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KW 29 | 2016
22.07.2016 Arphaxat Ex Inferis
22.07.2016 Psychoprism Creation
22.07.2016 Salem's Pot Pronounce This!
22.07.2016 Assignment Closing The Circle
22.07.2016 Harakiri for the Sky III: Trauma
22.07.2016 Heavenwood The Tarot Of The Bohemians - Part 1
22.07.2016 Visionary Gabriel
22.07.2016 Aeges Weightless
22.07.2016 Witherscape The Northern Sanctuary
22.07.2016 Karmakanic DOT
22.07.2016 Capsize A Reintroduction: The Essence of All That Surrounds Me
21.07.2016 Dejected Mass Dirge
Sludgy Death Doom
20.07.2016 Verwoed Bodemloos
Black Metal
KW 28 | 2016
15.07.2016 Coldworld Autumn
15.07.2016 Perverted Ceremony Demo 1
15.07.2016 Onirism The Well Of Stars
15.07.2016 Seedna Forlorn
15.07.2016 Citizen Tim Human Circus
15.07.2016 Guttermouth Got It Made
15.07.2016 Mos Generator Abyssinia
15.07.2016 Chapter And Verse The Wolves Back Home
15.07.2016 Manny Ribera Keep 'em Down
15.07.2016 Celtica Steamphonia
15.07.2016 Trade Wind You Make Everything Disappear
15.07.2016 The Embodied Ravengod
Melodic Heavy Metal
15.07.2016 Burn ...From The Ashes
15.07.2016 Castle Welcome To The Graveyard
15.07.2016 Goatcraft Yersinia Pestis
15.07.2016 (16) Lifespan Of A Moth
15.07.2016 Nebelung Mistelteinn
15.07.2016 Revenge of the Psychotronic Man Colossal Velocity
15.07.2016 Fyrnask Fórn
15.07.2016 Blood Red Throne Union Of Flesh And Machine
15.07.2016 Akani Through My Darkest Infernal
12.07.2016 Hellsworn Repulsive Existence
KW 27 | 2016
08.07.2016 V.A. 20 Years - Metal Addiction
08.07.2016 King Chrome Ridin Shotgun
08.07.2016 And Harmony Dies Totenamt
Avantgarde metal
08.07.2016 Wolverine Machina Viva
08.07.2016 Cradle Of Filth Dusk and Her Embrace
08.07.2016 Dust Bolt Mass Confusion
Thrash Metal
08.07.2016 Deadlock Hybris
08.07.2016 Neid Atomoxetine
08.07.2016 Shiny Black Anthem Unbreakable
Alternative metal
08.07.2016 Centinex Doomsday Rituals
Old-school Death Metal
08.07.2016 Third Ion Biolith
08.07.2016 Ignis Fatuu Meisterstich
08.07.2016 Nocte Obducta Mogontiacum (Nachdem die Nacht herabgesunken ...)
08.07.2016 Slow Season Westing
08.07.2016 Spellcaster Night Hides the World
08.07.2016 Monolithe Zeta Reticuli
08.07.2016 A Saving Whisper Neverlandscapes
08.07.2016 Diabolical Umbra
Death Metal
08.07.2016 The Julie Ruin Hit Reset
08.07.2016 Athame With Cunning Fire and Adversial Resolve
08.07.2016 Inter Arma Paradise Gallows
08.07.2016 Slot Septima
Modern metal / Alternative rock
08.07.2016 Dominance XX The Rising Vengeance
Death metal
04.07.2016 Dive Your Head Le Prix Du Sang
KW 26 | 2016
01.07.2016 Insane Vesper LayiL
01.07.2016 Creinium Hallucinosis
01.07.2016 Youth Man Wax
01.07.2016 True Love Heaven's Too Good For Us
01.07.2016 Storm Of Particles Storm of Particles
01.07.2016 Lanfear The Code Inherited
Power Prog Metal
01.07.2016 Nobody Knows Urbane Camouflage
01.07.2016 Frank Sabbath Telluric Wanderers
Psych Prog Doom Rock
01.07.2016 Pain Of Salvation emedy Lane Re:visited (Re:mixed & Re:lived)
01.07.2016 Reactory Heavy
Thrash Metal
01.07.2016 Vanhelgd Temple Of Phobos
01.07.2016 Stuck Mojo Here Come The Infidels
01.07.2016 heretic Underdogs Of The Underworld
01.07.2016 Freitod Der unsichtbare Begleiter
01.07.2016 Der rote Milan Aus der Asche
01.07.2016 Fates Warning Theories Of Flight
30.06.2016 Chugun Virus
Thrash Death Metal
30.06.2016 Death Of a Dryad Blight
29.06.2016 Throes This Viper Womb
issident metal
27.06.2016 Rotten Casket Emerged From Beyond
27.06.2016 Among Gods Ghost Empire
Doom / Death Metal
27.06.2016 TeodasiA Reloaded
KW 25 | 2016
24.06.2016 Forteresse Thèmes pour la Rébellion
24.06.2016 CB Murdoc Here Be Dragons
Death Metal
24.06.2016 Light of the Morning Star Cemetery Glow
24.06.2016 Shed The Skin Harrowing Faith
24.06.2016 Secret Rule Machination
24.06.2016 Faithsedge Restoration
24.06.2016 Highlord Hic Sunt Leones
24.06.2016 Neige et Noirceur Les Ténèbres Modernes
24.06.2016 Attica Rage Warheads
24.06.2016 The Amorettes White Hot Heat
24.06.2016 Monsterworls Black Swan Annihilation
24.06.2016 Elm Street Knock ‘Em Out…With A Metal Fist
24.06.2016 in Extremo Quid Pro Quo
24.06.2016 Doro Strong And Proud - 30 Years Of Rock And Metal
24.06.2016 The Browning Isolation
24.06.2016 Earth Ship Hollowed
24.06.2016 Be'Lakor Vessels
24.06.2016 Dawn Of Disease Worship The Grave
24.06.2016 The Wakes The Red And The Green

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