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KW 23 | 2016
10.06.2016 Zirakzigil World Builder
10.06.2016 Bat Wings of Chains
10.06.2016 High Fighter Scars & Crosses
10.06.2016 ADX Non Serviam
10.06.2016 Rival Sons Hollow Bones
10.06.2016 Sumac What One Becomes
10.06.2016 Crystal Palace Dawn Of Eternity
10.06.2016 Heisskalt Vom Wissen und Wollen
10.06.2016 Scorpion Child Acid Roulette
Hard Rock
10.06.2016 Souls Of Diotima The Sorceress Reveals - Atlantis
10.06.2016 After All Waves Of Annihilation
10.06.2016 The Wall Personal Troubles & Public Issues
10.06.2016 Rage The Devil Strikes Again
Heavy Metal
10.06.2016 Astrakhan Reward in Purpose
10.06.2016 Skeleton Wolf Skeleton Wolf
10.06.2016 The Gotobeds Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic
10.06.2016 Saliva Love, Lies & Therapy
10.06.2016 Cate Rox Mind Vs. Heart
10.06.2016 Raw From the First Glass to the Grave
10.06.2016 Monument Hair Of The Dog
10.06.2016 Papier Tigre The Screw
09.06.2016 Eleven33 Chasing Light
07.06.2016 Ashbringer Yūgen
Atmospheric Black Metal
06.06.2016 Dee Calhoun Rotgut
Acoustic / Southern Blues / Doom
06.06.2016 Gloomy Grim The Age of Aquarius
06.06.2016 Thus Defiled An Unhallowed Legacy
Black Metal
06.06.2016 Gloomy Grin The Age of Aquarius
06.06.2016 Surya Apocalypse A.D.
Doom Metal / Post Metal
KW 22 | 2016
05.06.2016 Cauchemar Chapelle Ardente
03.06.2016 Cough Still They Pray
03.06.2016 Invehertex Hacia el Vórtice
03.06.2016 Harm/Shelter Paycheck
03.06.2016 Lucifer's Hammer Beyond the Omens
03.06.2016 Weird Light Doomicvs Vobiscvm
03.06.2016 Vuolla Blood. Stone. Sun. Down.
03.06.2016 Brymir Slayer Of Gods
03.06.2016 The Drowning Senescent Signs
Doom/Death Metal
03.06.2016 Pro-Pain Foul Taste Of Freedom
03.06.2016 Pro-Pain The Truth Hurts
03.06.2016 Tarja The Brightest Void
03.06.2016 Four By Fate Relentless
03.06.2016 Paradox Pangea
03.06.2016 Combichrist This Is Where Death Begins
03.06.2016 Crimson Fire Fireborn
03.06.2016 Cardinals Folly Holocaust of Ecstasy & Freedom
03.06.2016 Sol Sistere Unfading Incorporeal Vacuum
03.06.2016 Mikko Joensuu Amen I
03.06.2016 Candlemass Death Thy Lover
03.06.2016 Ygfan Köd
03.06.2016 Nervosa Agony
03.06.2016 Enlighten Illvmantithesis
03.06.2016 Heaven's Cry Outcast
03.06.2016 Defiatory Extinct
03.06.2016 Harbinger Paroxysm
03.06.2016 Attalla Attalla
03.06.2016 Sleep of Monsters II: Poison Garden
03.06.2016 Drudkh/Hades Almighty One Who Talks With The Fog / Pyre Era, Black!
03.06.2016 Feared Reborn
03.06.2016 Inhevertex Hacia el Vórtice
03.06.2016 Astronoid Grey Aura
Dream Thrash / Shoegaze Metal
03.06.2016 The Vision Bleak The Unknown
03.06.2016 Dark Suns Everchild
03.06.2016 Morthus Over The Dying Stars
Death/Black metal
03.06.2016 Those Black Marks Darwinian
03.06.2016 The Schoenberg Automaton Apus
03.06.2016 Tombstalker Black Crusades
03.06.2016 Sacred Few Beyond the Iron Walls
02.06.2016 MacCallister Shivers (EP)
02.06.2016 Tkilla Engel fliegen nicht mehr
02.06.2016 Summer Effect Afterlife
01.06.2016 Candelabrum Necrotelepathy
01.06.2016 Ygodeh Clinic Of Maleficent
Progressive Death Metal
01.06.2016 Wóddréa Mylenstede Créda Beaducwealm
01.06.2016 Iron Imperium Dead Ahead
31.05.2016 Riket Avarter
31.05.2016 Alchemy Never Too Late
Hard Rock
31.05.2016 The Unkown In Search Of The Unknown
31.05.2016 Advermix Pandeathmic
Thrash Metal
30.05.2016 Legions Of War Honour To The Past
30.05.2016 Panychida Haereticalia
Pagan Metal
KW 21 | 2016
29.05.2016 Visions Of Atlantis Old Routes - New Waters
27.05.2016 Monasterium Monasterium
27.05.2016 Everyday I Die Isolation
Modern Metal
27.05.2016 Narvik Ascension to Apotheosis
Black Metal
27.05.2016 Earthless/Harsh Toke Acid Crusher / Mount Swan
27.05.2016 Throane Derrière Nous La Lumière
27.05.2016 Doomsday Outlaw Suffer More
27.05.2016 Frost* Falling Satellites
27.05.2016 Deathstorm Blood Beneath The Crypts
27.05.2016 WeaksaW The Wretched Of The Earth
27.05.2016 Tyfon's Doom Yeth Hound
27.05.2016 Oracles Bedroom Eyes
Pop-, Kraut-, Psychedelic
27.05.2016 Paul Gilbert I Can Destroy
27.05.2016 Beyond All Recognition Beyond All Recognition
27.05.2016 Withered Grief Relic
27.05.2016 Big Thief Big Thief
27.05.2016 Chuan-Tzu Delight In Disorder
Progressive Thrash Metal
27.05.2016 Death Angel The Evil Divide
Thrash Metal
27.05.2016 Suicidal Angels Division Of Blood
27.05.2016 Suns Of Thyme Cascades

Pur, intim und stimmungsvoll

Brüllend komischer Roman des schottischen Skandalautors