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Obituary: Allen im Knast

Der Obituary-Gitarrist Allen West muss bis Anfang nächsten Jahres hinter schwedische Gardinen.


Dazu sein Statement an seine Fans:

"To my friends and fans, I have gotten into trouble that can only be resolved by my incarceration. I will do this with thoughts of all of you. Soon I will be free again and come back stronger and better. My release is scheduled for February 2008. I will not let this problem kill my spirit and will use it to sharpen my creativity. Hope to see all of you next year."



Auch der Obituary-Sänger John Tardy findet Allen´s Inhaftierung auch nicht gerade prickelnd und hat dazu folgende Meinung:

"This sucks and there is not much we can do about it but, we will continue to move on and do what OBITUARY does! We have a lot planned for this new album with Candlelight and look forward to the September release of our new CD!"


Quelle: Obituary

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