Dreaming In Monochrome
17.06.2016 Ayreon The Theater Equation
17.06.2016 BoySetsFire/Wolf Down Benefiz Split 7Inch
17.06.2016 Grave Desecrator Dust to Lust
17.06.2016 December Youth Relive
17.06.2016 For Am I King Daemons
17.06.2016 MGT Volumes
16.06.2016 hereAndNow Flipside Story
15.06.2016 Silverbones Wild Waves
Heavy/Power Metal
15.06.2016 Vex Sky Exile
14.06.2016 Skin Drone Evocation
13.06.2016 Ghoulgotha:To Starve the Cross
13.06.2016 Sewercide Immortalized in Suffering
13.06.2016 Acheronte Ancient Furies
KW 23 | 2016
11.06.2016 Eternal Delyria Letting Go Of Humanity
11.06.2016 Dark Quarterer Symbols (Re-Release)
10.06.2016 Zirakzigil World Builder
10.06.2016 Bat Wings of Chains
10.06.2016 High Fighter Scars & Crosses
10.06.2016 ADX Non Serviam
10.06.2016 Rival Sons Hollow Bones
10.06.2016 Sumac What One Becomes
10.06.2016 Crystal Palace Dawn Of Eternity
10.06.2016 Heisskalt Vom Wissen und Wollen
10.06.2016 Scorpion Child Acid Roulette
Hard Rock
10.06.2016 Souls Of Diotima The Sorceress Reveals - Atlantis
10.06.2016 After All Waves Of Annihilation
10.06.2016 The Wall Personal Troubles & Public Issues
10.06.2016 Rage The Devil Strikes Again
Heavy Metal
10.06.2016 Astrakhan Reward in Purpose
10.06.2016 Skeleton Wolf Skeleton Wolf
10.06.2016 The Gotobeds Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic
10.06.2016 Saliva Love, Lies & Therapy
10.06.2016 Cate Rox Mind Vs. Heart
10.06.2016 Raw From the First Glass to the Grave
10.06.2016 Monument Hair Of The Dog
10.06.2016 Papier Tigre The Screw
09.06.2016 Eleven33 Chasing Light
07.06.2016 Ashbringer Yūgen
Atmospheric Black Metal
06.06.2016 Dee Calhoun Rotgut
Acoustic / Southern Blues / Doom
06.06.2016 Gloomy Grim The Age of Aquarius
06.06.2016 Thus Defiled An Unhallowed Legacy
Black Metal
06.06.2016 Gloomy Grin The Age of Aquarius
06.06.2016 Surya Apocalypse A.D.
Doom Metal / Post Metal
KW 22 | 2016
05.06.2016 Cauchemar Chapelle Ardente
03.06.2016 Cough Still They Pray

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