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Mercenary: gehen ins Studio

Die Dänen werden ab Ende Oktober ihre Zeit im Studio damit verbringen, das Nachfolgealbum zu "The Hours That Remain" einzutrümmern.


Lest dazu das Statement von Sänger Mikkel Sandager:


"Well, first of all, the new album is really progressing rapidly. We are in writing mode and it feels really good to be creative again. I guess I didn't realize how much I had piled up inside because I find myself writing and writing.


Can't comment on any titles or songs yet but I am really exited about everything I have heard so far. It is going to be very nice to have René [Pedersen; bass/vocals] in the process as well as he is able to give us the harsh vocals that I couldn't do on 'The Hours That Remain'.


On another note, I am starting to look very much forward to playing the next show. I guess I have become quite addicted to doing shows and I feel pretty strange to not play any for two or three months.


We will start recording the new album in late October and hope for a spring 2008 release but no date has been set yet."


Quelle: Blabbermouth

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